Thursday 31 January 2013

Thursday Thrills - Not a Whorehouse

"Jocelyn, what are you doing?" Harry asked, returning to the house as the sun set. It hadn't been as blistering today, screened by clouds.
"Do you know what they're saying at the University?" she asked, wide eyes glittering green. "That we...sell sex." She whispered the last.
"Blasphemy," he said, chuckling. He opened the door and stepped past it. "Does Sophia know?"
"Yes," Jocelyn said, flouncing around the door behind him, closing it on the neighbors. "She says there are always rumors and they're always wrong."
"But they aren't! I knew to come here because of rumors. I don't want someone showing up with a wad of twenties asking me to blow him."
"Don't be silly, Jocelyn," Harry said, climbing the stairs to change out of his suit. "No one pays more than twenty for blow job."
Jocelyn threw the tiny hammer she held at his head. It missed, as she'd intended, but crashed into the wall behind.
"Cool down, Jocy," Harry said, putting his hands on her shoulders. "What are our clients going to think when they come and see that plaque on the door?"
"That we respect them, that we don't charge them."
"That we're putting ourselves above those who use prostitutes?"
Jocelyn sigh and slumped a little. "I suppose. I'll go take it down."
"Thank you. Where is everyone?" he asked, looking at the empty overlarge bed where the group normally met and spent the day while the sun burned in the sky.
"I don't know," Jocelyn murmured, looking around. "No one is downstairs," she said, cocking her ear. They could both hear every noise in the house. There was water running in the kitchen. They both headed there.
Before they arrived, however, the front door opened and a small woman with curly black hair stormed in. "What is the meaning of this?" she cried, holding a rectangle of black plastic in her hand.
"I'm sorry, Mistress," Jocelyn said.
"I'm not your mistress," Sophia growled. "This is the last thing I need today."
Three more men and another dark haired woman crowded into the entryway. "What's going on?" the black man asked. "Why are we all standing here? Is it fixed?"
Jocelyn looked at Harry and shrugged. "Is what fixed?"
Sophia growled in Italian and stalked toward the kitchen. She wore a Chanel suit that looked new. It probably was. She didn't often leave the house. Lynn's dress was similar in style, very new fashion. Jocelyn felt a little dumpy in her old dress. Of course, it didn't make sense for her to wear fancy things into a medical lab.
Sophia sighed in relief, smiling for the first time since bursting in the door. The men had all gone upstairs, but Lynn stood with Sophia and Jocelyn in the kitchen. Jocelyn went to turn off the dripping tap and slipped on the wet floor, catching herself on the counter.
"We had a plumbing issue. I think we're going to have to replace the pipes." Sophia sighed heavily. "It's going to be expensive." She looked at the plaque in her hand. "I was thinking of asking for donations."
Jocelyn winced.
Sophia chuckled. "Let me guess. Rumors, my curious kitten?"
She nodded.
Sophia put both arms around Jocelyn's neck and kissed her. "No harm done, kitten. But please, don't rush into things."
"Yes, Sophia," she said quietly, chastised. "Of course, if I didn't rush into things, I wouldn't be here."
Sophia laughed and Lynn joined. "I suppose none of us would. Let's get hold of those men before they're completely involved in each other, shall we?" With her arm around Jocelyn's waist and another around Lynn's she lead them both back to the stairs. They could already hear the antics behind the door. The large bed wasn't empty any longer.

