Wednesday, 6 December 2017

#MidWeekTease Ethereal Guardian

Welcome back! I thought I'd offer you another snippet from Ethereal Guardian, which will be the third in its series. As every Wednesday, I'm joined by other MidWeekTease rs. Find links to all of them below.

Sooner than she expected, Ember held open the door to her bedroom. “This is it.”
Connor stepped in, lingering near the door. “Nice. Way bigger than mine.”
Ember bounced on the bed, tucking her legs beneath her. “Yeah, not by much, but I have the rest of the house.” She tucked a curl behind her ear and out of her eyes. “You can come closer. I’m not going freak out.” She patted the bed beside her.
“Oh, good.” He copied her, plopping down hard enough to bounce and making her wobble.
She laughed and grabbed for her pillow, hugging it and talking herself down. You’re not freaking out. He isn’t jumping on you, just the bed. Everything is good.
“So… who is in the picture?” He pointed to the photo on her dresser.
“Oh! That’s my sister.” The brunette didn’t look much like Ember. “Dani looks like Dad.”
“He’s not the ginger?”
Ember shook her head. “Nope. No hair at all really,” she said with snicker.
“She’s cute.” He leaned toward her and whispered. “You’re cuter.”
Smiling, she leaned toward him, close enough for their lips to brush.
“Yes! God, yes! Fuck.” Paige’s voice was muffled by the wall but still loud and jarring.
“Oh my God!” Ember jumped off the bed and away from Connor. “I had no idea. I mean, she had her eye on a guy, but I didn’t expect them to be here.” The end of the sentence was washed out by more cries from the next room.
Connor laughed loudly. “No biggie. Happens at my place all the time.” He stood up and approached slowly. “It doesn’t bother me,” he insisted, running his fingers through her hair.
The trembling took her and she felt like her teeth were chattering. She squeezed her eyes shut, afraid of what might come next.
“I have an idea. Let’s go downstairs again.”
Her eyes flew open. “Really?”
Connor chuckled and shook his head. “Enthusiastic consent. I’m not going to push you, Ember. Whatever will make you comfortable. I bet we can’t hear them downstairs.”
She took a step closer. “You’re sure?” She closed her eyes and groaned at the grunting coming from the next room.
“Yeah. Let’s go.” He wrapped and arm around her shoulder and urged her out of the room. “But thanks for welcoming me in here. It means a lot to me.” He kissed the top of her head and her stomach fluttered, in the best way.
“I want you there. I want you everywhere.” She stopped on the stairs and covered her mouth. “I didn’t mean—”
“I want to go everywhere with you too,” he replied before she finished. She tightened her grip on his hand in thanks. “Would making out now be too awkward?”
Ember frowned. “Yeah, kinda.”
“No big. Want to watch something?” He pointed to the TV. “And cuddle?”
“Cuddling sounds good.” Taking a seat on the couch, she waited for Connor to sit beside her. Then she leaned her head into the crook of his neck. Inhaling the smell of him, she felt safe.
Connor kissed the top of her head. “No stress, princess.”
She chuckled and wrapped her arms around him. “Not with you around.”

Awkward! This is one scene where Ethereal Guardian overlap Ethereal Witness. :)

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

#MidWeekTease Ethereal Guardian

Hello teasers and teasees! For November, I've been working on a pair of stories to round out my Ethereal series. Here's a little taste from Ethereal Guardian, Ember's story. Plot point from the previous books, Ember, Gwen and Summer (three of the four witches) were sexually assaulted by Duncan, a classmate.

Just then Connor came around a corner. “You came!” He ran over and picked her up, swinging her in a circle. “This is fantastic.”
She giggled and held onto him. “Didn’t feel fantastic, but it wasn’t terrible either.”
“That’s good. Really good. Follow me.” He held her hand and pulled her behind him to his room. He opened the door but didn’t enter. She couldn’t help but notice the picture of herself that he had taped to his mirror. The room wasn’t spotless, but it was tidy enough, a set of scrubs on the floor.
She froze in place. His bedroom, his bed. Her mouth went dry and she started trembling.
“Whoa. Take it easy there,” he whispered, kissing her ear. “Just wanted to show you. I hoped you’d step inside, but we can do that next time. I want you to be comfortable here. To feel this is your space as well as mine. I know we can’t have that today, but we will. I know it.”
Her trembling subsided. “Yeah, not today. Do you mind going? Anywhere else?”
“Of course.” Still holding her hand, he turned her around. “Where to, lovely lady?”
She smiled. “My place. With a stop for food. You showed me your room. I want to show you mine.”
“Sounds fabulous. Especially the food part.” He grinned and she had to mirror it, happiness bubbling in her belly now that the fear was further behind her.
Sooner than she expected, Ember held open the door to her bedroom. “This is it.”
Connor stepped in, lingering near the door. “Nice. Way bigger than mine.”
Ember bounced on the bed, tucking her legs beneath her. “Yeah, not by much, but I have the rest of the house.” She tucked a curl behind her ear and out of her eyes. “You can come closer. I’m not going freak out.” She patted the bed beside her.
“Oh, good.” He copied her, plopping down hard enough to bounce and making her wobble.
She laughed and grabbed for her pillow, hugging it and talking herself down. You’re not freaking out. He isn’t jumping on you, just the bed. Everything is good.

