Friday 28 December 2012

Author's Corner with Elaine Raco Chase #blogtalkradio

Check out Author's Corner with Elaine Raco Chase to hear from a variety of Naughty Nights Press authors, including me! I was shaking and nervous the whole time. Can you tell? Leave a comment if you have any other questions to ask me, or for the other NNP authors! I'll pass them along.

Tuesday 25 December 2012

#Advent 25 - Pinnacle

The second stroke took nearly his entire length. He couldn't see himself for her nose and hair pressed up to his belly. His cock throbbed, his balls ached. He pulled against the cuffs once more before crying out.
He seemed to explode. The room became dark for a moment with stars flashing in his vision. It only lasted a second. Then he was looking down at Mandy, her mouth sliding up and down as she swallowed every drop shooting from him. Her swallow tightened her mouth around him and he groaned, his knees starting to shake again.
As soon as she noticed that, she let go of his cock. "Sit," she said, grabbing his wrists and pulling down. "Relax." Then she found the release on the cuffs. He couldn't see where it had been, but they opened and he immediately brought his hands around to embrace her, to pull her into his lap.
 "Thank you," he said, putting his lips to hers. "Now it's your turn." He scooped her up and tossed her onto the bed, his lips starting at her toes. After all, he had just come. He could take all the time in the world now. Mandy seemed to realize this and trembled.

Rob liked this game. Merry Christmas! That's the end. Unless you want to watch Rob slowly tease Mandy to mind-blowing orgasm, but I think it might take us into January. ;) If you missed any part of the story, this will take you back to the beginning and each day will have a link to the next. Thanks so much for joining me on this slow reveal.

Monday 24 December 2012

#Advent 24 - Warm and wet

She straightened a little, rising up on her knees, and took his head into her mouth.
His wrists ached from pulling on the cuffs, but he did it again, wanting to sink his hands into her dark curly hair. He wanted to hold her head as he thrust into her mouth and throat. However, he was a slave to her desires, her speed.
She wasn't disappointing, stroking him with her hand while holding his tip in her mouth. It wasn't as warm and wet as being completely in her mouth would be, but damn it felt good. Especially after being kept on the edge so long.
"Yes," he told her, his hips thrusting into her hand and mouth. "I'm going to come soon." He couldn't hold back.
 She let go long enough to say, "I didn't expect you would." Then she leaned forward, her mouth dropping over him. She took easily half of him in that first stroke before backing up and swallowing. Her hand continued to slide over him. She set up to do the same again and he felt his balls tightening, watching his cock disappear into her mouth.

Sunday 23 December 2012

#Advent 23 - Honesty

"Are you okay?" she asked, her grip on him loosening very slightly.
His heart, racing in his chest, seemed to skip a beat before he was able to answer. "Fine. I'm glad I played along. You are incredible, Mandy. I've never had anyone draw it out like this. I've never lasted this long. I'll do anything you say, as long as you let me come soon."
He hadn't meant to say all of that, but once the words started they just kept falling from his lips. "You can make me do anything. I want to see you smile the way you do when obey. I want to please you."
Her hand tightened again. "You do please me," she said, her voice low and husky. "You have pleased me very much." Then she opened her mouth and her tongue slipped out lick the new drops leaking from him. They seemed endless and he wondered how much he would spurt when the release finally came.

Saturday 22 December 2012

#Advent 22 - Rewards

She looked up at him from her knees and he started to sink to the bed, wanting to look into her eyes. She slapped the back of his thigh and he straightened on his feet again. She sighed quietly. "All right. I guess you've earned it." She wrapped her hand around his cock and he thought he might cry in relief.
Her hand was soft and her grip firm. He could feel the tension though his entire erection. That first stroke made him groan and his knees wobble.
"You have been such a good boy," she said, stroking again. "I always wanted to do this, but you're the first who was willing to play this long." She stroked him once more and his eyes rolled back, his hips thrusting into her hand.
When he looked down next, she seemed concerned.