Wednesday 30 January 2013

#Flash52 - Puzzles

She put the last piece in place. "There! I knew we could do it." She wrapped her arms around Lincoln, Link. He hugged her back. "It's so pretty," she murmured, running her hand over the assembled puzzle. Thank you."
Turning, she kissed him, then tucked her head into the crook of his neck. He ran a hand through her hair, then down her back, enjoying the feel of her weight in his lap. Her warmth against his chest. "You're welcome, sweetheart. It's almost as pretty as you are." He kissed her temple and continued to caress her.
She giggled and shifted her weight a little. "No, this is way prettier. When will Mom get here to see it?"
Link frowned, glancing at the clock. "She should have been here already." Rising, he set Trudy on the floor. He'd never really thought about having kids before meeting and falling in love in with Trudy's mother, Leslie. Now he couldn't imagine not having either of them in his life. His bachelor pad was furnished with toys and books. His fridge plastered with drawings. It didn't look anything like it had just a few months ago. He had fallen in love with Leslie by the third date. He fell in love with Trudy even faster. 
Leslie had been hesitant to tell him about Trudy, sensing he would bolt. He nearly did. However, she told him as he dropped her off and the angel in pink baby doll PJs had taken his heart in an instant. Her open arms left him no choice but to take her into his own, make her his daughter as much as Leslie's. 
The phone rang and he hand a terrible feeling as he answered it.
"Mr. Lawrence? I have bad news."
Link couldn't take his eyes off Trudy, dancing through the living room. He couldn't let his mind hear what the officer said. 
"Sweetheart? How would you like to go for a drive?"

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Tuesday 29 January 2013

#HDH Hump Day Hook - Blue Moon House

Because I just don't have enough going on in my blog, I'm going to join this group as well! You want a tease from Blue Moon House or one of the prequels? Wednesdays are your new favourite day. I thought I'd take something from the published novella to start us off. I'll rotate through prequels and back again (unless you, dear reader, leave a comment telling me to do otherwise!) As always, I'm not alone in this. Be sure to check out the other great hooks by visiting the blog.

Their first night together had been one that rivalled all others. The second time, however, was the night she’d never forget, the night she’d signed herself over as his submissive and was sworn never to share with anyone not associated with this House what happened within. The first time he bit her, tasted her blood, the pain and pleasure had been beyond her comprehension. She had been free to leave, as she had always been, but she must keep their secret, the vampires of Blue Moon House.

She hadn’t left. She’d come back to Harry weekly, to have him bring her more pain, push her harder, test her soft limits, come nearer her hard ones. He had torn into her, burned her, bit her, cut her, and fucked her for hours and hours, never stopping until she begged for it with her safeword. She had been sure he would stop sooner, that he would see how hurt she was, how badly she needed rest, but he never did. He hurt her more, fucked her more violently, choked the breath from her.

Monday 28 January 2013

#TantalyzingTuesday - The Art

Jocelyn never dreamed so many men came to Blue Moon House, but it seemed Will's mission to ensure that everyone that did had his chance to fuck her. None of them took her of their own choosing or in their preferred way, but everyone was ordered by their Master or Mistress to make use of her, break her in, or otherwise fill her with a cock.
Will made her practice her least favorite positions before unleashing other men on her. First was taking a man orally. It was still something she tolerated rather than enjoyed, especially when he held her head. She almost bit him the first time he pressed her head down on him.
Relax your throat,” he ordered. “You can do this, slut. Your holes are mine, all of them. And they can all take me.”
That had made it a challenge, and therefore something she couldn't back away from. It surprised her how quickly she became good at it. What had once been a chore, was now...not an art, but definitely a skill, one she was honing. Will let her know when she was doing well. The effect his saliva had continued to amaze her.

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Sunday 27 January 2013

New Release #Bloghop

Well, it's been over several months since Blue Moon House released, and yet I'm on a New Release blog hop. Here's a link to all the blogs on the tour and their new releases! This hop is in honour of Tallulah Rose's release of Sharing Clive. I thought I'd point to my trailer for Blue Moon House once more and let you know that movement is being made on the first prequel! Blue Moon House: Kitten will tell us how Jocelyn found Blue Moon House and became one of their vampires. I've had excerpts from Kitten, Blue Moon House and even other prequels on Tantalizing Tuesday and other features. As my 'release' is Blue Moon House, here's an excerpt from that novel.

Warning: This is rather violent. Remember Julia has a safeword but hasn't used it.

