Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Shared Disinterests

Can I tantalize you with a teaser? Okay this probably isn't quite 'tantalizing,' but that hasn't been the way my mind is working these days. I'm sure you can find spicier stuff on the blog. Here is my little odd couple. 
Kitty plopped down on an empty bench. How long would Mr. Patterson drone on? Did the man ever get tired of his own voice? The rest of her class stood, though a few were wobbling. The whole class seemed to turn when Kitty sat. Why did she get to sit? Why did they have to stand here and listen to another civic duty lecture when she sat?
There was only room for two on the bench, so the class tried to gauge who should get it. Lyle didn’t look at anyone. Even though he was on the football team and could easy stay standing, he put his hip next to Kitty’s and tried not to fall asleep.
More shuffling from the class and Kitty covered a yawn with her hand. Her elbow bumped Lyle and she left it on his shoulder.
“How much longer?” she whispered.
“If he’s not done in ten, someone is going to lose it,” Lyle whispered back.
Kitty suppressed a laugh and Lyle’s hand slid slightly over onto her knee.
Mr. Patterson wrapped it up, at last, and the class turned to the mismatched couple on the bench.
“Wanna get a milkshake?” Lyle asked.
“Love to.”