Thursday, 23 October 2014

Thursday Taster - Slave #7

Shall we continue with Will's sexual exploration? Yes, let's. Remember to read all the tasters on the blog.

He shook a little and knelt down, taking the penis in his hand again. This time there were no frightening images, no memories, just the warm flesh in his hand. The skin was impossibly soft. It was what he imagined white ladies hands were like.
“Ah,” Bart moaned, but not for Will. Nicholas had risen and was standing behind the man. He must be doing something to his backside. Continuing to stroke, he peeked around Bart’s hip.
Nicholas had just poured oil on Bart’s ass and was tracing his fingers along the crack between his cheeks.
“You focus on that,” Nicholas urged with a smirk. “Have you tried tasting it yet?”
Will licked his lips. He had no idea what a man tasted like. He had no idea what a woman tasted like either but was fairly certain he wasn’t interested in finding out. However, this sausage in his hand tempted him.
Opening his mouth, he popped the head in, just as he would a sausage. His chest expanded, growing with his inhalation, but his heart seemed constricted within it, as though it grew even more, faster than his chest. Holding the penis, he slid down, wanting more.