Did you come in her?” Will asked, stepping nearer.
No, Master.”
Well, then she is obviously even more worthless than I thought.” He held his knife to Justin’s throat. He pulled to start a red line of blood and licked at it. It was barely an inch long and not deep. “Do you want to finish in her? I will finish in you,” he promised. “And this steel will not leave your skin.”
Justin’s breath came in panting gasps and Julia could see his balls tightening, his cock starting to drip. He really was a masochist. 
Yes, Master,” he hissed and lifted Julia’s legs again, leaning over her as her thrust deep inside her. She screamed as he rubbed against the burns. He screamed as Will entered him from behind.
Then fuck her,” Will commanded, pulling the knife and licking the wound as he rocked his hips against Justin’s.
Justin throbbed inside her, then began pumping wildly, holding her hips as though he might collapse. His face was scrunched in pain and pleasure, lines deep on his forehead, the corners of his eyes. He was beautiful, and he was hurting her so badly. Her pussy screamed in pain with each thrust, but she was still in awe of him and his face. The dark hair beneath his jaw, Will’s as he continued to lick the line he drew, detracted only slightly from the vision. When the knife finished it’s semi-circle, Will started to draw a line down Justin’s throat, toward his collar bone. The turn, the triangle of skin lifted, gave a slight gout of blood - it was so close to his artery — and Will lapped that up. Justin exploded inside Julia and her eyes were torn from him as she threw her head back in another vicious scream of pain.
Perhaps you aren’t completely useless. Justin, piss on her.” 
Julia’s eyes went wide. Justin didn’t hesitate, holding himself over her.
She wept in shame, in pain. “You make a fine chamberpot,” Will said. “I don’t know what Harrold sees in you. Worthless woman. Justin, take this trash and put it in the hall.”
Justin lifted her gently, whispering in her ear. “I’m sorry.” 
She choked out. “No, you aren’t.”

Saturday 26 January 2013

Tallulah Rose -- #erotica @tallulaherotica

Hooray for interviews! Boo for losing them in my inbox!!! I told Tallulah I'd have her interview up on the 20th. What is it today? A WEEK late? <i>looks for her flogger and cane to give Tallulah</i> I have been a bad blogmistress. Better late than never! Especially when I get to introduce Tallulah. And yes, those are all different links to Tallulah, so you better click them all! My questions begin with her blog. You have several weekly features that may or may not be on every week. How long have you been Friday Five? What makes a WIP officially back burner?

You know, Angelica, I am completely new to the whole process of writing and blogging and social media.

Taking a look around, I saw that the best blogs were the ones with something going on and did my best to emulate them. Most of the features are new, Friday Five for example gives me an opportunity to share something or just add something completely random.

My aim is to publish my true life experiences as erotica before I start to write fictional stories so the WIP'S on the back burner are ideas that have come to me and I have got carried away with.

Wow, starting with real life. I think I might have one story if I did that. I'm horribly boring. Certainly weekly features are great way to make sure you are consistently updating your blog (as you know!). Your trio of features, Thursday Thrills, Weekend Words and Weekly Interview have just kicked off. Do you have a week or two in the bag? Are you posting them as they come?

I have a few weeks of interviews which seems to be the most popular and a couple of weekend words lined up but I need to get out there and flog this horse a little harder.

Fair enough. I see the first picture up for Thursday Thrills. I'll be adding my name because that pic screams Blue Moon House to me! What do authors need to do for Weekend Words? Do they pre-write the post about themselves and send it to you?

Friday 25 January 2013

Menage Romances 2013 reader's choice awards

We're about halfway through the nomination period. If you haven't already popped by Menage Romances, you really should! Drop them a line with the name of your favourite Menage (Blue Moon House? Maybe?) and make sure it gets on the ballot!

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - Earthly Form

She sat on the bed, reorienting herself. Earth was so different. The grey fairy appeared beside her, closing the door to Winter.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, eyeing her oddly. He seemed to shimmer, a glamour disguising him. She should have done the same, and would have, if she could think straight. Pulling at reality, she twisted light and air to turn her green-brown hair merely brown, her yellow-brown skin a more natural tone. Her dress was made simpler as well.

“It’s distracting,” she complained, standing. “It’s hard to think when part of you is frozen.” She held her belly.