Friday 21 December 2012

#Advent 21 - Begging

"Please, Mandy," he said. Her finger continued to circle while his hips thrust. He swayed where he stood, sure he was going to lose balance or control at any moment.
"Please what?" she asked, licking his balls now. If she backed up just a little, he could enter her mouth.
"I need...fuck."
"Oh, you want me to fuck?" she asked, changing the circling of her finger to a pressing.
"No, oh God," he groaned as she did press in. He'd thought the outside was sensitive, but her finger inside him was even better. How many nerves did he have? It seemed all of them were on edge, everyone firing to make him hotter.
"No?" she asked, pulling her finger back out again.
"Shit, I can't stand it anymore. Please, let me touch you. Let me fuck you."
The expression on her face made him pause, gave him a little more control over his body's reactions.
She was thinking about it.

Thursday 20 December 2012

#Advent 20 - Back Door

Once she had released his cock, he felt her fingers on the back of his thighs again. She moved them higher, tracing the crease beneath his buttocks. She cupped his ass while her hair and nose tickled his sack and cock. His hips thrust, looking for something, anything to fuck. She smacked his ass with one hand, continuing to kiss between his legs, beneath and behind his balls.
He tried to hold still and was rewarded by her finger circling his ass. He had no idea how sensitive he was there, how good that simple touch could feel. She wasn't pressing, wasn't even hinting at inserting that finger, just circling. He groaned and gritted his teeth.

Wednesday 19 December 2012

#Advent 19 - Payoff

"Now, where was I?" she asked, her fingers still idly touching the back of his legs. They still tingled and he twitched. She was in the process of kneeling when one of his twitches made his cock bob right in her face. He closed his eyes against the image that was too erotic for how slowly she going.
She laughed and wrapped her hand around his cock. "Gotten very messy," she complained before licking the drops that continued to form and fall.
His eyes flew open as her hot, wet tongue touched him. He strained against the cuffs, desperate to hold her head, not let her stop. He knew she would stop, return to her slow teasing. After licking his head a third time, she did just that, using fingers and lips to tease the inside of his thighs.

Tuesday 18 December 2012

#TantalizingTuesday #Bloghop!

Setting the last candy cane in the cup, she gave everything one last check. The plate with candy canes, the hot chocolate, my santa-baby-doll, the lights on the tree. There was even a pie in the oven. Perfect. 

He had gone out to blow the snow that had obscured the block for the last three hours. While it swirled, they put up the tree, rolled pastry, and made cookies, which had been half-eaten as dough. Linda loved it. It was her favourite time of year. Mark should be in any minute. She poured the chocolate when she heard the roaring stop. He was just putting the hefty machine away. Then he 
would come in the door and lay cold hands on that cup.

She played with a candy cane, considering sucking it. That might be over the top. Her outfit screamed her intention, one that had taken her as soon as he stepped out. She wanted him, but she wanted him to warm up first. Although, the thought of icy fingers on her skin and in her hair made her shiver from more than cold.

“Linda! Michael Cooper came by to help me, so I invited him over. Oh... Shit.”

Hope you enjoy the BlogHop! I'm giving away a copy of Campus Sexploits 3 (in which I have a short story) to someone who gives me a recipe link or idea. These candy canes look awesome! Make sure to hit all the stops on the tour!

#Advent 18 - Punishment

"Stand up, please," she said again. Her voice held authority, but at the same time he could tell she was giving him an option, not an ultimatum. He could still end the game, if he wanted. He took a second to consider, then stood up.
Her responding smile was all he needed to reassure him. He wanted this. He wanted to make her smile like that. Wanted to drive her as wild as she was driving him. Somehow, instinctively, he knew his obedience was doing that.
She wound up and struck him. He braced against the flail, but was surprised how little it hurt. He relaxed a little just before the second blow came. There was a third and fourth as well, peppering his back and bum with tickling, hot lashes. None of them alone gave him much pain, each one brought his nerves to light, made him sensitive all along his back so that when she stepped forward and cupped one of his cheeks, he thought he might jump and hop away. It all felt so good, but he needed more.

Monday 17 December 2012

#Advent 17 - Escape

It was too much. She knelt between his legs now, her lips kissing down his belly. He needed to be in her hand, in her mouth. He needed so much and she was still teasing, drawing lines down the inside of his legs. Her kisses came trailing down his belly. He twisted his hands rattling the cuffs. These things usually had a safety release. If he could get his fingers in the right place...
It wasn't there.
While he focused on his handcuffs, he hadn't noticed her kisses had stopped. Her hands gripped his knees as she pushed herself up from the floor.
"Bad boy," she said. She started to walk away.
"Wait!" he called out. He'd misunderstood, however, and she only moved as far as the dresser again, opening the same drawer that held the handcuffs.
"You need to wait," she said. "Stand up, please." She pulled a handle with many leather throngs dangling from it—a cat o'nine tails. His eyes widened and he didn't budge.

