Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - First Kiss

Here's a fun little scene in 200 words. Hope you like it. Check out all the teasers on the blog.
Dustin moved one of the lights. “Are you warm enough?”
Lily pulled her shirt off her chest and blew down it. She was certainly warm enough. “Misty? Are you cold, sweetie?”
“No.” Misty’s voice wavered.
“Josiah, have you even said hello to Misty?” Dustin asked his nephew off to one side.
“No.” The little black boy had his arms crossed. He was also naked and unabashed by it. “Why?”
“You don’t like her because she’s white?” Dustin asked. Sweat made his black skin reflect the bright lights. The heat was getting to him too.
“I don’t care she’s white. She’s a girl.” He made a face.
“No, I’m not!” Misty yelled. “You’re just a stupid head.”
“I am not!” Josiah shouted back.
Dustin snapped his camera up and began clicking away. Lily moved to stand behind him, the children toe-to–toe, arguing.
“You don’t have a penis,” Josiah claimed.
Misty looked down in disbelief.  “Mom? Where’s my penis?”
“You never had a penis, sweetie,” Lily tried to remind her. Dustin continued clicking away with a huge grin on his face.
“Make him pay, Misty,” Dustin said, laughter in his voice. “Kiss him.”
The adults cheered, but Josiah’s response was, “Yuck.”