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Also, I'll be interviewed on Tallulah Rose's blog tomorrow. Be sure to stop by and say hello.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Cree Walker - Taming the Cougar

I'm so happy to introduce another Naughty Nights Press author! Cree Walker has just released her first Hot Shot, Taming the Cougar. You mention on you chose Naughty Nights Press in part because of their selection of Naughty Hot Shots. 

No, the Naughty Hot Shots came a little later. But as a business woman I did notice how well they were doing and how well the authors that were writing them did in return. Since I’d also been thinking of working on something in another genre I thought a short story would be as good a place to start as any.

Oh, I misunderstood. Did you consider any other publishers before settling on Naughty Nights Press?

I tried for a long time to find a traditional publisher but with things being as they are with the economy, cracking that code is a little easier said than done. Most publishers aren’t taking risks with new authors at the moment so I did a little research into up and coming small ebook publishers before submitting to NNP. As it turned out my instincts were right and they accepted my submission. Today NNP is a steadily growing company and they are now releasing their first paper published works. 

You say Taming the Cougar is an attempt to write outside your normal genre. What is your normal genre? Do you have publication credits?

Wednesday 23 January 2013

#Flash52 - Charlie

Jerry paced, waiting for his keys. The owner, Bill, had told him his car would be ready this morning. Unfortunately, Bill had been late getting in and no one else was able to take his money. He couldn't understand that. It wasn't that hard to take down credit card information.
Turning to pace back again, Jerry stopped, feeling eyes on him. He looked up to see one of the mechanics staring at him. His expression wasn't friendly. The way he held a tire in each hand combined with the almost angry glare gave Jerry the creeps.
What was the guy's problem? He'd brought in his car. He just wanted to take it and go. It wasn't as though he was getting in this guy's way or telling him what to do. Jerry broke eye contact and looked at his shoes as he paced in the same path, reaching the wall.
He was pressed into it from behind.
"Get off me!" he shouted.
"That's not what you want," he said, lips on Jerry's ear. The man rubbed his crotch into Jerry's backside and Jerry's breath caught. How long since Oliver left him? Too long. "Is it?" The man asked again.
"No," Jerry admitted. "I want my keys, and I want to take you for a ride."
"I'll be doing the riding," he said, then backed up and turned away.
"What's your name?" Jerry called, watching the muscles in his back ripple as he picked up a second pair of tires.

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Tuesday 22 January 2013

#TantlyzingTuesday - Three will be two

An excerpt from Jocelyn's prequel of Blue Moon House:

She returned to her apartment over the florist shop and opened the door to a familiar sight. Her roommate, Daisy, lay on the floor with her boyfriend, Bernard. Fiance, Jocelyn reminded herself; they were engaged now. Not that they hadn't been fucking nightly in the apartment for months.

Daisy sat astride Bernard's hips and bucked furiously, her fingers digging into his shoulders. His eyes rolled back and he cussed. Daisy's smile was triumphant when she eventually turned to Jocelyn.

So? Was it there?” She rolled away enough to grab Bernard his pipe and herself a cigarette. She lit hers and passed the match to him. Then they both braced their backs on the settee and pulled the knitted throw from it across their laps.

Jocelyn admired Daisy's breasts as they heaved. She was still flush, too, pink covering her exposed breasts and slender neck. Bernard's face was red, but not nearly as attractive with a rather large nose and rough complexion. Daisy was infinitely fairer despite her dark chestnut hair. Jocelyn imagined tangling her fingers in it and pulling Daisy's plump lips to hers.


She blinked and looked up again. “Yes. Yes, it was there. I'm going back on Saturday.”

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Saturday 19 January 2013

Hello Shawn Monrowe! - Debut author

Naughty Nights Press has a wonderful group of authors, who I get interview! The latest is Shawn Monrowe. Your blog is very personal. I don't think I could either be that honest or that interesting. How many more parts do you plan in 'your story'?

