Thursday 13 December 2012

#Advent 13 - No touching.

"I think you're too eager," she complained, looking down at his exposed cock. There had been no teasing there, just open exposure. His hand brushed himself even now. "I don't want you rushing." She walked away, toward the dresser and he followed with his eyes, not daring to move.
She returned with a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. His eyes widened.
"Behind your back, please." She smiled sweetly, asking, but he could tell that if he refused the game would end. She was anxious, too, he was certain. Her nipples were hard and he thought he saw a bead or two glistening on those short dark curls. This game, though difficult to maintain, was fun. He hadn't had sex drawn out like this.
He doubled his hands behind his back and she passed close enough to brush the skin of his arm. It seemed to tingle, making him aware of how little he had been touched, how little he had touched her. She let out a small sigh, probably noticing the same.
The plush padding tickled his wrists prior to a metallic rasp as she closed the cuffs.
"Better," she said, letting her fingertips drift down his arm. He shook slightly. "Much better." Day 14