Friday 31 October 2014

Flasher Fiction Friday - Blue Moon House, Gentleman

Nicholas lay with his arm draped over Harrold’s middle, slowly tracing the muscles there. How had the accountant/bookkeeper developed such a physique? It was more suited to a laborer.
The door swung on well-oiled hinges, giving no warning to the cuddled duo that someone had entered. Terrance curled up behind Nicholas touching first his thigh, and then Harrold’s, then drawing it up to Nicholas’ shoulder.
His breath curled in Nicholas’ ear as he whispered, “We must go.”
Nicholas groaned very quietly, but he couldn’t deny the sun was beginning to be painful. Kissing Harry’s temple, he wished him sweet dreams.

This scene isn't actually in Gentleman, but it easily could be!
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Wednesday 29 October 2014

Howloween #paranormal #romance #bloghop #hopswithheart - Blue Moon House

What could be better for Howloween than Vampire BDSM? A whole house full of them and each one has their own favorite kink, but they enjoy sex accompanied with carefully paced sips of blood. One lucky lady has the opportunity to become one of them, to join the house forever. But before she can do that, she must convince each vampire that they want to spend eternity with her. How? Well, that should be obvious. Julia thinks she's prepared to do whatever it takes, but is she really?

What would you be willing to do? Let me know. I'm giving away a copy of Blue Moon House, my first novella to someone who is willing to share. I also hope you'll take a peek at the first of the prequels, Kitten. A second is in the works and hopefully you can read about Harry soon. Until then, here's a tempting taste of the prize at the end of this post. 

Lynn brought food. It had been a while since breakfast, but the lunch was light, a small salad and banana with a glass of juice. She also held a dildo. “Don’t make a mess now,” she told Julia, setting the plate on a side table. “Lean over while you eat.”

Julia licked her lips, steeling herself. The edge that had receded was back with the implication. She would be penetrated while she ate. Elbows braced on the edge of the table, she stuck her hips out. She tried not to stare over her shoulder and instead speared a cherry tomato on her fork.

The probing in her pussy was gentle at first, then replaced with the thick dildo. Julia grunted, tearing lettuce between her teeth rather than chewing it. “Oh, god,” she groaned, leaning back a bit onto it.

“Eat up,” Lynn insisted, rubbing her hand gently over Julia’s ass-cheek, smacking it lightly. “I don’t want to wait too long.” To give her meaning, she drew the toy out completely and thrust it back in so quickly and forcibly that Julia dropped her fork in a clatter. The spanking was harder this time, making Julia grind on the dildo and ball her hands into fists. “No mess,” Lynn reminded her.

Julia swallowed her mouthful carefully and quickly peeled the banana. She started to cram half of it in her mouth at once, but Lynn stopped her. “No, like this.” The dildo was pulled and pushed gently into her and Julia closed her eyes but imitated with fruit, not breaking it but opening her mouth to slide a third of it over her tongue. Another thrust made her bite through and lean her head to the table. She started to rock with the thrusts and the juice slopped over the edge of its glass.

“Naughty, naughty,” Lynn chided and dragged her nails down Julia back. Not knowing if she was bleeding or not, Julia arched regardless, leaning more heavily into the dildo, gritting her teeth against the sharp pain. She took up the glass and drank greedily, draining it quickly. She felt drops on her breasts, but Lynn mustn’t have seen because the fucking continued. Julia moved to eat the rest of her banana, trying to imitate the thrusting she was receiving. She was rewarded with a brush of her clit and Julia shivered as she clenched down on the still moving toy.

Unfortunately that was when Lynn saw the juice. The rest of the meal was gone, peel neatly laid atop cutlery. Lynn reached up to the spot on the right and pulled her nail down on it. Julia thought perhaps her back had bled as her breast certainly was, a large drop forming just before Lynn lapped it away. As she did, she thrust deeper with the toy, nearly lifting Julia off the ground. Julia cried in pain and rose on her toes.

Blue Moon House on Naughty Nights Press

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Thursday Taster - Slave #8

Plenty of tasters on the blog. Don't miss any! Here's some more of Will.

