Wednesday 7 October 2015

#MidWeekTease - Ngyong's Tiger by Melissa Bell - Alpha Shifter Seductions #boxset #99cents #paranormal

Alpha Shifter Seductions, a paranormal box set of sexy original stories, is available now for only $0.99! I have the pleasure of sharing a tease from Ngyong's Tiger by Melissa Bell.

Savannah scrunched the skirt of her dress in her shaky hands and slowly raised it. She would have lost her nerve completely if, for some reason, her inner feline hadn’t been such a wanton slut.
She was dizzy with desire, her skin tingled to be touched and her pussy ached to be played with. It was a hopeless situation, she knew right there and then, regardless of whether Ngyong took her as his mate or not. He was about to ruin her for any other, because even if he didn’t realise it, or he was choosing to ignore the signs, her cat knew… he was her mate.
Ngyong leaned forward, his hands cupping the globes of her rounded ass to steady her, as he leisurely licked the seam of her lower lips. A shiver of excitement shot up her spine and she cried out. Ngyong liked the mewling sounds his female was making while he penetrated her snatch to delve deeper, his tongue frenching her swollen nub, making her tremble in his grip. He twirled his tongue around and around her clit, finding her most sensitive
nerves. He tilted his head, to angle the flick of his tongue to just the tip of her exposed gem. The more it swelled, the more it peeked out from under its protective hood. Ngyong was intent on coaxing Savannah into a sexually heightened state of arousal. He was experiencing just as much pleasure from giving, as he would have from receiving. He wanted to be inside her hot, wet body when she finally exploded.He’d taken her to the edge, but he wanted them to go over it together. He gave a light purr against her button and her legs gave way. Ngyong guided her with his strong arms to rest in his lap. He brushed back the hair that had fallen into her face, then sank his fingers into the mess of long curls at the back of her head, pulling her into a breathtakingly passionate kiss. His hands slid gently down her back to where her wrap-around-dress was tied in a bow, and released it.
He slipped the fabric off her shoulders, feeling her silken skin. She was so soft where he was so hard. Once free from the confines of her dress, Ngyong placed Savannah’s hands over his shoulders and
nipped her wrist before telling her to keep them there. He knew if she clawed his back, his tiger would takeover and he would be less than a gentleman about what they were about to do.
Savannah’s head dropped backwards and she cried out, as Ngyong palmed her heavy breasts and one at a time showed them equal attention, licking, sucking and nibbling at them. His cock grew even harder, if that was at all possible, at the thought of his mate feeding their young. He was expecting the image to douse his desire to be inside Savannah,but it didn’t appear to terrify him as much as he thought it would. With that brief reflection came freedom, and he aligned his shaft with Savannah’s honeypot. Her head snapped back down to stare at him straight in the eyes, as he began to tenderly prod the opening to her cave. He was apprehensive about causing her pain as he broke her hymen. His beautiful Savi dug her nails into the back of his shoulders, and in one swift downward motion impaled herself on his throbbing cock. He quickly wrapped his arms around her waist to anchor herin place, knowing, that if she moved right at that moment, his concentration would be blown right along with his fertile load.