Friday 31 May 2013

Saturday # AfterDark - Why was I afraid?

This will be the last from Irene and Owen's past. We'll be jumping forward after this. Read all the AfterDark Moments.

Irene propped up on her elbow. Owen's breathing next to her was deep and even. She ran her fingers through the curls on his chest as it rose and fell. His face was peaceful and as innocent as a babe's.
We Heart It
How had she ever feared him? She was sure he was fearsome in battle, but he'd always been gentle with her. The one thing that still frightened her and made her thighs tighten together was equally unimpressive at the moment. His penis hung limply on his thigh, still long, but soft and wrinkled.
"Plotting your vengeance?" he asked, not opening his eyes.
Her gaze snapped to his face where he grinned smugly. "Planning to rob me of my manhood?" he asked, burying his nose in her hair and inhaling. "You're worth it."
"I think I won't be as hasty as that. I get the impression I might come to enjoy it."
He growled against her scalp. "I dearly hope so."

Thursday 30 May 2013

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - One Man's Treasure

Dude, what is that?
Oh, that’s my mom’s idea of art.
Your mom seriously got a print of guy getting it on with his girl?
Yeah, she said it would make me think twice whenI brought a girl in here.
How’s that? I mean, it’d make her think twice. Who hangs shit like that?
Oh, I’m sure if I brought a girl in here, she’d be too busy to notice the decor.
Yeah, right. So what was your mom thinking?
It’s a warning.
Of what? The cat?
Yes. Haven’t you met Shadow? She refuses to clip his claws.

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Wednesday 29 May 2013

#ThursdayThrills - Perfectly Alone

Everything was supposed to be perfect. I'd done everything right, the right wine, the right cheese. I'd cooked for Christ's sake. When was the last time I'd done that? Everything was going so well, too. She seemed to be in a good mood for the first time in months. Really relaxed. Like things were on a high.

I suppose, for her, they were. How was I to know that two days off after fifteen years was too little, too late? How could I have known she was looking for something more in the bedroom. It wasn't like she'd ever told me, just had the same sex every Tuesday and Friday. It was satisfying for me.

She was my everything. I was sure I'd told her that. Didn't I tell her I loved her every night before we went to sleep? Didn't I kiss her good morning? Didn't I thank her for feeding me, cleaning up after me, raising our children.

I did, didn't I? I was sure I had. I'd been eager when she'd suggested joining a yoga class, a book club, a knitting circle. I was happy she had friends and activities that made her happy. I didn't take the subtle hint that they were escapes from me.

"Fuck off, ants." I brushed them aside and emptied the second bottle of wine. Everything was supposed to be perfect. And her I sat. Perfectly alone.

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Monday 27 May 2013

#tantalizingtuesday - Preparation, Perspiration

Pressing Julia’s face to the bed, Sophia’s hand came down hard, making Julia wince at the stinging. Then there was burning as Sophia’s teeth broke the skin of Julia’s left buttock. Another spank and another bite.

“Tell me you are prepared,” Sophia demanded.

“I-I am,” Julia stammered. Harry had instructed her to take extra iron and over-hydrate in anticipation of being fed upon this weekend. She expected Sophia wouldn’t be the only one to bite her. All these bites were quick though, small blood loss. Julia was sure the purpose was to put Sophia’s saliva into the wounds. It had an aphrodisiac effect, making Julia start to sway her hips as she became hotter and wetter. Sophia indulged her, fingers stirring her pussy only to stop and spank her again for several minutes, long enough for the edge of pleasure to recede into pain. Then Sophia would bite again and start fondling.

The spanking was followed by a more thorough fucking, and then by a flogging. Most recently Sophia had used a wand, vibrating Julia to orgasm. Julia was covered in sweat, shuddering. Her legs collapsed, and Sophia’s hands alone kept her from falling down.

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Note: This teaser comes from Blue Moon House. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, head to Naughty Nights Press.

Sunday 26 May 2013

#Review I have a couple more!! #erotica

So, my post on reviews lead me to two reviewers and one has already posted both her reviews, one for Kitten and one for the original Blue Moon House.  I'm expecting another at the beginning of next month from Dee Little. In the meantime, go check out what she's reading.