Bart groaned and his hips seemed to push toward Will. That suited him, and he opened his mouth wider, hoping to taste the whole length. Bart was pulled away and Will’s hand, slightly loose, slid over the length that retreated.
“Fuck me, Master,” Bart moaned.
“Everything well with you, Will?
He licked his tongue up the length as he removed the head from his mouth. “Very well, thank you.”
“Then you will get your wish, Bart.” The man’s hips were driven toward Will and he bent his head down, meeting them. His nose inhaled the salty smell of sweat from Bart’s dark curly hair. He moaned a little at how that smell mingled with the taste. There was a slight shifting before the hips were pushed toward Will again. He was unsure what set the pace, but he quickly became used to it, sliding his mouth to match.
“Ugh, yes,” Bart groaned, and he twitched inside Will’s mouth. His balls lifted as he began to throb. How foolish of him not to have paid them attention sooner. Holding them, he stroked the sack and felt the egg shape inside. A perfect shape.
Bart trembled and the throbbing turned to erupting. White seed filled Will’s mouth and he pulled back just enough to swallow slowly, loving the feel of the thick substance on his tongue and in his throat. He could feel it sliding all the way down into his belly. That was when he noticed how hard he was. Unable to ignore it, he rubbed himself through his pants.
“Easy, Bart,” Nicholas said, untying the man and lifting him into his arms. Will watched, impressed as always by the vampire’s strength, and noticed that Nicholas was naked too. His penis was still erect, gleaming with wetness.
Will stayed on his knees until the blond vampire returned to him. Will reached out for his penis as well. “Master?” he asked.
“Not here,” Nicholas murmured. “The kitchen.”

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Shared Disinterests

Can I tantalize you with a teaser? Okay this probably isn't quite 'tantalizing,' but that hasn't been the way my mind is working these days. I'm sure you can find spicier stuff on the blog. Here is my little odd couple. 
Kitty plopped down on an empty bench. How long would Mr. Patterson drone on? Did the man ever get tired of his own voice? The rest of her class stood, though a few were wobbling. The whole class seemed to turn when Kitty sat. Why did she get to sit? Why did they have to stand here and listen to another civic duty lecture when she sat?
There was only room for two on the bench, so the class tried to gauge who should get it. Lyle didn’t look at anyone. Even though he was on the football team and could easy stay standing, he put his hip next to Kitty’s and tried not to fall asleep.
More shuffling from the class and Kitty covered a yawn with her hand. Her elbow bumped Lyle and she left it on his shoulder.
“How much longer?” she whispered.
“If he’s not done in ten, someone is going to lose it,” Lyle whispered back.
Kitty suppressed a laugh and Lyle’s hand slid slightly over onto her knee.
Mr. Patterson wrapped it up, at last, and the class turned to the mismatched couple on the bench.
“Wanna get a milkshake?” Lyle asked.
“Love to.”

Sunday 26 October 2014

Sunday Surprise - Halloween Flirts #release #newrelease

Breathless Press is bringing out the spine-chilling this October. They have several new releases for $0.99 or $1.99-$2.99. Treat yourself to one of these tricks.

Torie James and Brantwijn Serrah each have a Halloween Flirt.
Point of No Return takes full advantage of the mystery surrounding a masquerade. Priya suffers from Bad Dreams and sleep paralysis, but is it more than her and science believe?

Pelaam introduces us to Jared, who is Haunted By The Past as well as the present, in the form of his gardener, Evander.

L.M. Brown offers another Haunting tale, this of a romance that becomes physical only one day of the year. Touch of a Ghost finds Drew Jessop, who wants nothing to do with ghosts, falling in love with Benji Richards, eternally young and beautiful but also intangible. From sunset to sunrise, Halloween is the one night of the year when a mortal can feel the touch of a ghost.

Brantwijn Serrah also has a full length novel, His Cemetery Doll. Conall Mackay's daughter is dreaming of a figure among the tombstones and a voiceless beauty beckons him from the darkest corners of the graves.

Dana Wright has released the first book in a new series, Ghost Echos. In Assylum, the voices of the past are alive behind the iron gates of Bremore Asylum. Can Rachel and Matt deduce its secrets before it's too late? Here's an excerpt from Assylum:

Rachel narrowed her eyes. What little hold she held on her frayed temper snapped. Self-doubt flared, but she stamped it out as quickly as it came.
"What's that supposed to mean?" She stepped forward, hands clenched into fists, her foot brushing against the luggage. Her hoodie slid off the suitcase and flopped unceremoniously into the dirt.
"We haven't even started on the project and you're trying to displace me already?"
Rutledge stepped back, surprise clear on his lightly parted lips. Lips she apparently still wanted to kiss, damn his eyes. God, what was wrong with her?
"My friend almost died because of a mistake I made. But you're
already aware of that, aren't you, Mr. High and Mighty? Listen to me and listen good. I'm here because my grandmother needs me. I'm a damn fine ghost hunter, which you would already know if you bothered to see beyond what happened to Jeannie." She poked her finger into his chest and had the satisfaction of seeing him wince.
Matt stepped back and held up his hands, a ruddy flush creeping up his cheeks. "Okay. I was out of line. Truce?" He bent down and carefully picked up her hoodie, handing it to her gingerly.
"Thank you, Mr. Rutledge." Rachel snatched the hoodie from his hands and tied it around her waist with a firm yank. She didn't want to chance it falling in the dirt again and it was going to be a long weekend. At the rate they were going, it was going to be a full-on ice storm between them.
A flash of humor crossed his face. "Do you think maybe you could call me Matt?"
"That depends."
"On what?" Matt cocked his eyebrow with surprise.
"On whether you can stop dissecting me like one of your frauds."

