Friday 25 May 2018

Free! Today and tomorrow only! Book 1 in the Ghosts of Salem series #witches #salem #newadult

The phantom touch of a ghost can be cold or HOT. 
The first in the Ghosts of Salem series by Angelica Dawson.

Summer froze, her trowel still an inch above the bed. “How did you get out here?” she asked the air. There was no mistaking that presence. She still didn’t know who he had been, but after a month it seemed obvious to her that he was masculine. Something in his bearing, which she couldn’t see, and his stature gave the impression he was taller than her.
There was no answer, but a breeze rustled the leaves and the ghost sat next to her on the ledge.
“I refuse to be put off by you. You can haunt the house all you like. I’m not going anywhere. This is my family’s house. Who are you to haunt it anyway?”
It occurred to her that he might be a distant ancestor. Aunt Marge said no one had reported the house as haunted and that there was no record of a death in the house. Even Mary, tried as a witch, died in the square, not the house.
The ghost didn’t answer, but he did leave, not before touching her arm and making her shiver. Upstairs, washing the soil off her hands, he returned. It had become less oppressive all the time, and she was actually getting used to him, dammit.
She had the sense he was looking at her in the mirror. It felt like hands slipped around her waist, and she tipped her head to the side. Goosebumps flooded her skin and she could have sworn he kissed her neck. Shuddering, she leaned forward, gripping her vanity.
“Whoa. I don’t think I’m ready for a frisky ghost. Tell you what, you don’t do that again and I won’t try to push you away.”
There was no way of gauging his response, but he didn’t grab her again. Instead he brushed her hand, something she thought she could get used to in time. 

Wednesday 16 May 2018

#TheCulling is Officially Live. The next tale of horror from @sianbclaven #KU #kindleunlimited #kindlebooks #horror #Demons #Possession

Twenty Elders came to their rescue.
Twenty cities across the world were established.
Twenty cities across the world were safe.
Twenty cities middle children went to Nirvana.
In a world enveloped in darkness, where demons surround every inch of the globe. Twenty safe
Zones have been set up and are protected by the Lord, and his Elders. Each year on Zone sends
out their next generation of Middle Born Children to reach Nirvana and spend the rest of their
lives with the Lord.

Only once outside the Zone, they are left to wonder if faith alone is enough to protect them from
the darkness of the world.

When your only hope could also be your eternal damnation.The Culling by Sian B. Claven is now live!

"Another masterpiece by this brilliant author; such a wicked sense of humour.
The Culling is a great piece that shares the horror of human nature at its best (or worst); with the signature plot twist her fans have come to love and expect in her written work; Sian B. Claven delivers again.
This one is not for the easily offended but great for those that expect Human Nature to be what it is.
The writing style continues to improve with every offering from Sian B. Claven; I can't wait for what she brings us next."
-Jackie Knott

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Hailing from Johannesburg South Africa, Sian B. Claven has enjoyed stories for all her life,
whether she was writing them or making them.
She has written for as long as she can remember, but Ensnared is the first book she decided to
publish. Moving towards writing more for the horror / paranormal thriller genre, Sian has
subsequently published the first two books in The Butcher Books Series - Tatum and Kallista.
When Sian isn't thinking of ways to terrify people, she enjoys writing science fiction stories,
poetry and rather long and gushy birthday wishes.

When she isn't working on her writing you can find her knitting,s scrapbooking, reading, or playing Xbox. Sian prevoiusly reviewed for The Blithering Bibliomaniacs and still reviews in
her private capacity. She clear doesn't know what the words rest and relaxation mean, at least not in the traditional sense.
You can STALK her here:

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#MidWeekTease The Beginning #BDSM #paranormal #vampire #NewRelease

Yesterday, the last/first book in the Blue Moon House series released! It's the last, in that it is the eighth book released, but it's the first because it is the oldest story in series and where it all began. I'm happy to share an excerpt today for my #MidWeekTease. If you want to purchase your copy, they can be found on Amazon, Ibooks, Nook, and Kobo.