Saturday 25 May 2013

#SerialSunday - Rising Up - What's In This?

Monday came quickly. I held my breath as I stepped out of the elevator, preparing to face Peter for the first time since the weekend. I thought about his kiss, his arms, his hair... My heel caught in the gap of the doors and I went sprawling. My purse fell open, contents scattering across the floor.

Gary applauded, the ass.

Mary chuckled, but she scooped up my make-up and various cards. She passed me my phone last.

"Get outta my tree?" she asked.

"Shut up," I complained. Of course Jamie had told her.

My nervousness turned out to be completely unfounded. The end of the quarter had come and everyone was busy. Everyone except Gary. He decided that a lunch swap was a great team-building exercise. If he wasn't such a nice guy, or so big, someone would have shut him down when it came to ideas like this. Instead everyone reluctantly passed over their lunches, or cash if they were buying lunch. He was making the selections at the deli down the block, and we were all eating our desks.

At noon, Gary walked around pushing the mail cart and randomly handing over food.

Friday 24 May 2013

Saturday #Afterdark - Moment by Moment

Time for another AfterDark Saturday. More moments are on the blog. Continuing the wedding night!

Irene flinched slightly at Owen's rough touch on her sensitive skin. He continued to nibble on her nipple while his fingers teased gently, slowly opening her. The more he bit and suckled, the more her legs seemed to part of their own accord.
He moved up, kissing her neck and then ear to whisper to her. "You feel so soft, so silky." Owen pulled her earlobe between his lips, sending tingling down Irene's side.
"Mmm," she murmured, unable to answer properly. Goosepimples followed the tingling and she snuggled closer to his warm chest.
We Heart It
"I want to feel more," he warned her, sliding one finger into her.
Her eyes flew open as his fingers teased inside her as well as out. His thumb circled, sending waves of pleasure through her while the finger inside stroked.
She had never been able to touch herself this well. She wouldn't have guessed it felt so good. Her mind spun, unable to focus as he fondled and sucked her breasts again, adding more ecstasy to the pile.
"O-owen," she murmured.
"Let it go, Irene. Cry if you need to."

Thursday 23 May 2013

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - Enough

“This just isn’t good enough,” he said for the sixth time. “I’ve seen what you’re capable of, Sharon, and this falls short.”
He reached out to her notepad and crumpled the paper, her ideas crushed into his fist like the ones before. Another ball still sat on his desk from the previous meeting.
Nothing was good enough for him. She’d learned that the short while they had dated. She was never mysterious enough, never open enough, as though those didn’t contradict.
“Get yourself a new slave, Patrick.” She picked up a ball and shoved it into his mouth. “I quit.”

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Wednesday 22 May 2013

#ThursdayThrills - Too Pretty

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I wandered along the beach aimlessly, not sure what I was looking for, just wanting the sunshine to bleach out the black spot that had settled into my heart and mind. It seemed to be working. The sound of the waves soothed the worst pains. The laughter of children should have eased me further, but it had the opposite effect. Families. I hadn't manage to find one of my own. There was no one for me. 
Heading toward the rocky outcrop, I hoped to find a secluded corner where I could just listen to the waves and let them beat away the blues. There were many caverns and I had one in mind. It happened to be occupied, however.
"Hello," the tan man said, taking in my plain T-shirt and board shorts. He got a smile that promised something devilish. "I'm Jack. Why don't you come over here?" He tilted his dark haired head to entice me closer. "Too nice a spot to enjoy alone."
That had been exactly what I wanted. I couldn't deny that Jack in his speedo had me thinking about him out of it. He had the sculpted body I'd strived for and never quite reached. The shadow on his jaw begged to rasp against my lips.
Balling my hands into fists, I fought myself. "Uh, yeah. Just a minute. I'll be right back."
Jack looked both stunned and confused as I turned away.
A man that pretty would never be happy with me. He would find someone else, want more. There was nothing for me there. My stalking gait turned into a trot and then a run. Tears leaked from the corner of my eyes, as salty as the ocean I splashed through, narrowly missing children and other beach-goers.
"Max! Hey, Max! What's up?"
I stumbled at my name. I knew that voice, too.
"Come on over. We have cold beer." Nicholas waved me over, lounging next to his wife, Caroline. Their daughter, Emma, played in the sand at their feet. Between them was a cooler filled with cans and ice.
Nicholas. There was no confusion with him. I knew exactly where I stood and that if I needed anything he would be there for me. Until I made a family of my own, I had no doubt Nick had a place for me in his.
"Sure. Thanks. Whatchya making, Emma?" I asked, plopping down beside the preschooler.
"A castle for a pretty princess."
"Not too pretty?" I asked, helping her pack the sand in her bucket.
"Of course she's too pretty. That's why the prince loves her."
And why he doesn't love me. 