Sunday 16 December 2012

Delena Silverfox - The printed Fox

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

#Advent 16 - quick, quick, slow

She didn't answer, lost in the sensations she was giving herself. His groan distracted her, and she pulled her hand away. She sat up and started tracing lines over his body, his throat and collarbone, his pectoral and nipple. As her hand moved down, her lips took its place. So, as she circled his nipple with her fingernail, her tongue pressed into his neck while she sucked on it. She played with the hairs that began the trail to his cock while her teeth closed on his nipple, pulling it slightly.
He throbbed with need. He twitched at every tug, every bite, his cock rock hard. He was desperate by the time she traced one nail down his length.
"Yes, fuck, please, Mandy."
"Soon, Rob. Promise." Her fingers continued to trail, circling his sack and then holding it gently. It felt marvelous, but ignored his primary concern.

Saturday 15 December 2012

#Advent 15 - Self love

His eyes were diverted from her breasts when her hand cupped and squeezed one before sliding down her belly and into the dark curls below.
"Please," he murmured.
She blinked, pulling her hand away. It seemed she had been lost in the moment. Her expression was puzzled.
"Please, let me see."
She grinned again. "Okay." She sat on the side of the bed and swung one leg up. He twisted and sat so that leg brushed his back. Her fingers played again, sliding between the dark lips and opening them slightly.
She was so red, glistening and slick. He could almost smell her. He wanted to taste her. His fingers twitched, tickling her toes. She giggled and then sighed as she stretched her hand down again, one finger disappearing into her.
"God, Mandy. How much longer?"

Thursday 13 December 2012

#Advent 14 - Candy Cane Kink #Blogtour

I plan to continue opening the little doors on my advent calendar. If you haven't been following, you can find Day 1 here. Quick recap: she has been slowly stripping, teasing all the while. Now he's handcuffed and she's going to continue to draw things out.
I'll count comments on any and all advent days made today through the 21st in the contest for a copy of either Campus Sexploits 3 or Blue Moon House (winner's choice).
Onto today's tease:

"Comfortable?" she asked, her fingers sliding down his thigh.
"Not really," he admitted, trying to turn into her touch.
She grinned. "That is kinda the point." She put her knee between his splayed legs and the other on the bed beside him. He could feel the heat coming from her. She held herself up, so he didn't feel her wetness, but she was definitely as eager as he was.
She slid her knee slowly up between his legs, while she put her hands on his cheeks, holding him for another kiss. When her knee brushed his cock and sack, he almost bit her lip. His eyes rolled and he wanted nothing more than to be stroked. She continued to deny him, however, setting her foot back on the floor and backing up.
As much as he wanted her to keep kissing him, this way, he could look over all that beautiful brown skin she'd taken such care to slowly reveal.

#Advent 13 - No touching.

"I think you're too eager," she complained, looking down at his exposed cock. There had been no teasing there, just open exposure. His hand brushed himself even now. "I don't want you rushing." She walked away, toward the dresser and he followed with his eyes, not daring to move.
She returned with a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. His eyes widened.
"Behind your back, please." She smiled sweetly, asking, but he could tell that if he refused the game would end. She was anxious, too, he was certain. Her nipples were hard and he thought he saw a bead or two glistening on those short dark curls. This game, though difficult to maintain, was fun. He hadn't had sex drawn out like this.
He doubled his hands behind his back and she passed close enough to brush the skin of his arm. It seemed to tingle, making him aware of how little he had been touched, how little he had touched her. She let out a small sigh, probably noticing the same.
The plush padding tickled his wrists prior to a metallic rasp as she closed the cuffs.
"Better," she said, letting her fingertips drift down his arm. He shook slightly. "Much better." Day 14

