Tuesday 14 May 2013

#tantalizingtuesday - Crystal Clear

Foolfillment @Flickr

Nicholas returned with a crystal decanter of pale gold liquid. He moved behind Harry's back and Harry tried to look over his own shoulder. He felt the liquid poured over his ass, but it wasn't until Nicholas ran his fingers through it that Harry identified it as oil, probably olive by the smell.
“Planning to roast me?” Harry asked, joking.
“Don't make me gag you,” Nicholas said, laughter in his voice as well. “I'm hoping to get you hot, though.” He put his lips to Harry's ear, nibbling the lobe. At the same time his fingers roamed over Harry's ass, cupping, pulling.
Nicholas pressed one finger in and Harry rose to his toes. The whole digit must be in him because he could feel the rest of the hand on his cheeks. It had been effortless, slipping through easily. It felt good, much better than before. Nicholas pulled the finger out and slipped it back in again, stroking slowly.
Harry fell into the rhythm and leaned back into Nicholas' hand, enjoying the feeling. His cock stiffened, longing for more bites from Nicholas, thicker fingers in his ass. The second was granted first. Nichols stood behind him and pulled Harry's hips.

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