It was suggested to me that I tell people about myself. So, I put a few chapters of my autobiography up. It was important to me that people know they are not going to be reading something "safe". I don't think like a regular person, therefore, my stories are not like anything else you'll ever read. I've been working on the autobiography for about five years. This is still the first draft and it's no where near finished. I do, however, have a different story that is , hopefully, soon to be released. It's called "No Excape"

Do you have plans for your blog after you have finished 'your story'?

Chloe Thurlow @ChloeThurlow1 - Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomena

Today I'm hosting author Chloe Thurlow, author of several erotic novels and her new release, The Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomena. What gave you the courage to publish your first erotic novel?

My tutor at Cambridge gave me a book by Georges Bataille called Eroticism –a study of taboo, transgression, sacrifice, orgy, mysticism – and the erotic. The first sentence is: 'Eroticism, it may be said, is assenting to life to the point of death.' I was hooked. I started reading Ana├»s Nin, wrote some short stories that were dreadful and then wrote The Secret Life of Girls. I couldn't get it published because there was little erotica. I put it in a drawer, started again, and went back to it after publishing A Girl's Adventure – the happiest day of my life. So far.

Nothing beats that first publication, does it? Have you noticed changes in your writing as you publish more novels?

I am trying all the time to SHOW not TELL, constantly looking at each word and deciding whether or not it is the right word and whether or not it is necessary at all. I cut, cut, cut. In spite of the success of Fifty Shades of Grey, I am not trying to emulate it, but, on the contrary, I am becoming more literary, more philosophical. The erotic genre should have a philosophical element and this is what I am beginning to explore.

I whole-heartedly agree. There is a lot of psychology as well as philosophy in my erotica. I really try to get into how people think about sex, not just having sex. I noticed your novel titles all have 'girl' in them. Is that a theme that connects them or just a coincidence?

The novels are not a series. It started as a coincidence, but I now think of the five books as The Girl Quartet and will not use 'girl' in future titles. Future characters will be women.

Ah, rite of passage. Is that a symbol of yourself as a writer as well? *wink* How long does it take to write a novel from first page to publishing?

A novel takes me at least six months to write and publishers take at least six months to get them out. The Secret Life of Girls must have taken more than a year to write and went through many changes.

You've been at this a while then (longer than me!). What made you choose Xcite books? Are you happy with their work?

My first two books were with Nexus, the company sold to Random House and I went to Xcite, where I have been very happy. It is a lively, dynamic set up and the editor gives me complete freedom. Last year, we attended the Erotic Show at London's Olympia, where I signed my books for live buyers, the first time that has happened in my life.

*blushes at her poor research* I've never signed either. I hope I wouldn't be too intimidated! You've published a non-fiction book, The Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomena. What made you want to go non-fiction?

There was such a publicity explosion with the trilogy, I read the books and realized EL James did make an important breakthrough: she took romantic fiction and added the erotic, where erotica is usually the reverse – hardcore action with the merest sprinkling of romance. I thought this was worth exploring. There is also that temptation for writers to write about writing.

I avoid it at all costs. LOL. Actually I do. I don't feel qualified to talk about it, which doesn't make a lot of sense. Okay, so based on the book: E.L. James or the Marquis de Sade. You can only read one. Which do you choose?

Marquis de Sade.

And if you want to know why, leave a comment and ask!! (She actually didn't give me an answer to why, so we need to badger Chloe.) Find her on Facebook.

Friday 18 January 2013

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - Winter baby

This is a Free Photo
That building had not been there a moment ago. Turning, she looked at her companion.

The grey fairy shimmered, a double image of the pale fae with silvery grey hair and the glamour he wore over it. He glanced at the building, at the way the sun seemed to shine through it. 

“That’s it,” he said. “You don’t really want to try doing this on your own, do you?” he asked, passing a hand over her belly.

The baby felt wrong inside her, like cold ice rather than warm life. These intermediaries should know what to do. They had better.

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Wednesday 16 January 2013

@Phoenix_Johnson - The Wolf in the Neighborhood

I'm happy to introduce another member of the Naughty Nights Press family, Phoenix Johnson. She is here to share her new release The Wolf in the Neighborhood with us. What road lead to Naughty Nights? Did you submit to other publishers/agents?

