Monday 28 January 2013

#TantalyzingTuesday - The Art

Jocelyn never dreamed so many men came to Blue Moon House, but it seemed Will's mission to ensure that everyone that did had his chance to fuck her. None of them took her of their own choosing or in their preferred way, but everyone was ordered by their Master or Mistress to make use of her, break her in, or otherwise fill her with a cock.
Will made her practice her least favorite positions before unleashing other men on her. First was taking a man orally. It was still something she tolerated rather than enjoyed, especially when he held her head. She almost bit him the first time he pressed her head down on him.
Relax your throat,” he ordered. “You can do this, slut. Your holes are mine, all of them. And they can all take me.”
That had made it a challenge, and therefore something she couldn't back away from. It surprised her how quickly she became good at it. What had once been a chore, was now...not an art, but definitely a skill, one she was honing. Will let her know when she was doing well. The effect his saliva had continued to amaze her.

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