Thursday 29 October 2015

FangFest! October 29&30 #paranormal #99cents

Happy Halloween! Paranormal Romance Lovers unite at this time of year. This group brings you a selection of titles for 99 cents each! Don't miss your chance to pick up great reads at a great price. No trick, all treat!

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Thursday Taster - Pandora 37

Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

She took coin and reins with a smile and nod. He intimated that he would enjoy a meal with her as well, when he returned. She made a side-comment about cooking extra. He had never had trouble finding a friendly and willing woman.
As he had expected, the path didn't lead to the fortress, but it did reach a peak from which he saw a tower among the trees. Whistling, he headed back to Wendy's welcome arms and well-trimmed table.
In the morning, he bid her a fond farewell with a larger coin for the food. He led his horse most of the way through the mountains; the path was too steep and treacherous for riding. Thunder had no trouble keeping up and even pulled his master by the reins through some sections. Russel couldn't fault the animal, more constant than his wife, for certain.
Russel had to redirect several times when he emerged from the treeline to find the Fortress wasn't where he expected, but before noon, he found himself in a familiar garden, thankfully lacking in familiars. Rather than burst in, as he had the first time, he left Thunder to range and circled the structure, peering in windows. He found Pandora sitting at a spinning wheel.
Russel watched, confounded by a Princess doing something so menial. Surely none of the ladies he'd met at court had every done such. Needlepoint, certainly, with fine spun silk, but not raw, undyed wool. The thread winding round the spindle was nearly as fine as those silks. He jumped when Pandora screamed.

#MidWeekTease - #Vampire Blue Moon House Book 6

I haven't taken the time to thank Sandra Bunino lately. She is the host of the MidWeekTease. Without her and the other fabulous authors that participate weekly, you wouldn't be here. Kudos!

I've decided to share a tease from the upcoming Blue Moon House title, currently called Vampire. If you haven't had a chance to check out the series, now is the perfect time. The first book, Blue Moon House, is currently free.
Amazon - Naughty Nights Press - All Romance Ebooks - Smashwords - Barnes & Noble

A vampire on the run, Nicholas has the opportunity to make a home at Blue Moon House, if he is able to learn a new way of living. Is there anything he won’t do to stay? What will he do when he inevitably fails?

And here is the tease!

“Got any money, Cap’n?” a woman called from one of the many narrow alleys. Nicholas squinted at her, sizing her up. She would definitely purge the thirst. “I can give you a good night if you can pay.” Her accent turned the words into sharp scratching sounds that tore at his vampiric ears, sensitive enough to pick up distant whispers. Her blood sang to him though, and the more he regarded her, the more he realized that no one would miss her.
“What do you say, Cap’n?”
Why did she call him that? It took a full minute for him to remember that he had stolen clothes from the ship. Rather than answer, he seized the prostitute, crushing his mouth to hers.
She squirmed a little in his arms at first, but settled into the kiss quickly when she realized it wasn't an attack. She tasted of rancid oil and cheap wine, not appealing at all, but the longer he kissed her, the cooperative she would become. Nicholas' kiss was charged with magical factor in his saliva, one that could arouse even the least interested man or woman. This woman, prepared for sex, melted at it.
“Yes,” she breathed, gasping. “Can you pay now?” she asked.
Nicholas didn't ask, working the buttons on his pants free so he might take the willing woman. The rough wool fell and he spun to hold the prostitute against the wall of one of the buildings. She didn't ask for payment again, as he thrust into her, nipping her skin.
“Yes, fuck, take me.”
He did just that, but he needed more, he needed what pulsed inside her. Unable to stop himself, Nicholas bit into her shoulder and began sucking heavily at the wound swallowing mouthful after mouthful of her sweet blood, much sweeter than any other part of her.
Her cries never changed from pleasure to pain, rather, they softened and hushed until she made no noise at all. Nicholas continued thrusting a few more times, but it was clear the woman could give him nothing more. Stepping back, the body slumped to the ground. Looking into her lifeless eyes, Nicholas was haunted by her. How could he? It had only been a few days. It was getting worse. Soon he'd be killing indiscriminately and run out of town, or worse burned. Turning, he ran and didn't stop until first pink rays were touching the sky.

