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Howloween #paranormal #romance #bloghop #hopswithheart - Blue Moon House

What could be better for Howloween than Vampire BDSM? A whole house full of them and each one has their own favorite kink, but they enjoy sex accompanied with carefully paced sips of blood. One lucky lady has the opportunity to become one of them, to join the house forever. But before she can do that, she must convince each vampire that they want to spend eternity with her. How? Well, that should be obvious. Julia thinks she's prepared to do whatever it takes, but is she really?

What would you be willing to do? Let me know. I'm giving away a copy of Blue Moon House, my first novella to someone who is willing to share. I also hope you'll take a peek at the first of the prequels, Kitten. A second is in the works and hopefully you can read about Harry soon. Until then, here's a tempting taste of the prize at the end of this post. 

Lynn brought food. It had been a while since breakfast, but the lunch was light, a small salad and banana with a glass of juice. She also held a dildo. “Don’t make a mess now,” she told Julia, setting the plate on a side table. “Lean over while you eat.”

Julia licked her lips, steeling herself. The edge that had receded was back with the implication. She would be penetrated while she ate. Elbows braced on the edge of the table, she stuck her hips out. She tried not to stare over her shoulder and instead speared a cherry tomato on her fork.

The probing in her pussy was gentle at first, then replaced with the thick dildo. Julia grunted, tearing lettuce between her teeth rather than chewing it. “Oh, god,” she groaned, leaning back a bit onto it.

“Eat up,” Lynn insisted, rubbing her hand gently over Julia’s ass-cheek, smacking it lightly. “I don’t want to wait too long.” To give her meaning, she drew the toy out completely and thrust it back in so quickly and forcibly that Julia dropped her fork in a clatter. The spanking was harder this time, making Julia grind on the dildo and ball her hands into fists. “No mess,” Lynn reminded her.

Julia swallowed her mouthful carefully and quickly peeled the banana. She started to cram half of it in her mouth at once, but Lynn stopped her. “No, like this.” The dildo was pulled and pushed gently into her and Julia closed her eyes but imitated with fruit, not breaking it but opening her mouth to slide a third of it over her tongue. Another thrust made her bite through and lean her head to the table. She started to rock with the thrusts and the juice slopped over the edge of its glass.

“Naughty, naughty,” Lynn chided and dragged her nails down Julia back. Not knowing if she was bleeding or not, Julia arched regardless, leaning more heavily into the dildo, gritting her teeth against the sharp pain. She took up the glass and drank greedily, draining it quickly. She felt drops on her breasts, but Lynn mustn’t have seen because the fucking continued. Julia moved to eat the rest of her banana, trying to imitate the thrusting she was receiving. She was rewarded with a brush of her clit and Julia shivered as she clenched down on the still moving toy.

Unfortunately that was when Lynn saw the juice. The rest of the meal was gone, peel neatly laid atop cutlery. Lynn reached up to the spot on the right and pulled her nail down on it. Julia thought perhaps her back had bled as her breast certainly was, a large drop forming just before Lynn lapped it away. As she did, she thrust deeper with the toy, nearly lifting Julia off the ground. Julia cried in pain and rose on her toes.

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