I had known Gina since just before Naughty Nights Press was started, and when she announced she’d be putting the company together, I was quite interested. I knew she was a tough but lovely person, a good combination I believe. She’s tough enough to know the hard choices, but nice enough to treat her authors with respect, because without one, the other couldn’t succeed. It was also the support I had from others with NNP, encouraging me to keep writing, and that I had something to offer that made it a pretty easy choice. There was no other publisher.

I'm not surprised. Sounds like a great relationship (and it is!). I understand Wolf in the Neighborhood is just the first of a series. Do you know how many books you anticipate? Will they all be about the same length?

@annakristell - Crossroads to Love

Self-portrait - tidy desk, not mine!
I'm super pleased to host Anna Kristell today. She comes on the dawn of her release, Crossroads to Love. However, that isn't all she has to share. She has release dates for three subsequent novels in the series and three unrelated stories with another publisher! Seven books in seven months. How does that happen? Have some of these manuscripts been waiting to see the light?

*laughs* Yes, Angelica, some of these manuscripts were written about four or five years ago. In the meantime, my husband became ill and I had to have two arm surgeries, so the aspiring writing career had to be put on hold for a while. This past summer, I dug them out, revamped them, and started submitting. I received a contract for one, then a week later, a contract for another. It just sort of skyrocketed after that. I had always intended for Crossroad to Love to be the first in a series, and when it was accepted by Lazy Day, I began writing the others. So far, there are three more under contract and several more planned. The books that aren't part of the series, let's see...Unlikely Lovers was already written, Sunny's Love was halfway written, and Remember Our Promise was my NaNoWriMo story.

Wow. That's a lot in the can. You have two publishers, Lazy Day Publishing and Rebel Ink Press. How did you choose them? Do you have a preference between the two?

#Flash52 - Wings

She longed to be the girl in the picture. Hell, she'd be happy to be the horse, or the rocks or the clouds. Why did it have to happen here? Why did he ruin such a beautiful painting by hurting her in front of it. Every time she looked at it, she returned to that day, to that desperate desire to escape, to the searing pain the tore her in half. The girl didn't look especially happy, but she looked whole, something Samantha would never be again.

"Ready to go home, Pumpkin?"

Sam was careful not to look at the librarian as he scanned her books and card. She didn't look at anyone besides her stepfather.

"What's wrong, sweetie? I know you love to read, why do you always seem so sad when we come here?"

"I'm just sad to leave," she lied.

Her stepdad's warm, brown eyes seemed even softer, even more protective as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "I understand. Let's get home to Mom."

Samantha didn't look back. She never looked back.

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Tuesday 15 January 2013

#TantalyzingTuesday - Tastes

Teasing from one of the Blue Moon House Prequels. Here's Will discovering what he really wants.

“What would you do with this?” Nicholas asked, opening one of the doors. Will didn’t think anyone was in any of the rooms. He usually stayed out of the halls when the vampires were busy. Inside a man stood, naked. His bound hands hung above him. It was a white man, though not as pale as Nicholas. Will licked his lips, unsure what the vampire wanted.

Will took a tentative step into the room, wanting a closer look at the man. His skin was a brownish-olive, warm. Black, glossy hair fell in waves to his shoulders. The same glossy hair framed an average looking penis. Or it would be average, if it weren’t half-hardened, vessels starting to stand out on it.

Will had handled his own penis many times. It was much larger than this one, but the lighter skin, the fact that it wasn’t his, fascinated him.

Will took slow steps and then reached out to touch the other man’s penis. Will licked his lips. He had no idea what a man tasted like. He had no idea what a woman tasted like either but was fairly certain he wasn’t interested in finding out. However, this tempted him.

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Thursday 10 January 2013

Ella Jade @ellajade1 - Pleasure Inn

Today I welcome Ella Jade to my blog! She has just released the first book in her Pleasure Inn series, Master of the Inn. Congratulations on the launch. I see you have already announced the second installment, Indulging the Professor. Do you have an idea how many books will be in the series?