Monday 26 October 2015

Blue Moon House Book 1 is now #Free! #bdsm #vampire #erotica

I have some fantastic news. The first book in vampire BDSM series is now free! Pass it on to your friends who haven't already started the series. They can dip their noses in the first book to discover if the hardcore world of Blue Moon House is for them. If you haven't already picked up a copy yourself, this is the perfect time.
  Amazon - Naughty Nights Press - All Romance Ebooks - Smashwords - Barnes & Noble

Thursday 22 October 2015

Thursday Taster - Pandora 36

Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

It took less nudging than Russell expected, and based on the sounds, his brother had done a fair job of it. As soon as he heard Bianca's cries, he looked for a mirror. It was late, and he expected to find Pandora asleep. Instead, she and the beautiful Helen were making tearful farewells. More disturbing was the kiss she laid on the withered cheek of the revolting Tabitha. She seemed truly sad to see the witch go. How odd.
Pandora remained in Tabitha's fortress, picking up a cat with too-intelligent eyes. A new familiar. He spent the next hour watching while he honed the edge on his sword.
Marcus didn't return that night, and Russel left him a note before departing at dawn.

Dont' let her out of your sight for the next week and visit her bed often.
Her father will understand. I'm off to reclaim my Princess.

Pushing Thunder hard up the incline, Russel rested his mount in the village atop the cliffs. He knew it, the same one he had found Tabitha in when he stole her bean. The weary horse drank from a trough while Russel brushed him. He could see the path he had taken, but the fortress wouldn't wait in the same place twice, would it?
It didn't hurt to check, and if it wasn't there, he had time to walk back and find a mother or daughter to take him in before dark.
He stumbled into a fine woman with ample breasts and hip, but no boots or britches at her door or on her clothesline. He gave her a small coin to watch Thunder while he stretched his legs.

Wednesday 21 October 2015

#MidWeekTease - When the Snow Flies by Kiki Howell - Alpha Shifter Seductions #boxset #99cents #paranormal

Alpha Shifter Seductions, a paranormal box set of sexy original stories, is available now for only $0.99! I have the pleasure of sharing a tease from When the Snow Flies by Kiki Howell.

She couldn’t shake her head and make it go away. No amount of rubbing her eyes with gritty hands made it any different. Even blinking didn’t change anything. She didn’t need to pinch herself to know she was awake, given the tiny cuts she had on her body that stung with the dust and debris that had landed on them. She had no choice at some point but to believe that this dragon above her was real,even though some part of her still fought the idea as ridiculous.
After some time of patrolling, the white dragon landed gracefully on the ground. She got up on her knees to keep him in view. In a swirl of lights filled with sparkling snow—not stars as she had originally thought—the dragon seemed to literally melt into a human. As soon as the light died down, this completely naked man ran into the cabin, took the stairs, and ended up in the doorway to what was left of the room.
Now,her breath really caught. Her heart and lungs failed her for a minute as she took him in. His unnaturally white locks hung in longer waves, framing his face, playing off of the glittering scruff of hair over his lip and lining his jaw. Her eyes trailed down over him, his pale skin covering tight muscle thatbulged over his shoulders and chest, leading to a perfect cut of abdominal muscles.At the base of his stomach, just below his belly button, a patch of glistening hair led her eyes to a handsome package, already getting excited just by seeing her.
Her heart did a flip in her chest. She glanced at his hands in fists, appreciating the way his veins on his lower arms trailed over the muscles there. Her body begged to be touched in an undeniable hunger that she though permanently dormant inside of her. He looked at her, as filthy as she was from the fall of the roof, as if she were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, with a hunger of his own glistening in those ice-blue eyes that she swore pierced through her to her very soul.
“We have to go,” he said suddenly. “You need to follow me out. Once I turn, you will climb onto my back, and I will take you away with me. I know it is a lotto ask, but he will come back. This is what he does, takes off and returns.He’s not done with me tonight, or trying to get to you. Especially now that he knows you are my mate, or I would not have been here protecting you. You have to trust me. I can hide you in another realm, get you cleaned up, and we can talk all you want.”
“Flyaway with you, on that white dragon into another realm?” she cried, choking on each word she managed to get out.
“Yes.He can’t get to us there. We have dragons that protect the realm. But, we can also be alone and talk. I’m sure you have more questions.”
“Questions?Right. But, get on an animal, I guess for lack of a better term, one that I’m still having trouble even believing exists and let it take me away to another realm, whatever that means, that is so far beyond a leap of faith I don’t know what to call it.”
“I know. And, I’m sorry. I haven’t hurt you. You must trust me. He is going to come back any minute, and I have to protect you. I will take you by force otherwise; grab you and fly away. I don’t see as if you have a choice. Sorry.Again. It is all I can do to keep you safe, keep you alive.”
“You do realize that you are not only asking me to trust you, but you are asking me to accept a world of myths and legends. Of things that kid’s books or sometimes nightmares are made of?”

