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Sunday, 4 December 2016

#WeWriWa Not Your Bitch

I'm giving you 8 sentences from Not Your Bitch, which is currently available from Amazon. It's the story of Zoe, who has such low self esteem that she continues a bad relationship rather than risk being along. Linc is a werewolf who has made it his mission to show her how much better she deserves.

“Are you toying with me?” she asked.
Linc frowned, confused. “What do you mean?”
She sighed and turned away. “I had boys do it in high school. They'd pretend they were interested to get me wound up and then laugh when I thought it was real.”
“Who did that?” Linc asked, his voice again a growl and his still-hot blood boiling again.

Poor Zoe. Please head over to read all the other offerings from the Weekend Writing Warriors.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

My Sexy Dreamer ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS169

For this sexy Saturday, I'm offering a snip from a story about a dreamy girl. Enjoy!

The bells over the door jingled and Rev silently thanked the would-be customer for his timing. “Someone just came in, Grandma. Rest! Yeesh!” She disconnected the call and set her phone on the countertop.
Prepared for someone middle-aged or older, Rev was startled to find a man not much older than herself. His thick, black hair shone in the sun streaming through the glass door and hung loose over his shoulders. An errant lock rested on his warm rusty cheek, drawing her attention to his light amber eyes; an impressive feat when the desire overwhelmed the urge to admire his broad chest and thick arms coiled with muscle and tattoos.
“Can I help you?” Heat flared in her cheeks as her voice squeaked. It wasn’t as though she’d never
seen or spoken to a good-looking man before.
“I hope so. My mother’s birthday is coming up. I’d expected Penny, the owner. She’d know just what Mom’d like.”
“Penny won’t be back for a few weeks. Tell me about your mother and I’ll try to find something.”
“Sure. You’re Penny’s granddaughter, aren’t you?” He pointed at her like he’d just recognized her.
“That’s right. I’m Reverie.” She extended her hand.
“Ryan. Dreamy name.”

Okay, so it's a dreamy guy too! Make sure you take in all the other teases this Saturday!

Friday, 2 December 2016

New Releases! Surrender and Mistletoe Kisses from @ErzabetBishop #holidays #paranormal #bdsm #romance

.•*´¨)☆♡ ¸.•*´¨
A contemporary romance with bite that will leave you craving more…

Surrender by Erzabet Bishop
A new beginning…
Fleeing from a relationship gone horribly wrong, Jocelyn Frazier makes the choice to start a new life. If only her car had gotten the memo. Stranded in the parking lot of what seemed to be a night club, she walks into a world she never knew existed. A new job with room and board are the answer to her prayers, but can she really outrun the ghosts of her past or will they come back to claim her?
Broken trust…
Master Caine has just come out of a five-year Master/sub arrangement after a bitter breakup. He spies the new barmaid instantly, dismissing her as just another pretty face. When circumstances put them in close proximity, his resolve to stay at a distance is put to the test. He finds himself enamored by the curvaceous blonde. Soon the teacher becomes the student and he learns that the gift of trust might just be the greatest surrender of all.

.•*´¨)☆♡ ¸.•*´¨
What could a gargoyle body guard and the feisty sister of the Westmore Pack Alpha find together under the mistletoe?
Mistletoe Kisses by Erzabet Bishop
More sparks than a runaway reindeer! Grab your copy today!

With some gifts, it’s all about the unwrapping...
Jess looks forward to a holiday season of saving puppies and working at the shelter. With her new sister-in-law taking over the Yuletide Gathering, it’s run for the hills or wind up covered in glitter. What she doesn’t anticipate is her brother lining up yet another in a long string of bodyguards. She might be a wolf who can’t shift, but that doesn’t mean she needs anyone’s protection. When things heat up during the festivities, she finds herself face to face with the one man who just might hold the key to her heart.
It was supposed to be a two-week Ops for ridding the world of hybrid wolves, not a babysitting gig for the spoiled sister of the Westmore Pack Alpha. But when Thorne sets eyes on the curvy brunette, he finds a fierce beauty with a soft interior just begging to be tamed, and he’s just the gargoyle to do it.
Amazon                All Romance Ebooks

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

#MidWeekTease Old Flame Burns Again #menage

I have a story in the upcoming Valentine's boxed set, A Valentine for Two. It's a set of menage stories and mine is F/F/M. Lisa was Diane's first sexual partner, experimenting in college. Now Diane is married to Ben and they are fanning old flames.

"Truth," I spluttered.
"Lisa, why don't you ask?"
"Um... What was your first thought when Diane told you about her and me?"
"That's the first question? Where do they go from here?"
"Your pants," Diane answered, giggling as the alcohol hit her system.
"Yeah," I muttered. "First thought." I tried to remember; they had been racing. "Well, at least he wasn't bigger than me."
Both ladies burst out laughing. Diane pounded her feet on the floor, tipping her head back, letting out high pitched peals. Lisa folded her arms on the table and laughed into them, her low guffaws muted. "No, I'm not bigger than you. Too funny."
"Next shot!" Diane declared pouring them out.
"What?" I asked in amazement. "We don't each ask before the next round?"
"Yeah, Di, don't make us all sick before we get to have fun," Lisa agreed. "You pick, Ben."
Hmmm, which one? "Diane, Truth or Dare?"
"Dare!" she shouted, then covered her mouth. "How many beers did I have?"
"Three," I told her. "You're going under the table first." Lisa laughed with me at that. "This isn't much of a dare, but kiss Lisa. Tongue preferred," I said with a stupid smile.
Diane stuck hers out at me.
"Nope, doesn't count," I told her.
Lisa laughed again, grabbing Diane's chin and turning it to her. I watched the two kiss. Their lips were both gentle. Somehow, I expected it to be more forceful, pushing each other on, but it wasn't. It was sweet. And there was tongue exchanged.
Diane sighed when the kiss broke. "I forgot how good these are. Of course, I like you better sweet than sour," she teased, squirting lemon on her friend.
"Heh, find me something sweeter to suck," she retorted.
"Don't look at me," I joked, and they both laughed.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

#WeWriWa WIP #paranormal

Time for another Weekend Writing Warriors. I'm giving a taste of another work in progress. This one is full of shifters. Here are my Sunday 8!

Shuddering, Rev ambled back toward the sidewalk, stumbling.
Derek caught her. He didn’t say anything, just held her close, his chin soft with longer than usual facial hair. Her body further betrayed her as a sob ripped through her chest. She buried her face into his throat and shook her head side to side.
Warm hands combed through her hair and rubbed her back. He made soothing sounds but didn’t say anything about deer, badgers, or mates. In control of herself again, she backed up to look into his dark eyes.
“Thank you.”

Hop over to WeWriWa for more great snippets!

Friday, 25 November 2016

SALES! What could be better for Black Friday #Sale #BlackFriday #Romance #paranormal

Did you get your copy of A Wicked Halloween? If not, this is your chance to grab over a dozen novels for just $0.99! 
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A Wicked Halloween ~ 13 **BRAND NEW & EXCLUSIVE** 
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There is also a sale over at allRomanceEbooks.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Thanksgiving Romance Book Fair Nov 25-28 Over 30 romance books priced between $0.99-2.99! #sale #romance

Thanksgiving Romance Book Fair Nov 25-28
Over 30 romance books priced between $0.99-2.99 just for you! Everything from Historical Romance to Steampunk Fantasy. Find your next book boyfriend and enter to win a gift certificate!