If you are an author or publisher and would like to see your new release one Sunday, just drop me an email. Authorangelicadawson at gmail

Friday 24 October 2014

Flasher Fiction Friday - Off-Broadway

It was over. Tina sighed in relief, inhaling the bouquet on her dressing table. The last curtain on the last show. She was free, having done everything her contract dictated. Walking out of this theatre, she would embark on a new life, away from the spotlight.
Fingernails tickled her spine. She didn’t have to look to the mirror to know Candace was unlacing her. The understudy had been everything Tina could have asked for, making this drawn out obligation bearable.
“Where will you go?” Candace asked.
“Anywhere but here.”
“I don’t know how you can leave the stage.”
“You will.”

More flashes on the same photo are available at

Thursday 23 October 2014

Thursday Taster - Slave #7

Shall we continue with Will's sexual exploration? Yes, let's. Remember to read all the tasters on the blog.

He shook a little and knelt down, taking the penis in his hand again. This time there were no frightening images, no memories, just the warm flesh in his hand. The skin was impossibly soft. It was what he imagined white ladies hands were like.
“Ah,” Bart moaned, but not for Will. Nicholas had risen and was standing behind the man. He must be doing something to his backside. Continuing to stroke, he peeked around Bart’s hip.
Nicholas had just poured oil on Bart’s ass and was tracing his fingers along the crack between his cheeks.
“You focus on that,” Nicholas urged with a smirk. “Have you tried tasting it yet?”
Will licked his lips. He had no idea what a man tasted like. He had no idea what a woman tasted like either but was fairly certain he wasn’t interested in finding out. However, this sausage in his hand tempted him.
Opening his mouth, he popped the head in, just as he would a sausage. His chest expanded, growing with his inhalation, but his heart seemed constricted within it, as though it grew even more, faster than his chest. Holding the penis, he slid down, wanting more.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - A long soak

Tuesday again already? I don't know about you, but I could use a little pampering. Check out all the teasers by popping over to the blog
She closed the door and took off her slippers. Steam rose from the warm water, petals scattered across the surface. She could smell rose and fuchsia drifting through the room. Releasing the tie on her terrycloth bathrobe, she let it fall to the floor. Before stepping into the tub, she checked that her hair was still knotted on the top of her head. The mix of blossoms and oil weren’t things she wanted tangled in.
Braced on one wrist, she lifted a carefully pointed toe and dipped it into the water. It was so hot, she almost pulled it back out, but instead she plunged in to her knee. Heat pricked up her leg and then dissipated, warming her chill skin. Shifting her weight into her other wrist, on the other side of the tub, she stepped in and sank up to her shoulders. A sigh floated out with the floral aroma, taking all her tension with it.
The door opened and she almost bolted up.
“Don’t move,” he said, moving her towels off the bench to the floor. “I have tea,” he said, setting her tiny pot-on-cup down. “And wine. Anything else, Mistress?”
She couldn’t think of a thing.

Sunday 19 October 2014

Sunday Surprise - Club Blind and others #newrelease #release

Evernight Publishing has been very busy in October. I thought I could do one or two releases a week and have a nice feature, but they have more than I expected! And that's just one of the publishers I'm hoping to include in my release announcements, surprises for Sunday.

This first one is from a friend of my S.J. Maylee. In fact, I was luck enough to beta-read this story! Check out this steamy excerpt based on a club where the lights are always out, but the sex is always hot.