Poor Ember. Duncan has really made her life difficult. :(

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

#MidWeekTease Sin & Seduction boxed set ~ Ethereal Protector

Welcome to another Wednesday. Today I'm teasing from Ethereal Protector, which will be included in the Sin & Seduction boxed set. Grab your copy while it is only $0.99. The price will go up after release. A great deal for so many sizzling hot titles. Available exclusively on Amazon.

This excerpt is from a bad encounter for Summer, but her protector is there when she needs him.

In her room, Duncan was quick to join her on the bed, sliding one hand up her shorts and the other under her shirt.
At first, Summer reveled in it, loving how his fingers felt on her skin, how hot she became. She’d only had sex once before, but this rush was familiar.
She broke their kiss and he moved seamlessly to her ear, pressing more of his body against hers. His hand fumbled at his waist, opening his fly.
No longer completely comfortable with how quickly she was moving, how this seemed headed straight to intercourse, Summer knew she had to get the reins back. She planted her hands on his chest. “Duncan, slow down.”
“You feel so good.” He moaned as his hand covered her breast, catching her nipple between his fingers. He pinched, pulling it slightly.
Distracted, it took Summer another heartbeat to reassert herself. This felt wonderful, but she wasn’t prepared to have sex with him tonight. “Really, Duncan, back off, okay?”
The hand in her shorts came out and attacked her fly, pushing fabric aside.
“No, Duncan, stop, get off me.” She was torn between yelling at him and not wanting to wake Gwen and Paige.
“You want it. I can smell it.” He gripped the crotch of her shorts and panties, yanking both down as much as he could.
“No. I don’t want it. Stop.”
The lights flickered and the door slammed into the wall. Her photo of Mom and Dad flew from the dresser to knock Duncan solid on the temple. His eyes rolled up and he went limp.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

#midweektease Winter's Embrace

Back at the beginning of the year, Winter's Embrace was part of the Wayward Magic boxed set. Now it's available as a stand alone novel. I thought I'd share the opening scene for my tease today. You can purchase on most retail sites: AmazoniBooksNook and Kobo. Find it on Goodreads too.

Fellow Teasers! I'm looking to swap newsletters for a few upcoming boxed sets. If you have a newsletter and a release you want to pimp out, include that in the comments or email me (authorangelicadawson at gmail)

Rumours were that these grey fae were Mab's children, but how one fae could bear so many baffled her. They ranged from deep, dark soot color, much like the completely black Mab, to one female who seemed pure white. The starkness of their line was so different from the riot of color in Summer. Verte had brilliant green hair with streaks of brown like branches. Her skin was the green-brown of a flush twig about to burst into full leaf. Her brothers ranged from Russo's red-brown skin and rusty hair to Aurum's brilliant yellow, rivalling Goldenrod, his sister, behind him. They were full siblings, as Verte was with Folio and Oliver. Both ignored her, focusing on their father and the Winter fae.
Rushing murmurs came from both sides as the monarchs bowed their heads to one another before returning to their armies.
“Done.” Tristan turned back toward his faeries. “I have need of volunteer from among my daughters.”
Verte looked to Goldenrod, Rose, and Violet. She was the oldest of them. Seeing fear in their eyes, she stepped forward.
“How can I be of use, Father?”
“Verte, always true,” he said, his large hand, the color and texture of centuries old bark cupping her cheek. His hair curled like moss on a stump. “I need you to be the sign of our truce. They lost a daughter to one of our sons. In exchange for peace, you will wed one of theirs.”
Her brothers clamoured and argued with him, angry at this turn of events. Her stomach twisted in a knot. Marry one of those colorless fae? Embrace Winter? Unlike humans, unions among faeries were eternal. She couldn't put him aside when she tired of him, or vice versa. Her father asked the impossible. And yet, it seemed the impossible—peace—was exactly what they needed.
Speaking loudly and clearly to be heard over her brothers, Verte said, “I can do this, but I can never be Winter.”
Her brothers grumbled more quietly so she had no trouble hearing her father, his voice a breeze through leaves. “No, and you need only reside there every other season, bringing your husband here on the others.”
It would be a lie to say the prospect didn't frighten her, but she was at least as strong as any Winter fae. If he could spend a season melting in Summer, she could endure a little freezing.
“Soon. There is one more thing, Verte. I know you haven't had many lovers.” In fact, there were only two. Neither Cocoa nor Roan inspired her passion and they experimented rather than loved. “We will need to witness your union,” he finished.
That brought new arguments from her brothers, loud and heated. She wanted to yell with them, deny this possibility, claim she wasn't able to do it. But that would be a lie as well. She had modesty, but what was baring flesh next to opening it in war?
Her throat rasped when she shouted, “I will do it! I will sacrifice for the peace.”