Thursday 15 October 2015

Thursday Taster - Pandora 35

Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

“King Martin?” She nodded. “Of course. Would you ride with me?” Marcus swept his arm in the direction of his horse.
Russel bounced onto his toes, alert. This might be a ploy to escape.
“That would be marvelous,” she said, batting her eyes. Remembering Pandora's magic, Russel stayed on point.
“But first,” she slipped around Marcus, away from the horses and toward the dwarves. “Thank you all for your hospitality and for keeping me safe after the evil queen tried once again to kill me. I hope to come back and visit you, but I must see my father. I need to be sure he is no longer beguiled by Queen Ella, my wicked step-mother. You understand, don't you?”
Russel relaxed as the Princess shared hugs of farewell with all her friends. She wasn't going to run. He looked to the sun, still high in the sky. If they left now, they would be able to reach Martin's castle just after dusk. He had to stall, keep her here for an hour or two longer. Then, when they stopped in Haven at an inn, he could kick Marcus into her room and make sure he sealed the deal.
yeah, not quite the right dwarves, but I couldn't resist!
“Bianca?” Marcus asked, turning to go.
Russel stepped around him and addressed the dwarf with the longest white beard. “Would you be able to provision us? I am famished.”
Bianca put a hand to her middles and Marcus stifled a laugh.
“Provision? No! We will feast!” The females of the group ran for the dwellings while a few males headed off into the woods. The rest went in search of chairs to set around the altar that would serve as their table.
Marcus kissed Bianca's cheek. “Don't be embarrassed. How long has it been since you've eaten last?”
She blinked several times. “I have no idea.”
Russel took one of the first chairs fetched, stretching his legs out to avoid sitting with his knees in his armpits. The two could hardly be separated long enough for Bianca to visit the latrine. This would be far easier than he expected. Tomorrow, provided he bullied Marcus into take her tonight, he could start searching for Pandora.

Wednesday 14 October 2015

#MidWeekTease - Kitsune's Raven, At First Sight by Phoenix Johnson - Alpha Shifter Seductions #boxset #99cents #paranormal

Alpha Shifter Seductions, a paranormal box set of sexy original stories, is available now for only $0.99! I have the pleasure of sharing a tease from Ngyong's Tiger by Melissa Bell.