The door continued to open every few minutes. Finally, the woman in front of Jane was taken away. She could see nothing past the door besides black. Until the door closed, she continued gazing into the darkness. How would the loss of sight change the experience? Would she feel more? What would he feel like? Nerves shook through her limbs, and sweat tickled her palms. The door opened, and she stood straight as a statue. This was crazy. She searched for pockets in her robe. When she found none, she swallowed back a curse.
The escort stopped in front of her. “Are you having second thoughts?” He shifted the goggles higher on his forehead.
“Would you like to step back and wait to go or ...” He stepped back and cracked the door open. “Sometimes it helps to hear the sounds of the other participants.”
She closed her eyes and took in the moans and let her mind drift to what her body would feel like to make her make those kinds of sounds.
“I don’t want to pressure you. Tell me what you want.”
“Thank you.” She opened her eyes and took a step towards him. The only way was forward. “I’m ready.”
“Good for you.” He reached out and took hold of her hand. “Come on, I’ll take you to the lucky one, for tonight.” He winked and tugged her forward.
Once the door closed behind them, Jane was surrounded by unending black. She looked around, but there was nothing, no end to the darkness. A nervous shiver danced along her spine, followed by thoughts of haunted houses. What would she find around the next corner? Her escort tugged her forward, bringing her back to the night's purpose.
She needed to remember why she was here. She needed to live in the moment. There was a good chance she was about to touch the man who would give her release.
They slowed, turned a corner, and after a couple more steps they stopped. She swallowed the lump in her throat when her escort placed her hand into another’s.
“Enjoy.” He squeezed her shoulder, and she sensed his presence leave the space.
A pull on her hand forced her feet forward a couple of steps. She stopped just as abruptly when she bumped into a hard chest—the man of the hour. This man would touch her soon, but he wasn’t yet. He was only holding her hand. Her breasts moved with her uneven breathing, and her nipples scraped against his chest.
Why wasn’t he touching her? Was he nervous, too, or having second thoughts? She reached up in curiosity to make sure he wasn’t wearing a pair of night-vision goggles, but only found soft hair. She followed the section of hair to above his shoulder and continued onto smooth skin and around his shoulder to his bicep thick with muscle. Her heart thumped, and her breath quickened as moisture covered her needy pussy.
She breathed deeply, taking in his delicious, musky scent. Her hand wandered to his chest and found more of the same, firm skin rounding over firm muscles. A warm hand landed over hers and held her hand tight to his chest. A nose tickled her ear.
“Do you like?”
“Yes,” she admitted. “I’d like to explore you now, okay?”
“Yes, please.”
She pushed out the breath she held and worked to breathe normally. His hand landed softly on her cheek, fingertips caressed her chin, and then up to her temple. The gentle touches raised a long sleeping yearning within her, and she leaned into his touch. His thumb swept across her bottom lip. Curiosity wore away her reserve, and she let her tongue reach out and taste his fingers. One digit pushed into her mouth, and she sucked lightly, enjoying his clean taste.
The finger left her mouth, a second of waiting, and then his mouth crushed down on hers. His lips were firm and demanding, feeding her hunger. He ran his fingers through her hair, and then his warm wet tongue swept through her mouth. Back and forth, deep, then gentle, their tongues dueled. She explored more of him as her need to know him intimately soared.
His touch lingered around her shoulders and down her sides. When he found her ass, he kneaded the globes. The kiss ended as abruptly as it started, leaving her wanting.
She heard nothing but the driving rhythm of the music, each track feeding right into another. The current song enchanted her, and her hips swayed. No one could see her, so there was no reason for self-conscious thoughts. The brilliance of the club hit her with full force. It didn’t matter who she was or who he was. Tonight, they celebrated life and the pleasures they could bring their bodies. Everyone deserved pleasure. Even her.

Want to read more? You can find a copy for your e-reader at Evernight.

But that was just one of the recent releases.

C. R. Moss put many different thematic elements together in Dream Across Time. It is a ghost story with some time travel all set in a ranch, Rariton Manor Ranch to be specific. Like In The Blind, this is billed as the first in a series.

Elyzabeth VaLey has a Romance on the go title, Arcanus Amator, that features a child of cupid. A dash of myth with your erotic romance.

Taking a Chance is the fourth installment in April Zyon's series Massey, Texas.

A Heart of Fire is a historical romance with enough heat to sizzle from Kerri Patterson.

Like I said at the beginning, this is just a few of the releases from Evernight THIS WEEK. I will endeavour to feature another publisher next week.

Friday 17 October 2014

Flasher Fiction Friday - The Hunt

The bright lights blinded her. They were meant to illuminate the temptations that surrounded, but they just burned, leaving green and pink after images when she blinked. This was meant to be a place of pleasure, of indulgence, but that was not her purpose. She was here to save someone. She didn’t know who, not yet, but if should find a moment of quiet, it would come to her. She tucked between two buildings and waited for the sparkling lights behind her eyes to disappear. Blocking out the cacophony, she made out a single voice.


The hunt was on.
This was just may take on this vibrant picture. There are more waiting for you on the blog.

Thursday 16 October 2014

Thursday Taster - Slave #6

Now we find out what Will really likes. Check out all the tasters on the blog.