That’s a good question. I have enough ideas to keep me busy, that’s for sure. Because each book features a new couple, the possibilities are endless. I guess I need to see how the series does and reader response, but I think it would be cool to take reader requests and ideas for what they would like to see happen at Pleasure Inn.

Interaction, always good incentive. You have a few weekly features. How long have you participated in Six Sentence Sunday? Do you find it brings readers?

Wednesday 9 January 2013

#Flash52 - Beach Wedding

It wasn’t what she had imagined. She had thought getting married on the beach would be romantic and spectacular. Instead, there was sand in her bra, under her dress. She desperately wanted to take everything off and roll in the water. It wasn’t as though there were that many people here to care.

She had imagined folding chairs full of family and friends. Instead, there were her parents, Jake’s parents. Her best friend Jenny and his beer buddies, Zach and Rob. That was it. No cousins, no aunts or uncles, no other friends. She’s made sure to find a cheap package in the hopes that some people would come, but no. Even her brother hadn’t made it. She’d cried the night he told her.

“Leah,” Jake said, walking with her on the beach the night before. “I know this isn’t what you wanted. We can have a party when we get back, okay? Invite everyone who couldn’t make it.” She nodded, her expression vacant. She’d cried too much to shed any more tears.

The Justice married them, and Jake kissed her, and it was over. In a way, she was glad. Jake took her down the beach, away from their family and friends. He motioned for her to sit and she did. He took a place beside her.

“You are my best friend in the whole world, Leah. What can I do?”

Sighing, she fought disappointment, tried to find something happy. The wind blew sand at them and Leah doubled her hands behind her. “You can get me out of this dress. Damn, I itch everywhere.”

“Whoa. Not the request I expected,” Jake said with a laugh, not hesitating at all in her request. In just her underwear and veil, she sat back down. He stretched out, hoping she had something planned. Instead, she put his head in her lap and combed her fingers through his hair.

“So this is how forever starts,” she said, still depressed.

“Yes. It only get better from here.”

That made her smile.

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Tuesday 8 January 2013

#TantalizingTuesday - Sleeping Beauty

He didn't hesitate, not for a second. This woman would be his. He had walked through hell for her. His lips were forceful on hers, prying them open. When she inhaled, his breath filled her lungs. That was what was needed. The spell wasn't broken with the kiss, but with the vapor that filled his mouth as he bit the seed held between his teeth.
"Ah!" She shouted scurrying back toward the headboard.
"No," he told her, gripping her shoulders to prevent her escape. "I moved heaven and earth for you. You are giving me what I need. Now, would you like to do this here, in relative privacy? Or we can take you home where my father and yours will want to be sure we do this correctly.”
“Why did you free me just to lock me up again?” she asked, voice hard.
“Because. I need a son. You’re going to give it to me. You can be free again after that. However, I get you first.”
“You may have stolen from the witch and killed her pets, but you will not outwit my mother.”
“We shall see. In the meantime, princess, make a little room for your husband.”

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Monday 7 January 2013

The Next Big Thing - Me? Oh, Blue Moon House

Special thanks to Tessa Wanton for naming ME as the Next Big Thing. Okay, not me, but Blue Moon House. I can't thank her enough for thinking of me. I really do hope Blue Moon House can catch on with readers. She was given 10 questions and the same have been given to me. In addition, I get to pick the next big thing! Well, let me tell you, S.J. Maylee has got to be one of them. She's up and coming, but definitely someone to watch. I'll direct you to D.F. Krieger as well. She's awesome for reasons more than her writing, but we can start there. My third would have to be Kimberly Gould (is that allowed? too late I did it). Never heard of her? Clean your ears! She's the Next Big Thing.

Onto the questions:

What is the working title of your book?
Blue Moon House: Scarlet Kitten

Where did the idea for the book come from?
Did I mention D.F. Krieger and how awesome she is? She read one of my early drafts for the original Blue Moon House and suggested it could/should be a series. This is thanks to her.