Together they weaved through the people, the wave of bodies parting to allow them through unhindered. She spoke of her studies in Australia, her work at the zoo and dreams of working with animals all over the world. Kitsune even found herself telling him she wanted to open her own sanctuary here in Japan, filled with animals not commonly found in zoos, with the goal of conversation and educating people about animals they otherwise wouldn’t know of. She chatted, with no interruptions, of her plans to housing the animals in large, open enclosures, similar to their own habitats, allowing people to travel through in small, guided buses.
Silence fell between them, comfortable and relaxed. Kitsune steered them to a large Japanese Maple tree. She smiled as he frowned, and when he turned to her, she simply winked and began the short climb to a secret platform. Once they were both up and settled on cushions she’d placed earlier in the day, she explained.
“My father had this built for me when I was about ten years old. He placed it here, low enough for an easy climb yet high enough to have the best view of the harbor, and very few people know of its existence. Even with me living abroad for study, my father keeps the tree maintained, leaving a natural window in the branches. People walk by every day, and they don’t realize they are passing the best vantage point along the bay.”
She opened her bag, grateful that she’d packed extra food and drink on a hunch, and pulled out two coconut waters. Karasu took one and settled on the cushions beside her, and Kitsune couldn’t help but notice how close he was.
“It is a nice view. Your father must be pretty cool.”
She shrugged. “He can be.”
With a laugh that had her stomach flip, he finished what she’d left unsaid. “But he can also be a tyrant, right? Mine is the same. I can never tell which Dad has come home from the office, Mister Cool or Mister I’ll-Kick-Your-Ass.”
Kitsune snorted, spraying coconut water over the platform. She burst out laughing once she choked back what water she hadn’t spat. They spent a few minutes sharing tales of their fathers while they sipped on their drinks and snacked on green tea chocolate dipped biscuit sticks.
The evening sky had deepened to a royal blue, while the horizon was tinged a thin line of soft yellows and pinks. The low rumbling that had been people along the harbor talking about moving to a good position now ceased, and an eerie silence fell upon the dockside. Kitsune and Karasu followed cue and drew quiet as well. Kitsune pulled her knees up to her chest and stared out across the water, momentarily forgetting she wasn’t alone as anticipation grew and her vision narrowed to where the fireworks would come from.
The first squealing scream smashed through the silence, and she jumped, her heart pounding as she grinned.
Karasu’s voice next to her ear startled her anew, and she glanced at him, light from the fireworks casting a dance of colors across the planes of his face. She really looked at him for the first time. His bright eyes reflected the glowing sparks that erupted over the bay. A long, slender nose seemed to point down to plump lips that were never far from a smile or a grin. Black hair cut in a jagged, fashionable style waved softly around his face, contrasting against his light skin and sky blue eyes. He was an anomaly. It was uncommon for any Japanese person to have eyes colored anything but brown, and the cerulean shades captured her.
“Do I have a zit on my nose or something?”
She must have been staring at him for a while, lost in studying his appearance. When he spoke, still watching the fireworks, she blushed profusely yet subtly shifted closer. The warmth of his body was welcome as the night air took on a chill. Kitsune had left a blanket on the platform when she’d brought the cushions, but it was a different kind of heat she sought.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare. I just…” She paused, almost losing confidence. This wasn’t like her at all. She was reserved, and hadn’t been really interested in any sort of relationship with a man, outside of professional, since she’d broken up with her high school boyfriend when she’d left for Australia. While she worked and studied with some attractive men, she never had much interest in a social life, let alone a sex life. Karasu’s presence, however, had awakened her sexual desires, and she didn’t want to deny her attraction.
Karasu finally turned to face her, and Kitsune threw caution to the wind. She leaned in and kissed his lips, pleased by how soft they were as he responded. His mouth was warm, and their tongues danced, the sensation sweeping her away in a wave of giddiness and tingles. Pulsating heat gathered between her legs, and she moaned as he cupped her cheek in his hand, stroking her skin with his thumb. They shifted closer to each other, pressing against one another. She was drowning in pleasure, her breasts brushing his chest as they breathed. Kitsune could still hear the popping as the fireworks festival continued, the gathered crowd oblivious to her increasing desire for this man to take her right here, right now.
He broke the kiss, panting, and the world snapped back into place around her. “Whoa.” As she looked into his eyes, she noticed they’d changed to a darker shade of cobalt. “Well that was intense.”
Embarrassment gripped her, and cold shame washed through her. She leaned back. “I-I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be. It was good.” He chuckled. “That would be an understatement, actually. It was… hot.” Karasu’s voice was deeper, husky, and her arousal returned as he growled the last word. “I want to know your intentions, though.”
She paused in thought. Kitsune wasn’t a woman who acted rashly. “I am not entirely sure, to be honest. I just wanted to kiss you.”
Karasu grinned, and she was glad to be sitting. She was fairly sure her knees would have given out if she’d been standing. “Well I’m not going to complain.” He dropped his grin. “But I’m not a one night stand kind of guy. Nor am I a kiss and run guy, either.”
“Me neither. I mean-” she rushed, but his laugh silenced her.
“That’s good know, lovely fox.”
They fell silent again, this time a little awkward. Kitsune fiddled with the seam of her jeans. “You know, we could always just… see how things go.” She dared to look at Karasu, her heart pounding.
A single eyebrow rose, and one side of his mouth rose into a smirk. “So, do you maybe mean some more kissing, and take it slow? Or –“
“Jump in and see if we can sink or swim.” Her own bold answer surprised her, and she rushed to apologize. “I don’t know what’s come over me.”
He moved closer to her again, leaning on one arm as he returned his other hand to her cheek. Karasu stared into her eyes. “I don’t mind at all when a woman knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it.”
“Well then,” she paused to lick her lips, “I hope you are ready to get wet. I mean… Oh screw it.” Kitsune kissed him, thrilled when he responded with passion. They remained in each other’s arm, enjoying the embrace. She wasn’t sure how long they had been kissing, but she was still feeling bold and took a chance. Kitsune reached to his shirt and began to unbutton it, exposing his lithe, lightly toned body. She ran her hands over his muscles, his resulting moan setting her hair on end. She felt his fingers fiddle with the buttons on her blouse, and soon the cool evening air was caressing her skin, sending chills through her body and only serving to increase her arousal. Pulling away, Kitsune shrugged out of her open shirt as Karasu removed his, neither breaking eye contact. She took control and pushed him on to his back, kneeling over one of his legs and leaned over him to kiss her way from his mouth to nibble on his earlobe, then moved down his neck. His breathing grew raspy and she smiled as she playfully nipped at his collar bone. Karasu breathed out in a hiss.
“You weren’t kidding when you said about jumping in.”
The huskiness of his voice made her quiver with excitement.