Will, would you come with me?”
Will straightened from the oven where he had just set the ham to roast. Nicholas wasn’t wearing a shirt and neither did Will. He found they just got dirty and in the way when he worked, especially in the warm kitchen. He was charged with cooking for himself and having enough food available for the guests. He was never asked to serve them, just have food in the pantry. It was pleasant choosing the food for himself instead of eating what some woman dictated. He hadn’t known how to cook at first, though, and botched a lot before developing the skill.
“Yes, sir.” He wiped his hands on a towel, which he tossed back into the sink.
“What would you do with this?” he asked, opening one of the doors. He didn’t think anyone was in any of the rooms. He usually stayed out of the halls when the vampires were busy. Inside, a man stood naked. His bound hands hung above him. It was a white man, though not as pale as Terrance, or even Nicholas. Will licked his lips, unsure what the vampire wanted.
Will took a tentative step into the room, wanting a closer look at the man. His skin was a brownish-olive, warm. Black, glossy hair fell in waves to his shoulders. The same glossy hair framed an average looking penis. Or it would be average, if it weren’t half-hardened, vessels starting to stand out on it.
Will had handled his own penis many times. It was much larger than this one, but the lighter skin, the fact that it wasn’t his, fascinated him.
“Go on,” Nicholas urged.
“Master?” the man asked.
“This is Will, Bart. I thought I’d get a fresh opinion. I’d hate for our play to become stale.”
Bart sighed and sagged a little pulling his elbows as far as the rope allowed. “I understand. He is young, isn’t he?”
“Sixteen,” Nicholas answered.
Will took slow steps and then reached out to touch the other man’s penis.
The image of a woman playing with his penis flashed through his head. Then more memories: white fingers against dark skin. Black hands beating. White hands beating. His mother strung up, beaten for a whore.
He let go and stepped back, shaking his head.
“No? I think he liked that.” Nicholas reached past Will to grip Bart’s length. “What he really likes, is this.” Nicholas crouched and licked the head of Bart’s cock where it was just beginning to pass the foreskin. He held the head in his mouth while he stroked. Will watched in fascination.
“Give it a try,” Nicholas urged, pointing the penis toward Will.
He shook a little and knelt down, taking the penis in his hand again. This time there were no frightening images, no memories, just the warm flesh in his hand. The skin was impossibly soft. It was what he imagined white ladies hands were like.
That memory bombarded him again, and he stroked the soft skin as he remembered the white fingers stroking his, ever so gently.

Remember, there are plenty more great tastes waiting on the blog

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - First Kiss

Here's a fun little scene in 200 words. Hope you like it. Check out all the teasers on the blog.
Dustin moved one of the lights. “Are you warm enough?”
Lily pulled her shirt off her chest and blew down it. She was certainly warm enough. “Misty? Are you cold, sweetie?”
“No.” Misty’s voice wavered.
“Josiah, have you even said hello to Misty?” Dustin asked his nephew off to one side.
“No.” The little black boy had his arms crossed. He was also naked and unabashed by it. “Why?”
“You don’t like her because she’s white?” Dustin asked. Sweat made his black skin reflect the bright lights. The heat was getting to him too.
“I don’t care she’s white. She’s a girl.” He made a face.
“No, I’m not!” Misty yelled. “You’re just a stupid head.”
“I am not!” Josiah shouted back.
Dustin snapped his camera up and began clicking away. Lily moved to stand behind him, the children toe-to–toe, arguing.
“You don’t have a penis,” Josiah claimed.
Misty looked down in disbelief.  “Mom? Where’s my penis?”
“You never had a penis, sweetie,” Lily tried to remind her. Dustin continued clicking away with a huge grin on his face.
“Make him pay, Misty,” Dustin said, laughter in his voice. “Kiss him.”
The adults cheered, but Josiah’s response was, “Yuck.”

Friday 10 October 2014

Flasher Fiction Friday - The Look

Angela stopped, like the rest of her group of friends, to enjoy the tall, dark stranger standing on the beach. He was obviously looking for someone, and they all hoped one of them was it. He turned his gaze and caught the clutch of girls gawking. He flashed a brilliant white smile, all the brighter for his dark skin, which made the girls melt. All except Angela. There was something ominous in that smile. Something predatory. It was a power symbol, not a friendly one.

Perhaps because she wasn’t tittering like her friends, the man fixed his gaze on her.
One picture, many stories. The blog has them all! 

Thursday 9 October 2014

Thursday Tasters - Slave #5

A little interlude with Will and Lynn. It's on the long side, 500 words, but it didn't break down well. Be sure you check the other tasters on the blog.

