Wednesday, 14 November 2018

#Midweektease Ethereal Guardian

Thank you for joining me for another Wednesday and another MidWeekTease. I hope you enjoy this snippet from Ethereal Guardian. Be sure to visit all the other great blogs on this hop.

She had enough time to sit down, open her hummus, and dip a carrot in it before Summer came down the stairs.
“How did it go?” she asked, only half interested in the reply.
Summer shrugged. “I’m not familiar with the spell, but she definitely cast something.”
Ember crunched although all the sweetness was gone from the orange stick in her mouth. “Yeah?”
“Yeah. Um, Ember.”
She paused in the act of chewing. The way she used her name gave an indication that Ember wouldn’t like what came next.
“Never mind.” Summer walked around her, and Ember expected her to sit in the next chair, but she didn’t. At least, not right away.
The hairs on the back of her neck rose. A chill washed down her spine to be replaced by a hot flash.
“What are you doing?!” she cried, reaching up and catching Summer’s hand. Static seemed to build and then zapped her. She dropped Summer’s hand, but held onto the stone in it, amethyst.
“Just…” Summer sighed heavily and sat down. “I know you’re having trouble accepting our gift.”
“So you put a spell on me?” Her voice was shrill to her own ears and Summer’s usually kind and smiling face blurred with the tears forming in Ember’s eyes.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

#MidWeekTease Ethereal Guardian

Like so many, I've been neglecting my MidWeekTeases. Well, time to fix that. Here's another snippet from Ethereal Gaurdian!

Having a ghost in her room was nothing like having a boy in her room. Not because Geoffrey wasn’t masculine, but rather he couldn’t have power over her. He couldn’t even touch her really. It was more like talking to someone in a video call. “So, that dream I had, about my ancestor? Her name was Anne. And her brother was Thom. I don’t think she was a witch, though.”
“Maybe she wasn’t.”
“Then how is it I’m a witch?”
Geoffrey shrugged, which actually made her angry. “Perhaps it was another ancestor.”
That appeased her. “Sure, that might be it.”
“Do you remember anything else? I knew of a woman named Anne, but she was older than Mary. I don’t recall if she had a brother.”
“Um, Dorothy.” She racked her brain to try and remember the dream. “Her cousin, I think. She was the suspect.”
Looking into the distance, he mused. “Dorothy. I was little when she was hung. I don’t remember it except when my mother used her as a warning to my sister.” He turned to her. “You should write down your dreams. That way you can remember them better.”
Ember nodded. “Yeah. I’ll do that. Thanks Geoffrey.”
“Let me know how I can help.” Geoffrey frowned as he said it, giving the impression that he wished he could help and knew his situation meant he couldn’t do much of anything.
Before she could reassure him, Paige yelled, “We’re done, Ember. You can come out now.”
Ember rolled her eyes. “Great.”
“Don’t let their mocking dampen your concern. I believe it’s not unfounded.”
“Thanks Geoffrey. I’m going to grab something to eat.” She muttered, “Maybe then they won’t wonder about me.”

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

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Friday, 19 October 2018

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

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#Free at time of post! Also available on Kindle Unlimited!
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#MidWeekTease Ethereal Guardian

Another snippet from Ethereal Guardian.

Summer sipped her coffee. “I’ll probably help her when she tries to cast it. Just in case.”
Shivering again Ember asked. “Do you expect that will happen soon?”
She nodded. “She’s only one ingredient short.”
Just then the water stopped and Ember stood. “I’m going to use it next.”
“Stay warm,” Summer said with a smile.
Ember kept to her room for the day, swapping texts with her mother. Looking for something to nibble, she came down and found Paige plucking petals from two leafy branches she had no doubt grown using magic. Scattering those over a baking pan, she prepared it to go in the oven.
“This stuff really freaks you out, doesn’t it?” Paige asked.
Ember nodded. “I don’t know why. I mean, it’s just a plant.” She picked up one of the leafy branches to see if she could feel the difference between it and something grown naturally. It didn’t look out of the ordinary, didn’t smell at all, and the leaves were soft, not crispy. She knew it wasn’t normal, but nothing physical could point to that.
“It is.”
Appetite gone, she watched as Paige opened and closed the oven door, making sure nothing burned. “Perfect. Going to come watch?”
“Yeah. Sure.” Ember followed slowly, sitting in one corner while Paige arranged things, including a candle and a medallion with a loop and cross, an ankh. Summer and Gwen joined them before Paige finished setting up. The blond sat near the candle, smiling. Summer, with brown curls, sat opposite, leaving Ember with her back near the door.
“You’re sure this is what she did?”
Paige didn’t answer, holding her medallion in the flame. As soon as she did, heat flared in Ember, like a hot flash. “This doesn’t feel right.”
“I’m sure,” Paige told Summer. “Look, I’m “Look, I’m grateful for your help, but I’ve got this. You and Ember don’t have to stick around.”
“Bye.” She backed out the door and through Geoffrey. “Oh! Sorry!”
“Don’t worry about it. Are you well?” He cocked his head, regarding her.
The heat was gone, not leaving her chill, just gone. She sighed in relief. “Yeah. I’m fine. You aren’t going to watch?”
He shook his translucent head. “No. Like you, I prefer the natural to the supernatural.”
“Yeah. I’m going to my room. Wanna talk?”

Friday, 12 October 2018

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