Thursday 8 October 2015

Thursday Taster - Pandora 34

Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

“How will he wake her? The other girl knew about the curse but couldn't break it.”
Russel gave a sly smile, remembering watching Pandora in her common-girl disguise. Even with her hair streaked brown and a rough woollen dress, she had been beautiful.
“We have one thing she didn't. Love's first kiss.” He had no intention of giving away his advantage by telling them what he really had. He frowned, though, realizing it was now crucial that he had picked the correct bean.
Marcus ran his hand gently down the Princess' arm and she sat up, blinking against the sun. When her eyes opened, they locked onto Marcus despite the cheering and capering dwarves all around her.
“Are you well?” Marcus asked, concerned. “It didn't hurt you?”
She shook her head and her hand went to her neck, rubbing the back. “I am quite stiff thought.”
Marcus wrapped his arms around her and lifted her from the stone slab. He continued to support her as her feet touched the ground. She wobbled, steadying herself, and then took a few tentative steps. Marcus shadowed her, but let her go. She walked straight toward Russel, stretching her arms over her head.
Russel took the moment to appreciate her bosom. Although not as full as Pandora's, she had fine breasts.
“Who are you?” she asked.
“Russel, younger brother to Marcus, heir of King Gowan.”
The girl turned and hurried back to Marcus, taking his hands. “Marcus. Prince Marcus.” She beamed as she spoke and Marcus took the opportunity to kiss her again. It was much longer and more intricate now that she was participating.
When she caught her breath, Marcus started to swoop in for another, but she stalled him with a finger. “I am Bianca, daughter of King Martin, and I think he would be pleased to know I am well. Will you take me to him?”

Wednesday 7 October 2015

#MidWeekTease - Ngyong's Tiger by Melissa Bell - Alpha Shifter Seductions #boxset #99cents #paranormal

Alpha Shifter Seductions, a paranormal box set of sexy original stories, is available now for only $0.99! I have the pleasure of sharing a tease from Ngyong's Tiger by Melissa Bell.