What genre does it fall under?
Erotica. I label it Vampire BDSM. There is menage, F/F, M/F and everything else in there as well, but the focus is on the vampires and that they are the Dominants.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
I'd like Greta Garbo to play Jocelyn. Audrey Hepburn would make a lovely Sophia. And while we have the time machine, let's pick up young Sidney Poitier to play Will. It's such a large cast, I don't really want to name everyone.

What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?
Curiosity doesn't kill the kitten. OR You may find answers where you least expect them.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
Um, neither? I don't have an agent, but all the Blue Moon House books will be published by Naughty Nights Press.

How long did it take you to write the first draft?
Ooh, let me think...I started the first draft and then set it aside for a while. I think it was three months altogether.

What other works would you compare your story to within your genre?
I have not read nearly enough in my genre. Thus far, I haven't come across anything I'd compare it to, but I've read synopses for books that sound similar in concept (hedonistic house, BDSM retreat, etc.)

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
Can I say D.F. Krieger again? LOL. It really was her idea first and then I looked at Blue Moon House again. Y'know, each of those vampires has a story. And that was it, the ship sailed. Over the next few months, I built brief stories for each based on the details included in the original story. As I write in reverse, I learn more about the stories to come, giving me a larger framework. It's been fantastic.

What else about your book might pique the reader's interest?
The heroine is also the victim of a sexual attack. It's not obvious at all in the beginning, and she doesn't go to Blue Moon House because of it, but there they resolve it in a way she wasn't able to do alone. Interested? Yeah, I thought so. *smug smirk*

So, remember! The next big things are D.F. Krieger, S.J. Maylee (who has been pre-reading the prequels!) and Kimberly Gould or Kimmydonn. Check them out!

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Thursday 3 January 2013

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - Felon

There had to be a way out of this. I was smart, beautiful, a felon... I’d tried seducing one of the officers, but he wasn’t biting. I wasn’t his kind of blond. The way he eyed his partner however...

“Can you believe the fight she put up? Those legs. God, I can just imagine what they could do.”

His partner was thinking about thicker thighs than mine. I slouched down, working those legs to my advantage and slipping the cuffs from under me. Wrists extended, I just looked at them, stymied.

There had to be a way out of this.

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Author Naomi Shaw @naomishaw6 - Unexpected Lessons #release

I'm welcoming back Naomi Shaw to tell us about her latest release from Naughty Nights Press, Unexpected Lessons. You have both m/f and f/f in Unexpected Lessons. Did you find it difficult to balance the two relationships? Does one play a larger role in the story than the other?

One plays more importance than the other. Girl on girl with her room mate is something totally unexpected for Kyla, as she never realized Bev was attracted to her.

Kyla obviously has bisexual tendencies. Is this something she recognizes before the start of your novel, or in the process?

Kyla has often wondered, which she admits to Bev, but never acted on any bisexual curiosities.

You tell us very little about her relationship with her professor. Does it tend toward BDSM or is it more vanilla?

Wednesday 2 January 2013

#Flash52 - A new year

Tonight was the night. She couldn’t quite believe she was here. Pressed to the glass, she looked down at the tiny specks of people moving on the street.

“Watch them, darling. Remember when you were one of them? Not any more.” Warm flesh met hers, pushing her flatter against the glass, her breasts squashed nearly flat.

“What if someone looks this way?” she asked, fearful.

“They’ll see a beautiful naked woman. You haven’t changed as much as that.”

“Really? You don’t look human to me at all.” She turned from the glass to rest her back on it. Her shoulder brushed against a mirrored pair of breasts, another pair of hips. She opened her arms to herself, welcoming the darker version of herself into them. “You look ethereal. A creature of the night.”

“Then you would be a creature of the day,” she answered, reaching around to cup her partner’s buttocks. “But this is a time of change, a time the borders come down.”

“I know. I won’t let you go back, Esie. You’re mine now.”

“As you are mine,” she agreed.

Behind them, the ball dropped on the unsuspected humans, and with it, hell unleashed on earth.

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