Friday, 3 October 2014

Mixing Up Romance #bloghop #giveaway

Mixing up is a theme in my short story included in Campus Sexploits 3, the Highest Bidder. Everyone expected Laura to bid on and win her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Bobby. But when the large linebacker, Tim, is paraded and gets no bid, she does what no one expects and pays top dollar for him. She wins bigger than she ever expects.

Here is an excerpt from the Highest Bidder, just one of four stories in Campus Sexploits 3. Let me know below what you think about bachelor auctions. 

Next, I have Tim Cooper. Do I have a hundred?” Tim was a linebacker and looked especially uncomfortable in his jacket and tie. He was an extremely large man with some fat over the muscles that made him a good defensive player. He was tall and wide with brown hair that fell limply on his forehead, covering his eyes. It wasn’t a huge surprise the bidding wasn’t fast or furious.
A hundred. One of you lovely ladies has a hundred dollars for this fine gentleman.” Laura looked around at her friends as well as the others in the auditorium. Many were whispering or giggling. Tim’s ruddy cheeks grew even redder and blotches appeared on his neck. “Seventy-five?” The auctioneer asked.
Laura couldn’t stand watching Tim showed like a piece of livestock. Other girls would bid on Bobby. She needed to rescue Tim. The auction had been fun, a lark, but Laura wasn’t so sure it was fun anymore.
Three hundred,” she said, standing up. The money was going to a good cause and the complimentary dinner provided was at least seventy-five dollars on its own. Plus, she was sure the inflated bid would save the night from being a complete disaster.
Laura? What are you doing?” Jocelyn asked from beside her. She had asked Laura for a loan to bid on someone. Laura passed two of her five hundreds to her.
The right thing,” Laura answered, hanging her bag on her shoulder. Laura passed the remaining three bills to the auctioneer and moved to the edge of the stage, holding her hand out for Tim.
The large man delicately plucked a red rose from the vase as he passed. “Thank you,” he said, leaning down to kiss her cheek. He offered his arm and she slipped her hand through. Even in her stilettos, he towered a full six inches over her. She hoped her hair looked fine from the top. She tucked the rose in her thumb to tease her blond bangs with her free hand.
Tim continued to lead her to the Italian restaurant hosting the couples. “I didn’t get your name,” Tim said, smiling.
Laura took a moment to appreciate the effect on his round, almost cherub-like face—if cherubs had the shadow of a moustache on their top lips. “I’m Laura.”
He stopped, so she did as well. “Not Laura Turner?” he asked, looking her over and focusing on her blond hair.
“Yes.” Why would he know who she was.
“Weren’t you bidding on Bobby?” Laura and Bobby were an on-again, off-again couple. This seemed to be a good time to be on-again, so Laura had hoped to rekindle something tonight. How did he know about that?
She shrugged. “You needed a date and so did I.” She gave a slight tug on his arm to start them moving again. They could chat in the restaurant.
Bobby’s going to kill me.”
Why?” Laura asked.
Tim turned pink again, blotches appearing under the freckles Laura hadn’t been able to see before. “No reason.”
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