Thursday 3 January 2013

Author Naomi Shaw @naomishaw6 - Unexpected Lessons #release

I'm welcoming back Naomi Shaw to tell us about her latest release from Naughty Nights Press, Unexpected Lessons. You have both m/f and f/f in Unexpected Lessons. Did you find it difficult to balance the two relationships? Does one play a larger role in the story than the other?

One plays more importance than the other. Girl on girl with her room mate is something totally unexpected for Kyla, as she never realized Bev was attracted to her.

Kyla obviously has bisexual tendencies. Is this something she recognizes before the start of your novel, or in the process?

Kyla has often wondered, which she admits to Bev, but never acted on any bisexual curiosities.

You tell us very little about her relationship with her professor. Does it tend toward BDSM or is it more vanilla?

The Professor is an attractive easy going man but he does have secret Dom tendencies which are introduced in this book and will develop in the rest of the series. Kyla will learn more than she originally bargained for with him.

Ooh special credit! Kyla and Bev are friends. Has Kyla always had interest in Bev? Is this something new? Is Bev bisexual as well, or lesbian?

Bev is bisexual. We don't find out much about her life in this book as Kyla is the main character, but she certainly shows Kyla not to be afraid of enjoying girl on girl

Someone has to make the first move! Are you working on any followup stories to Unexpected Lessons?

I'm already halfway through writing book two in the series, which has a few surprises. I'm aiming on three or four for the whole series.

Tell us again about Tantalizing Tuesday and Flasher Fiction Friday, so everyone can check those two out.

I write with a group called Tantalizing Tuesday. Every Tuesday inspired by a personal picture choice we write 200 word teasers. These can be really different from the non erotic to the very erotic. It's great fun.

On Fridays I write Flash Fiction Friday. This is a group where we all have the same picture, something decided upon by the founder of the group and write a one hundred piece of flash fiction inspired by it. Again, they can turn out very different.

I have also recently joined a group called Hump Day Hook. On Wednesday, we post just one paragraph from a completed book or a WIP. Something that would hook people into wanting more. It works too!

I haven't made the dive into Hump Day Hook yet, but I have definitely seen the rise as more and more of my tribemates participate. Thank you for telling us about those and Unexpected Lessons.

Thank you Angelica so much for allowing me to have this interview.

If you have any questions for Naomi about her blog features or her book, or anything else, please comment!