Wednesday 15 May 2013

What are you reading? How do you choose?

In an ongoing (never ending) effort to put my book under the nose of more people, I want to poll my readers. How did you find Blue Moon House? Do you have a reading list? How do you decide what goes on it? Do you visit any websites or have a GoodReads list that works well for you? Do you stick with a publisher or two and watch their new releases for titles up your alley?

I don't get to talk to readers often. It is so much easier to find and connect with authors. We aren't trying to hide, we're trying to get noticed. Also, there's an obvious benefit to cross-promotion. I introduce an author to you and maybe he/she makes it on that reading list. Vice Versa. So, yeah, I have connected with a lot of authors, published, unpublished, wildly popular, debutantes, you name it. I know I have readers out there. You have bought my book after all! So what made you decide to hit the 'purchase' button?

Please let me know in the comments or by email (authorangelicadawson at gmail). You can leave an anonymous comment! I'm just terribly curious where I'm hitting, where I'm missing, and what I can be doing better. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. You are a star!