Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Thursday Taster - Slave #8

Plenty of tasters on the blog. Don't miss any! Here's some more of Will.

Bart groaned and his hips seemed to push toward Will. That suited him, and he opened his mouth wider, hoping to taste the whole length. Bart was pulled away and Will’s hand, slightly loose, slid over the length that retreated.
“Fuck me, Master,” Bart moaned.
“Everything well with you, Will?
He licked his tongue up the length as he removed the head from his mouth. “Very well, thank you.”
“Then you will get your wish, Bart.” The man’s hips were driven toward Will and he bent his head down, meeting them. His nose inhaled the salty smell of sweat from Bart’s dark curly hair. He moaned a little at how that smell mingled with the taste. There was a slight shifting before the hips were pushed toward Will again. He was unsure what set the pace, but he quickly became used to it, sliding his mouth to match.
“Ugh, yes,” Bart groaned, and he twitched inside Will’s mouth. His balls lifted as he began to throb. How foolish of him not to have paid them attention sooner. Holding them, he stroked the sack and felt the egg shape inside. A perfect shape.
Bart trembled and the throbbing turned to erupting. White seed filled Will’s mouth and he pulled back just enough to swallow slowly, loving the feel of the thick substance on his tongue and in his throat. He could feel it sliding all the way down into his belly. That was when he noticed how hard he was. Unable to ignore it, he rubbed himself through his pants.
“Easy, Bart,” Nicholas said, untying the man and lifting him into his arms. Will watched, impressed as always by the vampire’s strength, and noticed that Nicholas was naked too. His penis was still erect, gleaming with wetness.
Will stayed on his knees until the blond vampire returned to him. Will reached out for his penis as well. “Master?” he asked.
“Not here,” Nicholas murmured. “The kitchen.”