Monday 20 May 2013

#tantalizingtuesday - excerpt from Gentleman

Deflam @Flickr
“You know what she would have wanted. A grandbaby.”

Harrold sighed and patted her hand. “Nothing has changed there, Victoria. It will be well. My sister can inherit when we have no children.”

“I could try,” she insisted. “I think I've gotten better.”

“Kendra, can you come in a moment?”

The slave came to his side, folding hands on her apron. “Yes, sir?”

“Does my wife still have an obstruction?”

She shifted deep brown eyes from Mister to Missus Long and back. “Yes, sir.”

“I thought so. We aren't going have any children as long as that is the case. I couldn't sire them and you couldn't bear them. Don't worry, love. It doesn't bother me.”

She sighed heavily and sat back in her chair. “Well, it doesn't help my appetite.”

He chuckled. “I think I know something that might. Kendra, would you take Missus Long to bed and get her hungry. I'll put the plate back on the warm stove.” Rising he did just that. When he returned, the ladies hadn't even moved to the bedroom, Kendra raking her fingers over Victoria's exposed skin.

He kissed each lady's cheek as he passed. “Enjoy yourselves. I'll be late.”

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Saturday 18 May 2013

Love Books? Blog Books! - Dee Little

I've been lax in sharing my blog with other bloggers and writers. I'm going to try to rectify that. Let's start with Dee Little who I met recently through her comments on my blog. She reviews books and does a little writing as well.

Hi Angelica! Thank you so much for having me over today :)

You review a variety of books. Are there any genres you tend to avoid?

Not in general, no. Although I don't really get sci fi/fantasy as much. Nothing to do with the writers or anything, I just can never seem to get into a sci fi/fantasy novel. The blog started out with reviewing anything I was reading, but now, as you can probably tell, it's mostly erotica!

Hard SciFi can be, well, hard! Do you have a favorite genre? What about within that genre?

#SerialSunday - Rising Up - Moth to the Flame

Jamie was still up when I got home.

"Mary make it in her own door?" I asked.

She smirked and crossed her arms. She stood like that for a full minute, not answering me. She was asking, silently. I groaned. "Yes, I climbed his tree."

"I knew it!" she crowed. She ran over to hug me while giggling. "So, what happened? Did you get a good peep?" She pulled me to the couch. I saw a game paused on her computer - some space thing.
Jon Zander, Wikimedia Commons

"Heh, that's like me." I pointed at the bright vortex. "I'm like the moth getting pulled to the flame. I'm that little asteroid right there."

She huffed. "You are not. You might be attracted to bright, shiny things, but you are a lot smarter than a moth." She shut down the game without saving. "Now tell me."

Friday 17 May 2013

Saturday #AfterDark - Wedding Bliss

The festivities were winding down, although they hadn't finished completely. Irene's mother had dragged her father to bed only an hour before Owen, slipping his arm around her waist, directed her toward the house.

Immediately Irene's hackles rose, anxiety flooded her mind. What was he going to do to her? What would it be like? Did they have to go now?

Astraete @flickr
Owen could feel the tension she held and stopped, lifting a flagon left on one of the tables. "Drink this," he ordered. "And don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you." He held her cheeks and kissed her forehead gently. "You would kill me if I did."

She spluttered ale, laughing. "Damn right, I would." Still chuckling, she took his hand and he resumed their trek to the wedding bed. She praised all the gods that her family didn't feel the need to witness them enter and leave, although she didn't doubt one of her brothers had an eye on them. She didn't sense an audience, just her and Owen, and the bed. She hesitated again when facing it, the door swinging closed behind her.