Wednesday 12 December 2012

#Advent 12 - Close, but so far

She stood, framed by the white boards of the doorway. She leaned into one arm, elbow braced on the jamb. Her hand disappeared into her dark curls. The other rested on her hip, fingers pointing to the second set of dark curls, cropped short and making a line down between her thighs. Continuing her relaxing pose, her ankles were crossed, the toes of one foot pointed to the floor. The nails were painted red, just like the panties on the floor in front of her.
After tracking down her body, his eyes followed the curves back up, stopping again at the dark curls, and resting on her breasts, dark brown nipple pointed and puckered. She was cold. He started to push himself up.
"Ah-ah. No moving," she reminded him straightening. She turned slowly, letting him trace her back in the same way. She stepped closer, his hand reaching out and barely brushing her skin.
"One more, please," he begged, wanting to put his hand on her, his lips.
"Soon," she promised. Day 13

Tuesday 11 December 2012

#Advent 11 - Hurry up and wait

Those panties made all the difference. They drifted lazily to the floor, floating down. She was still outside. Could he move now? He got his shirt off his wrists and yanked down pants and shorts together, rushing to be still again when she came in. What would she do with him next? They would both be naked, so she couldn't tease anymore. Could she?
Waiting, he slipped the toe of one foot into the sock on the other and pushed it off, keeping the movement small.
He pulled off the other, watching that crack in the doorway.
He thought he might shiver, although it wasn't cold. He felt very exposed. How did she feel?
When was she coming back?
A tan leg kicked through the door, taunting and retreating, then another arm. Then finally, just as he blood was heating up again, she pushed the door open. Day 12

Monday 10 December 2012

#Advent 10 - Don't tease the teaser

He flicked open the button with his thumb. Then he looked for her reaction. She was still watching, her arms crossed under her breasts. He let his eyes track down her body as the zipper slowly slid down his fly. He rubbed himself through his shorts slowly, a spot darkening them. He continued to play slowly and she stepped to the door in one pace, opening it.
"Wait!" he called. "Don't go! I'm sorry."
Her dark arm thrust through the doorway, boy shorts hanging from a finger.
The game was still on.

Day 11

Sunday 9 December 2012

#Advent 9 - Turnabout

She wasn't ready to show him her treasure yet. She straightened and turned back to him. Her soft smile became warmer and broader.
"You didn't move. You've been such a good boy."
She leaned into the bed beside where he sat and ran her fingers through his hair. Then they slipped lower, playing over his chest. Finally, she slid down over the fabric of his pants, cupping and stroking. His entire length throbbed, pressing hard against the fly that held it in. He wanted out badly.
"It must have been very hard to hold still."
His hand slipped into the waist of those lacy panties, cupping the ass within. "You have no idea."
She slipped out of his grip and he nearly lunged after her. Her finger stopped him, pointing. "Ah. I think I have an idea. I'm not finished yet. You can relieve yourself, though." Her eyes locked on his waistband.
Was it his turn to tease?
Day 10

Saturday 8 December 2012

Anna Winters AKA Alaine Batty - Aspiring Romance Writer

I have another blogger to interview, Anna Winters, known in real life as Alaine Batty. Several months have passed since your last blog post. What brought you back to your blog?

I had been meaning to keep up-dating my blog but due to writing and working I often don't have the time to up-date my blog and having never had a blog before it is sometimes hard for me to know what to write.

What kept you busy in the months between?

It is mainly writing, there have been a few personal issues here and there that have made me temporarily take a break from my writing - but also some pretty awesome things have happened too, so it hasn't been all bad.

Glad to hear that! Have you been doing things other than blogging in the meantime?

I have been doing research. For example, in July I went on a motorbike, which was a childhood dream of mine and also wanted this for a book, I have been getting help from a friend of mine who has been so helpful, taking me on his bike and slow dancing with me so I could get an idea, he has been an inspiration in some of the scenes in my book.

Always good when you can base things on real experience. Sounds like a great friend. Do you have a release date and publisher?

I do have a publisher - but no release date as yet, the publisher is being very kind to me understanding my personal issues and telling me to get the book to them as soon as I can.

It's great when you can find someone to work with that really cares. Do you have a plan leading up to your release? What other things do you intend to do to get your name out to your audience?

#Advent 8 - Legs

After smirking at her teasing barb, she looked at him again from another angle. Planting her hands in front of her, she peeped from between her spread ankles. Her dark curly hair pooled on the floor, making him think of it on a pillow, or better, his arm. Her face was framed by two thick brown pillars. She wasn't some skinny thing, with toothpicks long enough for legs. She was short and round and her legs were as silky and soft as every other part of her. She ran the fingers of her hand down the outside of her left leg, and he followed their path instinctively. Her right thumb slid up the inside of right leg, popping inside those lacy red boy shorts.
How was he still sitting here? How had he not fallen to my knees before her and begun exploring with his hands and mouth. Whatever power she held over him, she continued to wield it. He couldn't move until she decreed it.

