Wednesday, 29 July 2015

#MidWeekTease - Blue Moon House Investor

Happy Humpday! What better to help pull you through the rest of the week than a hot tease from a new title? Investor is the working title for the 5th Blue Moon House book, focused on Terrance and his passage with the vampires to America.

“Ah, Terrance,” Lynn greeted him. “We were just telling Kate about our decision to leave.”
“We think we'll head back to the continent, France.” Nicholas said. “We can make our way east from there on foot.”
“What about Kate?” he asked. “Surely her creditor will chase you.”
All three hung their heads and Terrance noticed tears on Kate's cheeks.
“We can't help her,” Sophia admitted. “She will have to find another employer, possibly work for Crane himself.”
At that Kate burst into sobs. “He will beat it out of me. Or worse, sell me to the vilest of his partners.”
Terrance shook his head, trying to come up with another solution. “You won't leave today, will you?”
The vampires regarded one another and he imagined that was exactly what they had planned.
“Please. Stay another night. Surely we can find another solution.” It took a few moments, but Sophia nodded and the others with her. “Um, Cook has made breakfast for all of us. Would you come sit with us?” He felt his face color with shame.
Lynn laughed. “Of course we will. Come Kate, wash your face and join us.”
“Why? So I can owe Terrance as well as Crane?” She wiped at her face with her hand.
Terrance squeezed her shoulder. “You owe me nothing. You are my guest. Please, come and eat.”
She sniffled but agreed.