Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Trapped

Here's a Teaser for you. Many more available on the blog.
“Here, put this on.” Lindsay snatched up the clothing and held it tight to her chest. The man gave her shove and she heard a lock slide into place. She didn’t move at first, shivering.
Time to take stock, what did she have? There were the clothes in her arms, but that couldn’t be much. She was in her skin aside from that. Skin and the new ink on her left breast and buttock. Skin and the bruises on her arms. Skin and the slick fluid dripping down the inside of her thigh.
The room had one window. Dropping the clothing she ran to it, to the yellowish streetlight that was all she had to see by. The window was screwed shut, which didn’t surprise her. There might be something to break it, but probably not. Picking up the clothes again, she pulled on a pair of men’s boxers, black and a thick sweatshirt. Both were too big, but the sweatshirt was warm. Sitting on the mattress, she covered her face, finally relenting to the tears she had done her best to hide from the men.
“Hey, Princess. Busy day tomorrow. Get some sleep.”
Pillow muffling her cries, she tried.