Good as her word, William was undisturbed the following evenings as he read in the parlor. The noises coming from the hall sometimes gave him pause, trying to imagine what might be going on behind the doors, but almost always, he returned to the words on the page, the science and religion he could find in them.
He’d never read the bible before. He expected it to be painfully difficult, but it was surprisingly simple. It contradicted itself over and over again, making him wonder if the pastors were ever as confused as he was. The books on nature, which he expected to be simple, were very complex, requiring he consult the gigantic dictionary that rested on a reading stand in the parlor and was the main reason he read there. When he was first introduced to books, he assumed the tome was the bible. In a way, it had become one. His library of words.
He gave up on sciences after a time. He could understand the basics, how plants and animals procreated, life cycles, food cycles, those were easy to understand, but when it extended to air currents and weather or the pull of the earth, he was hopelessly lost.
“William?” Lynn asked, poking her head in the parlor. “I didn’t expect you to stay in tonight. Isn’t there a shindig down the road?”
There was a party at a farm. The master was on a trip out of town and the mistress was visiting a friend in town, leaving the slaves unoccupied for an evening. Will had heard about it, but hadn’t really considered going.
“Wouldn’t you like to go? Meet a nice girl?”
He shrugged. “What do I want one for?”
Lynn’s brow furrowed in puzzlement. “You don’ don’t like girls?” she asked, letting her cool hand rest on his arm. “Have you ever kissed one?”
He pulled his arm back. “No. Women are only for fucking and beating.” He turned back to his book.
“You think I’m only good for fucking or beating?” she asked, moving to perch on the arm of his chair.
“Of course not,” he said with a smirk. “You’re a white lady. You are for men to carry on their arm, to make babies and run households.”
Lynn’s mouth puckered again. “Would you like to make babies?”
He dropped his book in alarm. “No.” He said, shaking a little. What was she asking? That was mad. He could never...fuck a white lady. “No, I don’t want to make any more slaves,” he said, imagining that was what she meant.
She nodded solemnly. “I can certainly understand that.” She ran her hand through Will’s short cut black curls. Terrance took a razor to his head once a month, so the coarse nap never had much length. “We worry about you, William. Are you happy here?”
He looked into the vampire’s glowing amber eyes. It was one of the few outward signs that they were different, their gemstone eyes. They seemed to shatter light, collect it in a glow. “Why should it matter?”
Lynn sighed and bowed her head. “I suppose it doesn’t. If you were terribly unhappy, we would sell you to another owner.”
“And who would keep your house?” he asked. “You?”
Lynn chuckled. “Probably not. We would likely hire a woman to do it.”
“Why would you do that when you can have a slave?” It didn’t make sense.
“We...we aren’t comfortable with humans living here, William. You know what we are by now, don’t you?”
“You’re vampires.”
“You haven’t told anyone, have you?”
He snorted. “Who would believe a slave boy? No, I have told no one. I haven’t seen any dead bodies or had to clean more than splatters of blood. What business is it of mine?”
“None, I suppose, but you can see why we might worry.”
“I’m not worried,” he said shrugging. “You seem to get your blood from your...clients.” He used the word with derision. He still couldn’t comprehend what exactly went on in the house.
Lynn nodded. “We do. Well, Will, I just wanted to make sure you knew you could go to that party, if you wanted.”
“Thank you, Ma’am. I think I’ll read some more.”
She smiled broadly. “We’ve expanded our library for you. I’m glad you enjoy it.”
He dropped the book a second time. “You bought them for me?”
She nodded, still smiling. “Yes. We are interested in some topics, but don’t usually buy books. Are there any you particularly fancy?” She rose from her perch and went to the small shelf.
“All of them,” he said, still lost in a fog of disbelief. “Why would you buy books for your slave?”
Lynn straightened and turned back again. “Because although your happiness might not matter to you, it does to us. We want you to be happy, Will.” She put her hands on his cheeks and pulled him toward her for a quick peck.
Lynn’s head turned to look toward the front entry. “Henry is here. Excuse me, Will.”

Will didn’t open his book again, looking at it in wonder. Perhaps there was more to this than he had imagined. 

More tasters on the blog.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Trapped

Here's a Teaser for you. Many more available on the blog.
“Here, put this on.” Lindsay snatched up the clothing and held it tight to her chest. The man gave her shove and she heard a lock slide into place. She didn’t move at first, shivering.
Time to take stock, what did she have? There were the clothes in her arms, but that couldn’t be much. She was in her skin aside from that. Skin and the new ink on her left breast and buttock. Skin and the bruises on her arms. Skin and the slick fluid dripping down the inside of her thigh.
The room had one window. Dropping the clothing she ran to it, to the yellowish streetlight that was all she had to see by. The window was screwed shut, which didn’t surprise her. There might be something to break it, but probably not. Picking up the clothes again, she pulled on a pair of men’s boxers, black and a thick sweatshirt. Both were too big, but the sweatshirt was warm. Sitting on the mattress, she covered her face, finally relenting to the tears she had done her best to hide from the men.
“Hey, Princess. Busy day tomorrow. Get some sleep.”
Pillow muffling her cries, she tried.

Sunday 5 October 2014

His Name Was Ben - New release from Paulette Mahurin @mahurinpaulette

I'm happy to share with you Paulette Mahurin's new release, His Name Was Ben. Paulette is the author of the Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, which I featured last year. His Name Was Ben is a more romantic tale.

Hearing the words “it’s cancer,” threw Sara Phillips’ life into chaos, until an unexpected turn of events and a chance encounter with a stranger changed everything—his name was Ben. Based on real events, Ben and Sara discover that when all else fails, healing can come in the most unexpected ways. Chilling and heart wrenching, His Name Was Ben is a triumph over the devastating circumstances and fear experienced when faced with a terminal illness. In this narrative, the power of love conquers shadows and transforms the very nature and meaning of what it is to be fully alive.

