Thursday 10 January 2013

Ella Jade @ellajade1 - Pleasure Inn

Today I welcome Ella Jade to my blog! She has just released the first book in her Pleasure Inn series, Master of the Inn. Congratulations on the launch. I see you have already announced the second installment, Indulging the Professor. Do you have an idea how many books will be in the series?

That’s a good question. I have enough ideas to keep me busy, that’s for sure. Because each book features a new couple, the possibilities are endless. I guess I need to see how the series does and reader response, but I think it would be cool to take reader requests and ideas for what they would like to see happen at Pleasure Inn.

Interaction, always good incentive. You have a few weekly features. How long have you participated in Six Sentence Sunday? Do you find it brings readers?

I started doing Six Sentence Sunday last summer. I try to participate as often as I can (sometimes I forget to sign up). I enjoy the segment and I’ve picked up a few new friends along the way. I’ve also found some authors too. It’s a great way to preview a writer’s style.

Indeed. I never got into Six Sentence Sunday, or the new Hump Day Hook, but I have posted teasers on Tuesdays and my flashes are good examples of my writing style. Teaser Thursday looks like a great way to promote your fellow authors. How do you choose who to host? Where do you go to find new authors?

I love promoting my fellow authors. We’re all in this together. Tease Us Thursday is an open segment and everyone is welcome. I take all genres and heat levels. I usually do a weekly FB call on my page and in the groups I’m in to get people to submit. All you have to do is send me a 250 word teaser, buy link and a cover in a separate attachment to ellajade818 at gmail dot com by Tuesday evening. The post goes live every Thursday right here…

*takes notes and prepares her application* How do you promote your blog and books? Do you use the same strategies for both? Is one media form more effective than another?

It’s really just trying to get your name out there. Most readers will follow you if you write in the same genre so I have picked up a following. For the blog, I guest host authors and participate in blog hops so that brings new people each week. When I have a new release, I put the book on tour and I guest on as many forums as I can. Promoting is an on-going process and some days it takes more time than writing a book ;)

Don't I know it! You participate in BlogHops (so do I). Have you found a good source for hops? Do
you have preferences on style of blog hop?

I love BlogHops! I’ve found so many new authors and readers by participating in them. I like doing the Holiday themed events. They are so festive and people love celebrating the different days by hopping and reading about what people do to celebrate. I also like doing the steamy hops (Alpha Males, BDSM themes, Sweaty Nights).

Ah, I haven't done many of the latter...silly me! What other ideas are you working on? Do you have plans outside the Pleasure Inn?

I always have plans. LOL I’m currently in edits for my upcoming release Surrender to Me. That’s the sequel to Make Me Stay available from Beachwalk Press. I’m also working on two full length novels, one a paranormal (new for me) and a darker contemporary romance.

Pleasure Inn is a huge undertaking. As soon as I get the paranormal subbed, I’ll work on the second book, Indulging the Professor. It’s scheduled for release in March, so I have some work ahead of me.

Sounds like. You can find Ella Jade on Twitter (@ellajade1) and Facebook as well as her blog