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Friday, 10 November 2017

#FlasherFictionFriday Reciprocity

Well, this one went dark. In my mind the daughter is actually 18 and the mother looks much younger than she is, but still... dark. Enjoy all the 100 word takes on this photo by hopping to the blog.

Gasping, his head hung limp. Looking down, streaks of sweat and dirt stained the denim of his shirt. What would he give for a sip of water? The answer stared him in the face.
“Admit it! You took her in your office, held her there until she agreed to pleasure you.”
He couldn’t look into the mother’s eyes, couldn’t face himself.
Yanking his hair, she pressed near enough their noses touched. “I…Yeah.” He tried to pull free, look away, but she stopped him.
“Then you won’t mind doing the same.”
His eyes widened as she hiked her skirt.
“Filthy man.”

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

#MidWeekTease Dynamic Destiny

Welcome to another MidWeekTease! I'm sharing another snippet from Dynamic Destiny. Let's take a closer look at Destiny in her week-day persona, shall we?

“Destiny, come here, please.”
She saved the new appointment and passed Mrs. Johnson her prescription. “There you go. The date’s at the bottom and I’ll call to remind you.”
“Thank you, Destiny.” The older woman folded the paper carefully before tucking it into her purse.
“Destiny!” Dr. Edgerton’s voice drew the attention of everyone in the waiting room.
“Excuse me,” Tucking a file under her arm, she hurried to the exam room. “Yes, Doctor?”
Mr. Lemon sat on the table while the doctor paced. As soon as he saw her, he threw an empty box into the recycle bin beside her, making her jump. It could easily have hit her. “You must restock these. I need tongue depressors.”
They’re in the closet next door. She thought it rather than speak, ducking out of the room. Moments later, she put the opened box in its place. Dr. Edgerton snatched one but didn’t acknowledge her. Slipping out again, she sighed before returning to her desk.
“Destiny?” The softer voice of Nurse Williams, Joyce, was better than the doctor’s bark. “We have a pap next and I can’t find the extra slides.”
Destiny opened the closet again, shifting samples and disposables, most in plastic packaging, until she found the box at the back. “Last one. I’ll order more.”
“Thanks, Destiny. Don’t let him get you down.”
“I try.” She hurried back to her desk where she jotted slides on a sticky note so she would remember to order them when the phone stopped ringing.
Dr. Edgerton was always demanding but rarely so inconsiderate. He kept her hopping, insisting that if he wasn’t taking a break, no one else could have the time for one either.
Destiny opened her lunch at the desk, using the hour they were closed to order slides and tests. She kicked off her shoes and wriggled her toes while she nibbled salmon wrapped in lettuce. Leftover from the night before, the herb crust was no longer crunchy but just as tasty.
“Destiny? Bring my lunch?”
With a sigh, she stepped into her shoes before walking to the end of the hall. There she opened the tiny fridge tucked in the last exam room. The table was old and the stirrups had gone missing years ago. They never used it, so this fridge made a good place to stash lunches. The one with medications and immunizations sat in exam room one. Pulling out the cloth wrapped bundle, she trudged to the closet that doubled as the doctor’s office.
He hunched over a desk, scrolling through pages on his computer. Dialysis. She didn’t ask how Miss Elliot was doing, knowing it wasn’t good.
“We could move you to exam four.” She set the lunch beside his mouse.
“No. Need that, just in case. I’m fine.”
“Okay.” Her gaze fell on Dr. Edgerton and the shadow along his jaw that matched the dark shining hair he combed to the left. He kept it cut short, but today, the ends curled slightly. Thick and glossy, Destiny had imagined running her hands through it more than once. However, the handsome doctor had made it clear she wasn’t his equal. Nurse Williams only came close to that standing.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

#TantalizingTuesday Dynamic Destiny

Sharing from a WIP that's about to go to editor. Here are 200 words from Dynamic Destiny. Hop to the blog to read all the contributions.

“We were working. I had to be the boss. Now…you are my Mistress.” He held her hands. “If you need to wait for the weekend, I understand.”
She remained dumbstruck for a few more heartbeats. Deep down, in the back of her head, Mistress D found her way back. He hadn’t been submissive all day, but even towering over her, as he did now, he was bending to her, yielding to her. She had to return that trust. He deserved that and more. Thrusting her chest out, she took a commanding stance. “Yes. I think I know just the place. Follow, boy.” She crooked her finger and led him to exam room four. Stepping out of the doorway, she pointed to the exam table. “Remove your clothes and bend over that.”
Without hesitation, he did as instructed.
Dropping her shirt to the floor, she brought her hand back and smacked it hard on his brown bottom. He winced, gritting his teeth. Her spanking was fast and vicious, her palms burning in moments. Even though his butt must burn more, he didn’t call yellow. Slowing her, breathing she explained. “I want your ass to burn when you fuck me. Stand up.”