Paulette Mahurin lives with her husband Terry and three dogs, Max, Bella, and Lady Luck in Ventura County, California. She grew up in West Los Angeles and attended UCLA, where she received a Master’s Degree in Science.

While in college, she won awards and was published for her short-story writing. One of these stories, Something Wonderful, was based on the couple presented in His Name Was Ben, which she expanded into this fictionalized novel in 2014. Her first novel, The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, made it to Amazon bestseller lists and won awards, including best historical fiction of the year 2012 in Turning the Pages Magazine.

Semi-retired, she continues to work part-time as a Nurse Practitioner in Ventura County. When she’s not writing, she does pro-bono consultation work with women with cancer, works in the Westminister Free Clinic as a volunteer provider, volunteers as a mediator in the Ventura County Courthouse for small claims cases, and involves herself, along with her husband, in dog rescue. Profits from her books go to help rescue dogs.

Paulette has graciously offered a copy of her latest publication. If you would like to enter to win a kindle copy, please follow the rafflecopter below. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday 3 October 2014

Mixing Up Romance #bloghop #giveaway

Mixing up is a theme in my short story included in Campus Sexploits 3, the Highest Bidder. Everyone expected Laura to bid on and win her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Bobby. But when the large linebacker, Tim, is paraded and gets no bid, she does what no one expects and pays top dollar for him. She wins bigger than she ever expects.

Here is an excerpt from the Highest Bidder, just one of four stories in Campus Sexploits 3. Let me know below what you think about bachelor auctions. 

Next, I have Tim Cooper. Do I have a hundred?” Tim was a linebacker and looked especially uncomfortable in his jacket and tie. He was an extremely large man with some fat over the muscles that made him a good defensive player. He was tall and wide with brown hair that fell limply on his forehead, covering his eyes. It wasn’t a huge surprise the bidding wasn’t fast or furious.
A hundred. One of you lovely ladies has a hundred dollars for this fine gentleman.” Laura looked around at her friends as well as the others in the auditorium. Many were whispering or giggling. Tim’s ruddy cheeks grew even redder and blotches appeared on his neck. “Seventy-five?” The auctioneer asked.
Laura couldn’t stand watching Tim showed like a piece of livestock. Other girls would bid on Bobby. She needed to rescue Tim. The auction had been fun, a lark, but Laura wasn’t so sure it was fun anymore.
Three hundred,” she said, standing up. The money was going to a good cause and the complimentary dinner provided was at least seventy-five dollars on its own. Plus, she was sure the inflated bid would save the night from being a complete disaster.
Laura? What are you doing?” Jocelyn asked from beside her. She had asked Laura for a loan to bid on someone. Laura passed two of her five hundreds to her.
The right thing,” Laura answered, hanging her bag on her shoulder. Laura passed the remaining three bills to the auctioneer and moved to the edge of the stage, holding her hand out for Tim.
The large man delicately plucked a red rose from the vase as he passed. “Thank you,” he said, leaning down to kiss her cheek. He offered his arm and she slipped her hand through. Even in her stilettos, he towered a full six inches over her. She hoped her hair looked fine from the top. She tucked the rose in her thumb to tease her blond bangs with her free hand.
Tim continued to lead her to the Italian restaurant hosting the couples. “I didn’t get your name,” Tim said, smiling.
Laura took a moment to appreciate the effect on his round, almost cherub-like face—if cherubs had the shadow of a moustache on their top lips. “I’m Laura.”
He stopped, so she did as well. “Not Laura Turner?” he asked, looking her over and focusing on her blond hair.
“Yes.” Why would he know who she was.
“Weren’t you bidding on Bobby?” Laura and Bobby were an on-again, off-again couple. This seemed to be a good time to be on-again, so Laura had hoped to rekindle something tonight. How did he know about that?
She shrugged. “You needed a date and so did I.” She gave a slight tug on his arm to start them moving again. They could chat in the restaurant.
Bobby’s going to kill me.”
Why?” Laura asked.
Tim turned pink again, blotches appearing under the freckles Laura hadn’t been able to see before. “No reason.”
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Flasher Fiction Friday - Pillow Fight

There was only one thing to do. Celeste swallowed hard. What would he want? What would he do? How would she fail? Her fingers tightened into balls at her sides. The door opened and he emerged, looking like he had just been in the garden, not preparing to accept her. Her heart sank and she lowered her eyes to prevent him seeing her sense of betrayal.
She was unprepared for his reply. Had he struck her with his hand, she wouldn’t have flinched. But a pillow?
“Lighten up!” he crowed.
She took a pillow of her own, lunging for him.

As always, there are many more 100 word pieces based on this picture on the blog.

Thursday 2 October 2014

Thursday Taster - Slave #4

A quick glimpse into Will's past. Check out all the tasters on the blog.

