Wednesday 2 January 2013

#Flash52 - A new year

Tonight was the night. She couldn’t quite believe she was here. Pressed to the glass, she looked down at the tiny specks of people moving on the street.

“Watch them, darling. Remember when you were one of them? Not any more.” Warm flesh met hers, pushing her flatter against the glass, her breasts squashed nearly flat.

“What if someone looks this way?” she asked, fearful.

“They’ll see a beautiful naked woman. You haven’t changed as much as that.”

“Really? You don’t look human to me at all.” She turned from the glass to rest her back on it. Her shoulder brushed against a mirrored pair of breasts, another pair of hips. She opened her arms to herself, welcoming the darker version of herself into them. “You look ethereal. A creature of the night.”

“Then you would be a creature of the day,” she answered, reaching around to cup her partner’s buttocks. “But this is a time of change, a time the borders come down.”

“I know. I won’t let you go back, Esie. You’re mine now.”

“As you are mine,” she agreed.

Behind them, the ball dropped on the unsuspected humans, and with it, hell unleashed on earth.

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