Tuesday 18 December 2012

#TantalizingTuesday #Bloghop!

Setting the last candy cane in the cup, she gave everything one last check. The plate with candy canes, the hot chocolate, my santa-baby-doll, the lights on the tree. There was even a pie in the oven. Perfect. 

He had gone out to blow the snow that had obscured the block for the last three hours. While it swirled, they put up the tree, rolled pastry, and made cookies, which had been half-eaten as dough. Linda loved it. It was her favourite time of year. Mark should be in any minute. She poured the chocolate when she heard the roaring stop. He was just putting the hefty machine away. Then he 
would come in the door and lay cold hands on that cup.

She played with a candy cane, considering sucking it. That might be over the top. Her outfit screamed her intention, one that had taken her as soon as he stepped out. She wanted him, but she wanted him to warm up first. Although, the thought of icy fingers on her skin and in her hair made her shiver from more than cold.

“Linda! Michael Cooper came by to help me, so I invited him over. Oh... Shit.”

Hope you enjoy the BlogHop! I'm giving away a copy of Campus Sexploits 3 (in which I have a short story) to someone who gives me a recipe link or idea. These candy canes look awesome! Make sure to hit all the stops on the tour!