Day 9

Friday 7 December 2012

#Advent 7 - Ass

Once out of his reach again, she slid her fingers into the waistband of her jeans and doubled, sliding them slowly down her legs. Her boy shorts exposed two slivers of brown skin beneath their hem. Two moon-like crescent, a taunting tease of the whole round. He could easily make out both rounds, both ass cheeks, tight in the lacy cotton fabric. She'd chosen red today, a color that never ceased to stand out against her milky brown skin. It made the copper tones glow. His eyes were riveted to those crescents and the darkness that lay between them. Was that hair? Was it just shadow? How long until he would know? How long until he could tear them off with his teeth and taste everything beneath?
She looked over her shoulder, reading his mind. "Don't get any ideas. I'm taking those off."

Day 8

Thursday 6 December 2012

Avril Ashton - Delicious Men, Wicked Women, Heated Love

Avril Ashton is a best-selling author of romantic and erotic fiction. You are very honest on your blog. Do you ever feel exposed by that?

I am honest, to a point. I am extremely private, but there’s a need to also be authentic. To make yourself available and relatable to the readers. It’s not always easy, but I’m not worried about it.

I understand. I always wonder how people who create identities for themselves keep that authenticity. You participate in several blog hops. What makes the ones you enter catch your eye? Do you ever consider taking part in more? Do you find they are good publicity?

#Advent 6 - Shake, Rattle and Roll

Obediently sitting on the bed, unmoving, she turned away and he herd a rattle. Her belt buckle. He couldn't hold back the groan. She was going to drop those magnificent jeans and show the glory hidden beneath, more brown skin, more round curves.
Her arms trembled a little, shaking, and she swore very quietly.
"Something wrong?" he asked. He didn't want to break the spell she'd created by keeping him silent, but he didn't want her distressed either.
She sighed and her shoulders rolled. "Just stuck. Got it." She spun back, her hand landing with a slap on the outside of my thigh. His breath caught in a gasp at the sudden sting. "I told you not to move."
Rather than speak he shook my head. He hadn't moved, he wasn't moving. Please don't stop.
She touched his cheek gently and kissed him. "Thanks for checking. Game on," she said seductively, stepping back again.
Shit! He'd missed my chance to touch her!

Day 7

Wednesday 5 December 2012

#Advent 5 - Jeans

Although he couldn't touch her, he continued to stare. Her milky brown skin was revealed all the way to her waist, where her belt held her jeans up. They were fabulous jeans, tight in all the right places. Her ass looked fantastic as it filled out the back pockets with their rhinestones, making her ass sparkle. Her waist was small, despite the flesh that filled below and above. Her belt demonstrated it, not cutting into her skin, but revealing the swell of her hips, the roundness of her.
He wanted to sink his hands into those pockets, pull her closer and kiss her again. He wanted to reach down the front and stroke her, give her a little of how she was making him feel. It was hard not to open his pants and rub himself. She'd said if he moved, it would be over. As much as he wanted to end the teasing, he didn't want to stop before he'd seen and felt all of her.

Day 6

Tuesday 4 December 2012

#Advent 4 - Kiss

She let the lacy undergarment fall from her fingers. Pulling her long dark locks over her shoulders, she obscured them slightly. Then, with a swaying step that made me swallow again, she leaned over him, pressing her lips to his. His hand instinctively came around to touch her back, fingers skating upward. The kisses were light pecks, taunting as much as anything else tonight had been. She began unbuttoning his shirt as the kisses became longer, as her tongue traced my lips.
His mouth hung open, but his tongue seemed sluggish, unable to catch hers as it darted. He loved her lips on his, the taste of her mouth, clean and minty. She pushed his shirt back from his shoulders, down his arms. He sensed she was about to leave and tried to keep her there, to stop her dancing tongue. He gripped her back, pulling her closer.
Immediately she broke the kiss and turned away, moving back toward the wall. "You were such a good boy. Another reward will come soon."