This time, Owen rubbed her shoulders and arms. "Nothing to fear. You've lain with me before."

She scoffed. "You were unconscious and I was fully clothed."

He grew pensive for a minute. "True. I'd rather you took them off tonight."

Thursday 16 May 2013

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - Telekinesis
Okay, this one went a little sideways, but hey, if you have telekinesis, wouldn't you want to use it this way?
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How did he do it? Cameron’s cock filled his own hand. The man across from him still hadn’t touched him, hadn’t even taken off his clothes. Cameron, on the other hand, stood naked, exposed to Eric’s powerful gaze. It seemed a thousand fingers stroked Cameron’s skin, teased him. He’d had to tear free his clothes soon after Eric entered the room, the heat overwhelming.

Now his throat tightened, like Eric’s own hand had closed on it and his thumb pressed into Cameron’s windpipe, choking the air. Cameron tossed back his head and grabbed his neck, ejaculate erupting from him.

Blue Moon House Kitten #BDSM #Erotica in paperback! Get a hard copy!

That's right, you can put Blue Moon House on your real shelf as well as the virtual one! It is listed with Amazon, but you can also purchase through createspace. Although there aren't current plans to print Blue Moon House, all the prequels should be available in print. Eventually Blue Moon House should be added so you can own a complete set.

Check out the front and back jacket!

Wednesday 15 May 2013

What are you reading? How do you choose?

In an ongoing (never ending) effort to put my book under the nose of more people, I want to poll my readers. How did you find Blue Moon House? Do you have a reading list? How do you decide what goes on it? Do you visit any websites or have a GoodReads list that works well for you? Do you stick with a publisher or two and watch their new releases for titles up your alley?

I don't get to talk to readers often. It is so much easier to find and connect with authors. We aren't trying to hide, we're trying to get noticed. Also, there's an obvious benefit to cross-promotion. I introduce an author to you and maybe he/she makes it on that reading list. Vice Versa. So, yeah, I have connected with a lot of authors, published, unpublished, wildly popular, debutantes, you name it. I know I have readers out there. You have bought my book after all! So what made you decide to hit the 'purchase' button?

Please let me know in the comments or by email (authorangelicadawson at gmail). You can leave an anonymous comment! I'm just terribly curious where I'm hitting, where I'm missing, and what I can be doing better. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. You are a star!

Tuesday 14 May 2013

#tantalizingtuesday - Crystal Clear

Foolfillment @Flickr

Nicholas returned with a crystal decanter of pale gold liquid. He moved behind Harry's back and Harry tried to look over his own shoulder. He felt the liquid poured over his ass, but it wasn't until Nicholas ran his fingers through it that Harry identified it as oil, probably olive by the smell.
“Planning to roast me?” Harry asked, joking.
“Don't make me gag you,” Nicholas said, laughter in his voice as well. “I'm hoping to get you hot, though.” He put his lips to Harry's ear, nibbling the lobe. At the same time his fingers roamed over Harry's ass, cupping, pulling.
Nicholas pressed one finger in and Harry rose to his toes. The whole digit must be in him because he could feel the rest of the hand on his cheeks. It had been effortless, slipping through easily. It felt good, much better than before. Nicholas pulled the finger out and slipped it back in again, stroking slowly.
Harry fell into the rhythm and leaned back into Nicholas' hand, enjoying the feeling. His cock stiffened, longing for more bites from Nicholas, thicker fingers in his ass. The second was granted first. Nichols stood behind him and pulled Harry's hips.

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Monday 13 May 2013

Who Reviews You?

I just went through my review request folder and was faced with how many blogs never replied to my review request. I'm trying to find reviewers for Blue Moon House: Kitten, and naturally started with those who had reviewed Blue Moon House. I'm waiting for replies from most of those, but I only contacted a half dozen or so while my publisher arranged with reviews with at least as many, probably more.

So I was wondering, who reviews your work? Are they bloggers? Are they friends and family? Did you have to give any incentive to get them to review? Any extortion or death threats involved?