Fire seared her neck, inside and out. Screaming, her voice scraped her throat raw. Teeth bit into her, tearing her skin below the ear. Reflexively, Sophia punched the woman in breast. Her mouth opened in response and Sophia used the moment to get a knee between them and push her away.
“I don’t know who you are, but Leo came to me, not I him. If you are jealous, your quarrel is with him.”
From behind her, Leo called, “She won’t quit, Sophia. You have to stop her.”
True to his words, the crazed woman with fiery brown eyes, eyes like Leo’s, lunged for her again. Sophia jumped toward her as well, spinning to knock them both to the cobbled street. The noise should have brought someone, but so late at night, anyone listening would assume it was something they didn’t want to get involved in.
Wrestling herself atop the woman, Sophia pinned her arms to her sides and punched her face. She threw Sophia off her and sent her tumbling. She managed to get to her back and her hands up to block the attacker. Once more, she set her sights on Sophia throat. This time, Sophia reacted with the same, getting her teeth in first. She ripped at the woman’s throat, tearing into the flesh.
“Yes, Sophia. Just like that.” Leo continued to call, but she ignored him, latching on and allowing her mouth to fill with the woman’s strange blood. It tasted wrong, almost sweet. As it reached the back of her tongue she swallowed, not willing to break the hold she’d gotten.
The woman was strong, far stronger than Sophia, but she grew weaker as the blood left her. Not willing to risk another attack, Sophia drank until the other woman went limp.
Swaying, she stood slowly, hand to her head. Everything swam in her vision and she stumbled.
Leo came and scooped her up. “That’s my girl.”
The darkness filled with sparks of light. She couldn’t breathe. Her lungs were full, but it didn’t stop the urge to inhale or the frustration of not being able. Thrashing in Leo’s arms, she gasped, trying to get some sip of air.
Leo, always so strong, held her through her struggle. “Yes, I know, it hurts. It will end soon. I love you, Sophia.”
That was the last she heard before death claimed her.

Make sure you grab your copy on AmazonIbooksNook, or Kobo

Tuesday 15 May 2018

New Release - Blue Moon House 8: The Beginning #BlueMoonHouse #BDSM #vampire #paranormal #cinderella #erotica #dark

The 8th Blue Moon House Prequel 
Available now!
Amazon - iBooks - Nook - Kobo - Goodreads

Find out how each of the characters became a member. 
Read the trials and tribulations, the kinky sexual acts, 
and wickedly wonderful ways required for entry. 
Discover what the big secret is all about. 

What would you do to find a family after yours was burned to ash?

Sophia is on the run. A newly reborn vampire, she finds herself alone after an attack on her home. Running across Europe, she seeks a place to hide, and eventually, a place to fit in. She happens upon three adult sisters, orphaned and down on luck. If she can help them succeed, she might find her own success as well.

How much pain could you stand to help a friend?

Don't miss each new book by Angelica Dawson as she takes you back to where it all began... 

Where does a vampire really fit, anyway?
Ready for a scorching excerpt? 
Arriving at Stephan’s tiny home, Sophia was relieved to find he, at least, was what she had taken him for, a young man starting off on his own. He released her arm to take her hand and pull her inside. She pretended to stumble and fall into him. He quickly put an arm around her shoulders and kissed her.
His hands didn’t move, but Luke’s did, sliding over her skirt and slowly hiking it up. His rough fingertips seemed to burn as they slid up her leg. He pressed into her from behind, pinning her between himself and Stephan.
Stephan broke the kiss just long enough to say. “You will stop us—”
“Don’t stop,” Sophia gasped, pulling Stephan’s face to her bosom. Luke worked her skirt up and his trousers down. She felt him hard between her buttocks and she rocked into him.
“Beautiful,” he murmured, “and so wet.”
She kissed the top of Stephan’s head and then his ear, nipping it with her sharp teeth to open a small gash that she sucked until it closed. Before it did, the men had manipulated her and her clothing to their advantage, the loose laces of her dress opening for her breasts in front. Stephan held one, his thumb brushing her nipple, while he suckled the other.
Luke wasted no time penetrating her and his thrusts made her breasts bob in Stephan’s hand and face. Her breasts were aflame at the light brushing of his fingertips and lips and she started to squeeze Luke inside her.
Stephan moved his hands lower, taking up her dress where it was bunched and pulling it off entirely. Luke reluctantly let go long enough to remove the garment. Sophia dropped to her feet and then knees, taking Luke in her hand and grabbing for Stephan as soon as he freed himself. She sucked one cock while stroking the other, switching often and reveling in the sounds each man made. 
Her own need grew as each man approached his own climax. Luke pulled her up, wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust into her roughly. Her head fell back in ecstasy as he filled her. Stephan’s arm wrapped around under her arms and over her breasts. Her head came to rest on his shoulder as Luke drove his cock in and out of her at a fever pitch. He wouldn’t last long, despite how desperately she wanted him to continue all night.
Stephan kissed and licked along her neck and she closed her eyes, turning her head to put her nose into his hair, under his ear. His cock left a hot sticky trail along her lower back and she knew in a few moments it would be his turn to fill her.