Savannah scrunched the skirt of her dress in her shaky hands and slowly raised it. She would have lost her nerve completely if, for some reason, her inner feline hadn’t been such a wanton slut.
She was dizzy with desire, her skin tingled to be touched and her pussy ached to be played with. It was a hopeless situation, she knew right there and then, regardless of whether Ngyong took her as his mate or not. He was about to ruin her for any other, because even if he didn’t realise it, or he was choosing to ignore the signs, her cat knew… he was her mate.
Ngyong leaned forward, his hands cupping the globes of her rounded ass to steady her, as he leisurely licked the seam of her lower lips. A shiver of excitement shot up her spine and she cried out. Ngyong liked the mewling sounds his female was making while he penetrated her snatch to delve deeper, his tongue frenching her swollen nub, making her tremble in his grip. He twirled his tongue around and around her clit, finding her most sensitive
nerves. He tilted his head, to angle the flick of his tongue to just the tip of her exposed gem. The more it swelled, the more it peeked out from under its protective hood. Ngyong was intent on coaxing Savannah into a sexually heightened state of arousal. He was experiencing just as much pleasure from giving, as he would have from receiving. He wanted to be inside her hot, wet body when she finally exploded.He’d taken her to the edge, but he wanted them to go over it together. He gave a light purr against her button and her legs gave way. Ngyong guided her with his strong arms to rest in his lap. He brushed back the hair that had fallen into her face, then sank his fingers into the mess of long curls at the back of her head, pulling her into a breathtakingly passionate kiss. His hands slid gently down her back to where her wrap-around-dress was tied in a bow, and released it.
He slipped the fabric off her shoulders, feeling her silken skin. She was so soft where he was so hard. Once free from the confines of her dress, Ngyong placed Savannah’s hands over his shoulders and
nipped her wrist before telling her to keep them there. He knew if she clawed his back, his tiger would takeover and he would be less than a gentleman about what they were about to do.
Savannah’s head dropped backwards and she cried out, as Ngyong palmed her heavy breasts and one at a time showed them equal attention, licking, sucking and nibbling at them. His cock grew even harder, if that was at all possible, at the thought of his mate feeding their young. He was expecting the image to douse his desire to be inside Savannah,but it didn’t appear to terrify him as much as he thought it would. With that brief reflection came freedom, and he aligned his shaft with Savannah’s honeypot. Her head snapped back down to stare at him straight in the eyes, as he began to tenderly prod the opening to her cave. He was apprehensive about causing her pain as he broke her hymen. His beautiful Savi dug her nails into the back of his shoulders, and in one swift downward motion impaled herself on his throbbing cock. He quickly wrapped his arms around her waist to anchor herin place, knowing, that if she moved right at that moment, his concentration would be blown right along with his fertile load.

Thursday 1 October 2015

Thursday Taster - Pandora 33

Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

Russel rode ahead of his brother. Even though he had described the image he had seen, a dwarven village with a Princess trapped in death-sleep, Marcus had no drive to find her. If Russel didn't lead him right to the prize, his brother would never claim it. It hadn't helped that he needed to scour the dwarf lands to find the Princess.
That brought up another concern. He would have to make sure his brother took the Princess before she fought or fled, as Pandora had. Perhaps this hadn't been the best idea . Well, she would be released at some point anyway. Whether she ran then or now made little difference.
Seeing the girl lying out like a corpse caused a reaction in Russel he hadn't expected. He remembered, in vivid detail, Pandora lying in her bed with her golden hair sprayed across her pillow. He remembered kissing her and giving the breath that woke her. But most distracting, he remembered her small moans, the way her chest rose and fell, the blush that crept down her cheeks and across her chest. He had never been with the same woman twice, never recalled one over another. Now, he could think of nothing but Pandora.
“The bean?” Marcus asked, breaking Russel from his fascination.
“Oh, yeah. This one first.” Russel gave him the bean, but Marcus hadn't gone more than a few steps before dwarves surrounded them, dark and shrunken.
“What are you doing?” a female asked.
“I'm here to wake her,” Marcus answered boldly. More boldly than Russel would have expected. Perhaps their father was making headway turning Marcus into a leader.
The dwarves opened a path and Marcus looked down on the Princess, really seeing her for the first time.
She didn't seem remarkable to Russel. Obviously raised indoors, her pale skin was a sharp contrast with the dwarves, but she was only slightly fairer tha Marcus. Her glossy black hair shone in the sun, but no more lustrous than other ladies, not as brilliant as Pandora's. Despite being less than impressive to Russel, she obviously won Marcus' admiration, moving him to kiss her.
Russel grabbed his elbow before he did, pinching the arm holding the bean.
Marcus gave a small shake and lifted his fist to his mouth.