I'm looking for advice on where to go. I have many lists of book review blogs, but based on my track record, I'm not getting far with them. Do you have a friend with a new blog that would like another book for review? Did you get a really good review from someone and recommend them? Please, let me know.

If you're a reader and not a writer, do you pay attention to reviews? What sites, blogs, lists do you use to choose what to read next?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

If you ARE a reviewer, please contact me either in the comments or by email (authorangelicadawson at and I'll make sure you get a copy!

Saturday 11 May 2013

#SerialSunday - Rising Up - Over the Top

Another piece of Rising Up. These tend to alternate between Peter and Beth's POV.

I shouldn't be up here. I really shouldn't be smoking. How many times had Mom told me? Hundreds, certainly. She knew it would be the death of one of us.

It was Sarah.

I remembered sitting with her, slipping out onto the roof when she jumped to it from the tree, sneaking in.

I'd idolized Sarah. She wasn't the typical big sister, responsible, providing an example. She was a rebel.

"Pete. Dad is gonna kill you." She told me when she found me sitting on the shingles. I watched her bare toes grip the rough surface. She took off her shoes to be quieter and safer. "What are you doing?"

"You're going to have a smoke, right? I want one too."
DLSImaging @flickr

She rolled her eyes. "No, you don't; you almost puked the last time." Of course she already had her pack out and offered it to me. "I'm not Mom. If you wanna puke your guts out, just don't do it on me." She put one to her lips and lit it. Then she gave it to me, taking the unlit one from my fingers.

"Thanks, Sarah." She took several long drags, sitting beside me.

Finally she said, "You'll be cursing me in a minute. Go on." She motioned for me to take a puff. I did and coughed harshly.

She chuckled, her stream of smoke interrupted slightly. "Don't sweat it, Pete. Not everyone smokes. Let's go in before it rains."

She rubbed her cherry out on the shingles, pocketing the remnant. I passed mine to her as well. She put it next to hers, wrapped an arm around my shoulders and guided me into the house.

I inhaled deeply on the cigarette I now held. I didn't cough anymore, but they still made me nauseous. More with memory than reaction to the contents of the cancer stick. It had killed her, jumping from that stupid tree to the roof. That was the real reason I'd sent Beth the message. I couldn't bear to lose anyone else that way.

Broken body in the flower bed, limbs at odd angles. One shoe still on her foot.

She knew not to wear shoes. She knew the soles of her feet were the best traction. She must have been rushed that night. She had slipped, the forensic team determined, landing the jump, but falling and cracking her head on the eave that broke her neck. It could have just as easily been a broken arm or leg, but instead she had been paralyzed, face down in the muddy dirt.

Why had Mom and Dad let me know that? I rubbed the tears from my face. I'd been sixteen. Couldn't they have told me she died instantly? Why would they want me to know that she had tried to inhale mud until she had drowned in it, unable to move? I wished for the millionth time that I'd been waiting for her that night. That I could have run down, turned her head. But no, I'd played football with friends and passed out early.

I had meant to cut that tree down. Instead I sat out here in a robe and flannel pants, smoking, tempting the fates to finish me the way they had finished her.

"Sarah," I whispered, blowing the last of the smoke from my lungs. "Beth would have liked you." I crushed out the butt imagining Sarah among Beth, and Mary. She would have fit right in. If anything she would have been annoyed that Beth was too 'straight-laced.'

I needed to let her go. Seven years was long enough. I'd already finished mourning Mom and Dad, but I couldn't let go of my big sister. I felt vulnerable without her. This house didn't help. It was filled with memories of them, and me with them, but I couldn't sell it. I couldn't bear to think of anyone else living here. And Mom and Dad had nearly paid it off. It wasn't any trouble to keep up the mortgage, especially after the life insurance came through.

I stood up carefully, looked at the scraggly tree, and sighed. Who would have thought that once again, the best thing in my life would come from it. It looked like it could barely support itself, let alone the women I loved most.

Beth couldn't know I thought that. I had to keep it close. No sense in scaring her off before our first date. No way I was telling her I'd had dreams of her standing in my mother's kitchen, brushing her hair in my bathroom, laying with me here under the stars. Too much, over the top for sure.