Angelica Dawson, USA Today best selling Naughty Nights Press author, has been writing for several years and having sex a lot longer than that. Angelica is a wife, mother and environmental consultant. Her love of plants and the outdoors is not diminished by the bloodsucking hoards -- mosquitoes and black flies, not vampires.

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Wednesday 9 May 2018

#MidWeekTease Love is for the Birds - Once Upon A Twisted Time

Love Fairytale Retellings? This is the set for you!
Once Upon a Twisted Time
16 Fairytale retelling stories ~ This week only 99c

Are you ready to dive into a world of *brand new & exclusive* fairy tales where your beloved stories are retold with a twist?
16 New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors have come together in this collection to bring new thrills are woven into the fables we know, both classic and modern.
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I'm offering another tease from my retelling of Swan Lake. I hope you enjoy it.

Vladimir blinked, the sky outside the window purple with the coming dawn. Rubbing his eyes, he wondered why he’d woken so early. It took a moment to recognize the bed. Definitely not his own, but a woman’s
“Anna!” He bolted to sitting. Memories of the night before rushed back. They’d fallen asleep entwined, but she wasn’t curled up beside him.
He found her pulling on her stockings. “What are you doing?” 
“What I must.” She shook out her skirt, gold fabric shimmering in even the faint light.
“And what is that?” He rose slowly and crossed to her, wrapping her in his arms.
To his surprise, she pushed him away. “I can’t stay.”
“Of course, you can. You can stay and marry me. Unless…” His heart sank. “You don’t want to after last night.” He couldn’t delude himself into thinking his bedroom prowess would win him any prizes, but surely it hadn’t been so bad as that.
Turning away, she hung her head. “No, it’s not that. I told you, and my parents. I’m cursed. We can’t be together, not like that.”
A moment of anger claimed him. “You’ve been betrothed to me. Our parents came to an arrangement.” He regretted the words instantly “I mean, I don’t want you to go.”
“You’re right, and I hate to break my word. If there were any other way.”
He circled her, but she continued to turn away from him. “Anna? Can’t you look at me?”
She shook her head and sniffled. “No. I can’t.” With shoulders squared, back too straight, she stepped into her slippers and marched to the window. He hurried to her side.
Back to him, she’d swung her legs out. They shimmered beneath the gold skirt of her masquerade gown. Her sad eyes turned to him at last. “I’m sorry, Vlad. I love you. I’ll always love you.”. In the next breath, she dropped from sight.
“Anna!” he called, sticking his head out the window. She should have landed in among the peonies, but she wasn’t on the ground or in the distance. Where had she gone?