Will tried to remember ever having anyone stand up for or cover for him. There was no one. “She’ll be whipped. They both will.”
Sophia frowned. “You speak like you want that. Do you? Hasn’t there been enough whipping?”
He hung his head, remembering how badly he was bleeding when Sophia bought him. She had been returning from a party and heard his screams from the street. That fact still shamed him. She had stormed in and demanded to know what price Mister Green wanted for him. It hadn’t stopped two more blows from old Jim’s hand. The master hadn’t ordered him to stop.
Sophia stopped him. He remembered the awe in all three men’s faces when her hand stopped Jim’s from descending.
“I will buy him. Fair price. What do you ask for the boy?” Her voice had been colder than the snow in the air.
“That boy ain’t worth two cents,” Mister Green had spat.
“Sold.” Before the master could argue, she’d handed over a nickel. “There, double your price. She reached her hand back toward him. “Do you need help?”
He’d brushed her hand aside, standing on wobbling knees. His chest bled where the whip had torn it open. His back was bleeding too. He stooped slightly, shuffling, but he left the stable on his feet.
“William?” Sophia asked, bringing him back to the present. “Don’t you think there’s been enough whipping?”
His eyes hardened. She could dress him up, teach him to read, even teach him table manners for fancy guests, but he’d always be a slave. He’d be beneath her and the other masters in this house. “A slave needs to be beaten, broken,” he argued, remembering his father’s teaching. “We fight because we believe we can. We need to be shown we can’t.”
Sophia’s expression was so sad. It made Will’s heart hurt. He clenched his jaw and fought the weak emotion.
“That’s what that was about?” she asked, pointing in the direction of the room where the slave had hung. “You were showing her she can’t fight?”
He nodded. “Exactly. Showing her what she is worth, what she can expect.” He slouched in the chair. “It’s easier when you know what to expect.”
Sophia shook her head, muttering again. “I suppose that’s true. We’re trying to show Betsy that she can expect something else.”
“Why?” he asked. “Nothing's gonna change.” He stood. “I’d like to go to bed now.” They didn’t usually stop him when he chose to retire for the night, as long as he was up at dawn to clean the many rooms of the house.
Sophia sighed. “Of course. You won’t be asked to do that again,” she said.
“I understand.”
He turned to look at Sophia. She was so small compared to him. He was still growing, but already her head barely reached his shoulders. “Yes, Ma’am?”
“Nothing.” Her expression was one of disappointment. He felt an odd pang; he had done something to make her uneasy.

Lots more great tasters, just hit the blog!

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Getting to know @EdenConnor

Eden's needlepoint, framed
Eden Connor is the author of the Devilish DeMarco Men series. There are currently three books in the series, Sounds of Soft Pleasure, Wildly Inappropriate and the latest Incidental Contact. A fourth is in the works and I hope to have her drop by when it releases! She has other series, The Carmine Club and Give Me Shelter. You can find first chapters and series overviews on her blog. And like her on Facebook.

It happens that we have a shared interest outside erotica, needlepoint.

What I think really tells you about Eden Connor is her home, South Carolina. If you get the chance to ask her about it, do! She has many stories to tell, places to visit, and experiences to reminisce. Eden’s alma mater, Converse, is a ladies college that might have been a draw for Jocelyn of Kitten in my Blue Moon House prequels. Founded in 1889, its first class was a whopping six students. History is sprinkled throughout the state in plantations, memorials, and tours.
My WIP, nearly finished!

As Eden tells me, “If you’re in the Upstate in springtime, don’t miss the chance to jump off the interstate and see thousands of peach trees in bloom—probably the most romantic sight ever.” She has travelled, but never found a place she loved more.
I hope to visit myself one day. It should give me a closer connection with her Devlish De Marco men. I hope you enjoyed this peek into Eden’s mind and memoires. Really, don’t be afraid to ask her a question in the comments. She loves to share.

Here is a really short clip from the first chapter of Soft Sounds of Pleasure, book 1, giving you a sense of the love she has for her home.

The serenity of the setting caused him to leave the truck door slightly ajar rather than slamming it. The scent of fresh-mown grass hung in the warm April air, and the bright afternoon sun sparkled off the surface of the large fishing pond in the Walker's spacious backyard. A screen of cypress trees completely hid the house next door, and over two acres of neatly clipped grass separated the house from the quiet two-lane road running down the side of the property. Pete Walker's taste in land was every bit as good as his taste in women, Colton judged as he stepped off the driveway onto the steps leading around back.
The first thing he noticed was the wheelchair ramp built over the steps. That was new since the last time he'd towed a vehicle away from the Walker's. He realized he hadn't been to their back door since Pete's accident about three years back. The last car he'd towed from here had been their son Charlie's Jeep, and Lila had met him in the driveway that day. That had been almost two years back: the day after Charlie had pitched for the high school baseball team, winning the state championship, and then shocked the whole town by turning down his scholarship to the state university in favor of joining the Marines.