No, I'd play cool, as I had all along. Take her to a casual restaurant, maybe Mexican, and then out to see the improv troupe I enjoyed so much. The humor was right up her alley. She'd love it. I had almost lost it tonight, kept her here. I'd do better next time. I'd have the week in the office to settle back, establish the distance I needed. And I'd walk her to her place, not here. That was the real problem. I couldn't have her here unless I could keep her.

One day, if I didn't screw this up.

Friday 10 May 2013

Saturday #Afterdark - Time to Accept

Check out all the afterdark moments by hitting the blog. A little more Irene and Owen because I'm having so much fun with them.
"Who is it?" Irene asked, watching the ship approach.
"My father," Owen said. "I told him I wanted to find the fairest, wildest, hardiest woman in the world for my wife and he let me go, suggested I sail here with a trader. I shouldn't be surprised he's come looking for me. I've been gone months." He walked forward toward the wharf.
Irene held still for a moment. "Why have you stayed?" she asked, chasing after him. "You should still be searching." How many weeks had he spent here?
He stopped, reaching an arm out to her.
She looked at it like a viper preparing to bite. His embrace hadn't hurt, though, she remembered. Could she accept it?
Returning to that night, she remembered the feel of his chest against her cheek, his thick hair drying and curling. His chest rose and fell more quickly, more naturally and her fear of killing him subsided. It wasn't the first time she'd nearly killed him, in fact it was the third. Still he chased her.
And now she chased him. Closing her eyes and praying she wasn't making a mistake, she stepped into the curve of his arm.
He put his lips to her fiery red hair. "I found her a month ago, Irene. She may kill me yet, but I couldn't live without her anyway."
Tears sprang to her eyes and she didn't fight them. She didn't fight him, hiding her face in his chest. His thick arms became walls, protecting and shielding her.
"Irene," he said, his voice soft and whispering. "Can I introduce you to my father?"
She hiccuped on her tears as a laugh bubbled up in her throat. "Yes. Yes, Owen. I'd like that."

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - Patience Rewarded

Desiree shifted her weight. This wasn’t her first BDSM experience, but it was certainly the least satisfying. Her feet ached in these heels and her shoulders burned from being pulled back by the chain around her wrists.

Where was he? She hadn’t heard a thing out of him since he told her to face the wall. Face the wall and don’t move. This was the D of BDSM and she could obey. She was at the end of her patience, however. Just when she leaned her weight to turn, a vibrator switched on. She stiffened, straight as in the beginning. Finally.

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Wednesday 8 May 2013

#ThursdayThrill - The Millionaire

I have become disenfranchised with the 'millionaire' trope. So when I saw this limo for today's prompt I decided to roll with an idea that has been tossing in my brain. Be sure to head over to the blog and read all the other great thrills.
Jon sat on one of the plush seats looking at the bar. It was crowded with blonds and redheads fixing themselves drinks. The limo was big, but Jon wouldn't have guessed it could hold over a dozen girls. He also wouldn't have expected all of them to be plying the man at the far end behind the driver.
Chris was a great guy. They'd been friends forever and Jon hated that he almost always had a girlfriend while Chris would get shot down time and time again. It wasn't a complete surprise. The guy was a nerd to the extreme. That focus on computers and gaming, however, had earned him the millions that afforded him luxury on this scale.
Jon expected at least a couple of the girls would stop fighting over Chris and pay him some attention, but so far, his count was zero.
Chris' face was bright red and for a second, Jon worried about his health. The guy wasn't in any kind of shape, unless you counted round. The way the girls were attacking him, Jon never wanted to see this much of Chris again, it was a wonder he hadn't had a coronary already.
As they wound around, back to the club they'd picked up the girls at, Jon was able to approach Chris again. His fly was still undone.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

#WIP Wednesday #amwriting - Whore

After a severe writing slump that lasted most of a month, I am writing again! I have started my sixth prequel. Six of seven. It will be hard to say goodbye to the vampires after writing Sophia's story. Of course, it might just mean I need to start writing forward again!