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Thursday 3 May 2018

The Huntress & The Frog @LouisaBacio #fairytales #twistedfairytales #limitededition #contemporary #paranormal #romance #onceuponatime #OUATT #darkromance #frog

Love Fairytale Retellings? This is the set for you!
Once Upon a Twisted Time
16 Fairytale retelling stories ~ ONLY 99c

Are you ready to dive into a world of *brand new & exclusive* fairy tales where your beloved stories are retold with a twist?
16 New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors have come together in this collection to bring new thrills are woven into the fables we know, both classic and modern.
Amazon ~ Nook ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

The Huntress & The Frog
Louisa Bacio

No princess here. She's a kickass protector.
Don't miss Louisa' other Fairy Tales: The Brothers Menage
Awake: Unsleeping Beauty: An Erotic Lesbian Tale
The Thief & His Master 

Jazz music from outside the courtyard’s walls filtered in, and Melody caught the scent of jambalaya spices. Her stomach growled. She shifted her weight from one foot to the next, waiting for the master of the house. 
She didn’t like being kept waiting. On the streets, most viewed her as a local, someone they’d probably seen a time or two before. She blended in with her surroundings, no matter where; she didn’t like to stand out, which wasn’t a small task for someone with shocking red hair. But over the years she’d learned sometimes those with the most outlandish dress were seen the least.
A rumble formed in the base of her belly, and she placed her hands over the offensive spot – willing her stomach to obey. 
A man strolled into the courtyard. He wore a hunter green suit that looked to be tailored at one point, but now bulged over his stomach and pulled taut around his thighs. A fluffy white collar merged with the rolls on his neck.
“Thank you for coming, Ms. Charm. I am Arthur.” He gestured toward a table with two chairs. “Please make yourself comfortable.”
She doubted the cold wrought iron offered much comfort, but sat on the end, ready to jump at a moment’s notice. She still didn’t know why she’d been brought to this castle. Hell, she’d passed by the address more than a few times, and never thought twice as to what lay beyond the walls. Few probably did.
“He’s just a frog from the bayou, and you need to protect him before the Voodoo King’s curse becomes permanent.”
Well damn. If that doesn’t sound like the impossible task. Melody fingered the cash retainer in her pocket and thought about the payout upon completing the task. While she was good at what she did, she also was tired of constantly being on the hunt, and hunted. This money would go a long way toward her hanging up her sword. “No worries. Consider it done.”
“What did he do to get cursed?” It seemed like a valid question. If she was going to save his life, she might as well know.
“The reason matters not,” the adviser peered down his nose at her, and the corner of his lip curled. “Your job is to keep him safe.”
“Hmmmm.” She drew a dagger from the sheath on her hip, liking the feel of its weight to keep her secure. She didn’t care for his condescending attitude, but he wasn’t paying her to like him. He was paying her to do a job. However, if she couldn’t trust him, she’d have to be even more wary of the employment. “I guess that’s fair – for now.”
If she discovered the prince of a guy did something utterly despicable, she’d cut him free, or loose. This asshole may look at her like she was from the streets, some sort of trash that should only enter and exit via the back entrance, but he’s the one who called her for help. 
He needed her. Both the prince and Arthur did, and she wanted the money that came with the job.
“So what’ll break this curse?”
“The same as any other – true love.”
Ah, it sounded so easy. Too easy. “Where is she?”
With that, the adviser laughed, deep from his belly, as if her question surprised him. “He doesn’t have one. There’s to be a ball at the end of this week for him to meet the eligible candidates. You are to keep him alive until the party, and then we hope for the best.”
One eligible, but somewhat green and slimy prince.
One Voodoo curse.
One ball she wouldn’t be caught dead at. 
Well as long as she got him to the ball then she didn’t have to worry any further.
“Well, now that everything’s settled, where do we begin?” She was ready to get started, and finished. The job didn’t seem too difficult. 
From a tray behind him, the adviser lifted something covered with a black cloth. Carefully, he set it on the table between them. With a flick of his wrist, he removed the covering. 
Ribbet. Croak. Ribbet.
“Ms. Charm, please meet Prince Victor Leveau the future heir to the … dynasty.”
“Excuse me.” With a metallic screech, she pushed back her chair and stood. “But that’s a frog!”
“Or a toad, whatever.” She waived her hand. “Are you telling me you’re hiring me to protect that?”
“Madam. I would ask you to address his highness with the utmost respect. He may be a bit indisposed at this moment, but be sure he’s the one footing the bills.”
At the word “footing,” Melody glanced at the creature’s overly large and green webbed feet, and a giggle bubbled at the back of her throat. She covered her mouth and faked a cough, hoping to disguise the ill-timed response. 
“Ahem, excuse me. I didn’t mean to, ahhhh…” Did it really matter what the man across from her thought? As long as she was paid, she did the job. So what if it was protecting a questionable amphibian. How hard could the job be? It … he was in a cage for goodness sake.
“When is this, ahem, ball again?”
“This Saturday, a few days from now. Do you think you can keep him safe until then?”
“No problem.” She reached for the handle of the cage, and the man pulled it away. 
“We should get a few things clear first. There are some rules that go along with the job.”
“Whatever.” She plopped back into the seat, leaning back. Was the frog staring at her? It had the most magnificent yellow-brown eyes. Weren’t they usually more black? She shook her head. Not that she’d ever been quite this close to one before. A shiver passed over her back. Hopefully, she wouldn’t have to take it out of the cage and do anything with the slimy thing. 
By far, over her career, she’d had jobs that were harder than this one. But stranger? No. It figured for what she was hoping would be her last job.

