Friday, 10 May 2013

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - Patience Rewarded

Desiree shifted her weight. This wasn’t her first BDSM experience, but it was certainly the least satisfying. Her feet ached in these heels and her shoulders burned from being pulled back by the chain around her wrists.

Where was he? She hadn’t heard a thing out of him since he told her to face the wall. Face the wall and don’t move. This was the D of BDSM and she could obey. She was at the end of her patience, however. Just when she leaned her weight to turn, a vibrator switched on. She stiffened, straight as in the beginning. Finally.

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  1. Glad her wait is over :-)

  2. Now for the real excitement. Great flash

  3. Mmmm love this, especially for having to wait. Builds up the moment. :) I wonder what he'll do first? Tease her more or make her wait longer. ;) Awesome flash!


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