In addition to the Blue Moon House prequels, I have been putting extra time into some of my serial projects. These are the pieces that recur on my weekly features. The obvious one is Serial Sunday. Rising Up has just started, but unlike some of my other serial projects, I have already finished writing it, which is why it can have a title. Things like Irene and Owen's story, which has been occupying Saturdays AfterDark, are still growing and changing, so they don't have a title. I also have this inkling of an idea for the anti-millionaire story that would be posted in serial format. I just don't think there's a market for parody of the trope. However, I intend to enjoy writing the unromantic.

My fairy story has completely stalled. It had started as something more than paranormal erotic and somehow devolved into smut. I'm not even sure it's erotica anymore, it just seems to be sex, sex, more sex, tiny plot, more sex. Where did I go wrong? It was such a fun setting and characters and then, poof, it's smut. I'm very disappointed.

Regardless, I want to end these segments by sharing something unedited, fresh on the page and this is it. I'm actually just now typing this up from my notebook (it's that new). This is the scene following the chapter where Gwendolyn loses her virginity.

Gwendolyn felt foolish, but she cried all the same. It wasn't from the pain, that had dulled to a faint throb. No, it was something else, something taken from her, something lost.

Sophia wrapped once on the door before opening it. Gwendolyn hadn't even closed her robe.

"Oh, Lyn," Sophia crooned, coming to her side and cradling the girl's head on her breast. "I can't stay long," she warned. "This will pass, just like the pain."

"Why am I crying?" she asked. She had chosen this, gone into it willingly.

"Because growing is painful. You are a woman now, more so than before. You also see clearly what this life entails and why no one chooses it."

Gwendolyn shook her head. "I did."

"No, love. Your mother's circumstance brought you here, like so many others who need the money this job provides."

Gwendolyn could understand that, and it reminded her of the medicine she needed.

"Can I work tomorrow?" she asked, wiping away the last of her tears. They were as pointless as tears for her mother. She needed to do, not feel.

Sophia saw the change in her and rose to leave. "Someone will examine you tonight, but most likely, if you want, you will be ready."

Sophia returned some house later, waking Gwendolyn. Prudence came with her.

"Knees up and out," the crone ordered.

Gwendolyn sat up, startled. Prudence pushed on the girl's shoulder, knocking her down again.

"Open up, Gwen," she taunted, pushing her knees apart.

Sophia propped Gwendolyn up, stroking her head. "This will only take a moment."

Prudence's finger swept inside her, then a second joined it. Finally she watched four fingers disappear into her and she squirmed in discomfort. It was bigger than the old man had been.

As quickly as she was stretched, it was over. Prudence stood and slapped Gwendolyn's bare thigh. "Nice tight cunt. You'll make plenty for us, little Gwen."

Gwendolyn ground her teeth at the hated name. She hoped the coughing fits would kill the old woman so the name would die with her.

Sophia stayed, lying back and encouraging Gwendolyn to lie with her. Arms surrounded her, protecting and shielding. Gwendolyn fell back to sleep quickly. Before nodding off, she heard Sophia's reassuring voice.
"You are going to learn and experience so much, Lyn. Everything will be new. Don't fight any of it. Open yourself to it and it will wash over and through you. It will make you stronger."

Monday 6 May 2013

#TantalizingTuesday - Who loves the homely woman?

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He left the kitchen and was surprised when Emma followed him a few minutes later. “You don't see a problem with it?”
“With what?” he asked, setting down the piece of iron work he had picked up. It was shaped like a portly pig.
“Dandling both of us. My mouth and nose might be overlarge, but I've never been mistaken for a man before.”
Nicholas felt his jaw slacken. “And nor should you,” he argued. “You think because I loved your cousin I'm only interested in men.”
She nodded curtly.
“I am not, I assure you. I am a lover of man, mankind. I love the heart that beats within you Emma. I can see it is a good one. One that should not be shunned by so many so easily. I do not deserve even a tiny piece of it, but I would bring it joy if I may.”
She regarded him silently. “I will think on it,” she said, a flush rising in her cheeks.
“I will wait as patiently as I can,” Nick answered, not approaching her, but moving to examine her embroidery. He raised his head to ask her about it, but she was gone again.

Sunday 5 May 2013

Watch What You Read:

I'm using my blog today to invite you all to an open Facebook group.