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16 Fairytale retelling stories ~ ONLY 99c
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#MidWeekTease Love Is For the Birds #OUATT Once Upon a Twisted Time #shifter #romance #fairytale #swanlake

Love Fairytale Retellings? This is the set for you!
Once Upon a Twisted Time
16 Fairytale retelling stories ~ ONLY 99c

Are you ready to dive into a world of *brand new & exclusive* fairy tales where your beloved stories are retold with a twist?
16 New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors have come together in this collection to bring new thrills are woven into the fables we know, both classic and modern.
Amazon ~ Nook ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

For my tease this week, I have a snippet from Love Is For The Birds, my retelling of Swan Lake.

“You can go to your room, Anna. You will not be leaving it.” Father crossed his arms and she didn’t argue.
Rising, she hugged each of her parents. “Good night, Father. Good night, Mother.”
That left Vlad. She didn’t trust herself to be able to release him, so she curtseyed to avoid the hug. “Good night, Duke.”
He frowned but couldn’t argue.
In her room, she looked fondly at the mattress. It would be glorious to sleep on one again. She didn’t flinch when she heard the lock slide into place.
For the first time since the night of the ball, Anna undressed. It was almost painful, like she was pulling burrs out of her hair.
She stood in just her shift when she heard whispering in the hall, her mother and a man. She did jump with the lock released.
“Hurry. I’ll lock it again so he doesn’t know.” That was Mother, and she opened the door for Vlad. “I trust you will make sure she is here in the morning.” Once again, the lock fell into place.
She shivered, then brought up her hand to cover herself. Vlad chuckled, and she dropped her arms. He may not have seen so much of her before, but he had touched this and more.
One lamp cast shadows through the room and he shut it, moving her toward the window. “You look beautiful in the moonlight.”
She found she could see him more clearly in the soft glow than the harsh lamplight. Lifting a hand, she touched his nose, cheek, and chin, each familiar and warm. The stubble rasped on her fingers making him real.
He sensed the change too, grabbing her up and crushing his lips to hers. She met him with equal fervor, eager to devour him, to take him completely and make him hers.
He had similar plans, his fingers dragging up the back of her leg. Pushing the shift out of his way, he grasped her ass at the same time he pulled her knee up onto his hip. Her legs fell open and she bit his lips against the chill when her heat was exposed.
“Oh, Anna.” He gave her no more warning, lifting her onto her toes and carrying her two strides to the bed.
She expected him to fall on her, rest his hips between hers. That was how it was done, she believed. Instead he slid down and put his head there. Instinct led her to cover herself, but his lips met her own before her fingers moved that far.
Her fingers redirected to his hair. Squealing, she squirmed against his kiss. He seemed more acquainted with her nethers than she was.
A familiar wave of heat rushed over her. Reflexes drove her to hold onto his hair while she shuddered and writhed. The rush ran out her crotch and Vlad moaned.

I am just one of the great teases this week. Hop around and read them all!