Day 5

Monday 3 December 2012

#Advent 3 - Breasts

He cupped one perfect round in his hand, running his thumb over the point that projected into the lace. He moved his fingers to pinch it, but she stepped back. It took Herculean effort not to jump up and follow. Releasing her cuffs, she turned away from him and her blouse fell in a pool on floor. He paid it no mind, focusing on the slope of her back, the dip of her spine, the swell of her hips. His fingers itched to hold those hips, pull them back onto himself, grind into them.
She was able to pull his eyes from her behind easily. Her fingers were back, working the clasp of her bra. She pushed the two halves together and it came apart, like magic. There one minute, gone the next. Instead he saw more of her glowing brown skin.
She turned back, the flimsy lace still hanging from her shoulders. Her breasts sagged very slightly, freed from their confines. His mouth was a little dry and he licked his lips. Desperate for her to remove the lace and give him full view of those blessed breasts.

Day 4

Sunday 2 December 2012

#Advent 2 - Cleave

Her fingers had his attention. One set were in her mouth, her tongue flicking over them. The others had popped open a button of her ivory blouse. The rich brown skin beneath was impossible to ignore. She'd had two buttons open before, revealing a lovely vee of flesh. Now he could see the shadow created by her breasts, the dark crease between them. Cleavage.
He wanted to cleave to them, put his nose into that cleft and inhale deeply. He wanted to lick the sloping sides she revealed with the next button. He could see the lace of her bra now, see her dark nipple poking out into it.
How was he supposed to sit still. She took her freshly licked fingers, glistening slightly and traced the top of one those cups, drew a line over her flawless skin.
"You've been a very good boy," she told him, leaning forward and inviting his eye to plunge down again. She stepped closer. "I think you've earned one touch."

Day 3

Saturday 1 December 2012

#Advent 1 - A Taste

December and early January are full of countdowns. Advent calendars with little chocolates in them and the ball dropping in Times Square. A sense of anticipation surrounds this time of year. Part of it, for me, is anticipation of the end of the cold and dark! This far north (Edmonton Alberta) we go to work in the dark and come home in the twilight (if we're lucky). It is a relief to pass the shortest day of the year, to reach Christmas and New Years. We can take heart in knowing that winter is past its worst and things will only get better, brighter and warmer.

In that sense of anticipation, I hope to tease you throughout the month. I still have my regular interviews and may or may not participate in Tantalizing Tuesday and Flasher Friday as well, but each day we will open a little door together, reveal a little something. I intend for each to be a small taste, a lick of wonder at what is to come.

"Sit," she ordered, pushing him in the direction of the bed.
He stumbled slightly, legs hitting the mattress and landed with a thump. What was she doing? He had made a reservation for dinner and thought she was getting ready. Instead she was still in slacks and blouse from work.
"Don't move," she warned, shaking a finger. "You move and it's over."
Over? She had just invited him into her bedroom. That was usually a good sign, wasn't it?
She licked the fingers on one hand and he stared in fascination, watching her tongue flick out from between dark pink lips. He could just imagine them licking something else. She switched hands and he continued to stare at her mouth, until he spied what the other hand was doing to the buttons of her blouse.

So, will he stay still? What is she doing? I hope you like a tease.

Day 2

Gemma Parkes - Living and Loving with a Passion

I'm happy to introduce a fellow Naughty Nights Press author, Gemma Parkes.

Hi, Angelica.

You participate in several weekly features (Tantalizing Tuesday, Flasher Fiction Friday) Do you prepare them in advance? How far?

Well, I do love writing the Tuesday teasers and the Flash Friday’s but I’m afraid they are always rushed, last minute posts! That’s not to say I don’t still give them lots of thought (while I’m writing them) and take care over them, I do, but being very short pieces they really don’t take long to write. That’s the fun part, short and sweet (or sexy) but no need to agonize over the plot! I enjoy being part of the group too, there’s real camaraderie amongst authors.

Of course, I am an irregular participant in those flash pieces as well, and it's true, the lack of lasting commitment makes them fun. Like a one-night stand. LOL How do you find the authors you feature on your blog?

A lot of my featured authors are visiting me as part of blog tours which they have pre-arranged through Lucy Felthouse. Then there are those that have either requested a visit or I’ve enjoyed something they’ve written and I invite them over to talk about it. I get to know a few people through Six Sentence Sunday and, of course, the networking sites.

Is blogging a chore, or something you enjoy?