Watch What You Read is chock full of book trailers. Most of the titles are Romance and Erotica, but we have some paranormal and others in there as well. We're open to everyone. You don't have to join the group to check out the videos, only to post.

Here is one of the latest trailers from Rosana Leo.

Saturday 4 May 2013

#SerialSunday - Rising up - Outta My Tree

I thought I needed a new feature. I have a few things that I've written or am writing that I'd like to share in a serial format. This particular serial was prompted by a series of photographs. Sadly, I don't have the rights to the original photos, but I have some replacements. It starts out tame and gets hotter, so hold on and rise up with Beth and Peter.

The night had started so well.
Masochismtango @flickr

Drinks with my friends, some laughs at the saps singing. A few drinks later, we were the saps singing. Karaoke should not be legal. Possibly not gin either. At any rate, Bonny Raitt, and another G&T later, I was thinking, These are my girls. They've got my back. I can count on them.



"Hey, Beth, isn't that Peter's house?" Jamie asked, pointing.

"Huh? Uh, yeah, I think so. I've never been, but he lives around here."

"There's a light on upstairs," Mary pointed out.

"Yeah, so?" I asked.

"So, what if he's home?" Jamie asked, giggling.

I hiccuped. "So what if he is? I'm not going to knock on his door at-" I tried to read my watch. It was blurry, but I thought it said one. "One in the morning. I don't know him that well."

"But you want to," Mary sang, hugging onto me. "Go on, I dare you!" She shoved me at the door.

"What are we, twelve? You're going to dare me to ring his door bell? Should I run away after too?"

They both snorted before erupting in laughter. "No, silly, you jump him."

Friday 3 May 2013

Saturday #Afterdark - Left for Dead

Another Saturday and a little more Owen and Irene. Be sure to check out the AfterDark Moments from Ray Sostre, Naomi Shaw and Pablo Michaels.
Irene stalked toward the lake, desperate to get away from house and family. There was a small vessel on the shore. She would take it and row to the other side of the lake, away from all of them. No father trying to marry her off, no mother confusing her with talk of love, no brothers to antagonize her, and most importantly, no Owen trying to accompany her.
That last was too much to ask.
"Irene!" He called. She lifted her skirt in one hand and ran faster, her bow and knife catching on every other stride. Still she ran, not dropping her hem until she pushed the boat into the lake and jumped inside. Her bow and knife clattered to the floor of the boat as she took up the oar.

Thursday 2 May 2013

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - Breaking the Mold

Another Friday, another set of Flashes based on one picture. Go to the blog and read them all!

What am I doing here? I should be going to her, trying to win her back. Picking up a piece of driftwood I chuck it into the waves, all my anger behind it.
Everything was going perfectly, then she brings up my father, the sadistic bastard. I didn’t mean to shove her.
 I rub my hand over my face. She’ll never take me back. She shouldn’t. I’m the same as he was. “Leo?” Sarah asks.
Where did she come from?
“Will you get help, Leo?”
Turning, I seize her in a hug, desperate to hold onto her forever. “Yes.”

Wednesday 1 May 2013

#Thursday Thrill - The Ball Drop

Tonight was the night. She couldn’t quite believe she was here. Pressed to the glass, she looked down at the tiny specks of people moving on the street.

“Watch them, darling. Remember when you were one of them? Not any more.” Warm flesh met hers, pushing her flatter against the glass, her breasts squashed nearly flat.

“What if someone looks this way?” she asked, fearful.

“They’ll see a beautiful naked woman. You haven’t changed as much as that.”

“Really? You don’t look human to me at all.” She turned from the glass to rest her back on it. Her shoulder brushed against a mirrored pair of breasts, another pair of hips. She opened her arms to herself, welcoming the darker version of herself into them. “You look ethereal. A creature of the night.”

“Then you would be a creature of the day,” she answered, reaching around to cup her partner’s buttocks. “But this is a time of change, a time the borders come down.”

“I know. I won’t let you go back, Esie. You’re mine now.”

“As you are mine,” she agreed.

Behind them, the ball dropped on the unsuspected humans, and with it, hell unleashed on earth.

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