Thursday, 2 May 2013

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - Breaking the Mold

Another Friday, another set of Flashes based on one picture. Go to the blog and read them all!

What am I doing here? I should be going to her, trying to win her back. Picking up a piece of driftwood I chuck it into the waves, all my anger behind it.
Everything was going perfectly, then she brings up my father, the sadistic bastard. I didn’t mean to shove her.
 I rub my hand over my face. She’ll never take me back. She shouldn’t. I’m the same as he was. “Leo?” Sarah asks.
Where did she come from?
“Will you get help, Leo?”
Turning, I seize her in a hug, desperate to hold onto her forever. “Yes.”


  1. He should be ashamed. It's good he recognizes the wrong he has done. What happened when he shoved her?

  2. Oh Leo. You've done some harsh things, now get help and don't blow you're chance. You are lucky to have it. Great flash!

  3. Oh my. I'm glad she came back, and I hope Leo learns from this.

  4. They really love each other, I can feel that, and I'm happy for Leo. I think he will get help, but I'm worried for Sarah. Lots of feeling in just 100 words. Well done.

  5. Aw that's sad and lovely at the same time, loved it.

  6. Oh wow. I hope he can break the hold his father has created onto him and learns to be his own person, for surely Sarah loves him enough to not leave him. I hope this becomes a good ending for them both. Great flash!


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