Wednesday 18 July 2018

#MidWeekTease Blue Moon House - The original, Book 1

Hello teasers and teased! This will be my last post for a few weeks. Summer is a busy time for me in my day job. I'll be back before September though! In the meantime, here's a sample from the first Blue Moon House book. An oldie, but I hope still goodie!

“MmmmMmmaximum.” Julia wept loudly. Blood was trickling down her back and over her breasts where the cruel whip had broken her skin. She burned everywhere, stinging from her first beating at his hand, and then adding the salt of sweat, the blood. Sagging against the chains that held her mostly upright, she sobbed bitterly.
The whip was gone and Harry was there, releasing her wrists. “Terrance. Did you have to be so hard?”
The tall, icy man softened for the first time Julia had seen. “Everyone has a limit. If she would join us, I would know hers. Now, I do. Take care of her, Harrold.”
Julia’s mind logged the response but couldn’t think about it in the midst of the pain. Harry was licking her wounds, his saliva closing them faster but burning them further. Julia screamed again.
“Hush,” Harry said with concern, his voice soft and familiar, a raft for Julia to grasp in the sea of pain. There was a stabbing in her leg.
“That will help. You will sleep soon, Julia. In the morning, the pain will be much less, I promise,” Terrance told her, pulling her hair off her face and mopping it with a cool cloth.
“I-I’m not...” She didn’t know how to ask if she was unworthy.
“You impress me, Julia. I look forward to having centuries to get to know more of you, other limits.”
Julia flinched, crying out and hugging Harry. Terrance laughed and the difference between that and the cold demands, the hard mocking he’d given her all night made her turn back.
“Never pain, Julia. I found that limit.”

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Friday 13 July 2018

Free! July 13, 14 and 15! Book 1 in the Ghosts of Salem series #witches #salem #newadult

The phantom touch of a ghost can be cold or HOT. 
The first in the Ghosts of Salem series by Angelica Dawson.

Summer froze, her trowel still an inch above the bed. “How did you get out here?” she asked the air. There was no mistaking that presence. She still didn’t know who he had been, but after a month it seemed obvious to her that he was masculine. Something in his bearing, which she couldn’t see, and his stature gave the impression he was taller than her.
There was no answer, but a breeze rustled the leaves and the ghost sat next to her on the ledge.
“I refuse to be put off by you. You can haunt the house all you like. I’m not going anywhere. This is my family’s house. Who are you to haunt it anyway?”
It occurred to her that he might be a distant ancestor. Aunt Marge said no one had reported the house as haunted and that there was no record of a death in the house. Even Mary, tried as a witch, died in the square, not the house.
The ghost didn’t answer, but he did leave, not before touching her arm and making her shiver. Upstairs, washing the soil off her hands, he returned. It had become less oppressive all the time, and she was actually getting used to him, dammit.
She had the sense he was looking at her in the mirror. It felt like hands slipped around her waist, and she tipped her head to the side. Goosebumps flooded her skin and she could have sworn he kissed her neck. Shuddering, she leaned forward, gripping her vanity.
“Whoa. I don’t think I’m ready for a frisky ghost. Tell you what, you don’t do that again and I won’t try to push you away.”
There was no way of gauging his response, but he didn’t grab her again. Instead he brushed her hand, something she thought she could get used to in time. 

Wednesday 11 July 2018

#MidWeekTease Dynamic Destiny - Coming in Hot 2: Rescue Me

Hello teasers! I thought I'd share some teasers from my contributions to recent boxed sets. Both Once Upon A Twisted Time and Coming in Hot 2 will be disappearing at the end of the month. Don't miss your chance to grab all these hot stories for such a small price!

From Rescue Me, the second Coming in Hot compilation, I have an excerpt. This is Dynamic Destiny, the story of a Domme and her doctor-boss. This is earlier in the book, with one of her other subs.

"Please undress for me. Sitting will be easier out of those pants.”
“Yes, Mistress.” Robbie grinned as he moved to stand before her, pulling his shirt over his head. Robbie wasn’t ripped like some men—Dr. Edgerton for example—but he was bear-like, large in all dimensions and nearly furry. She reached out once the shirt was gone to run her fingers over his belly and up toward his nipples.
He waited for her to finish and pull her hand back before releasing his pants. He wore bikini-style blue briefs that tucked his package tight. It would be confining when he swelled further than he already had.
“Mistress?” He hooked his fingers in his briefs.
“Not yet. Come closer.” She used her hand to urge him down to his knees, spreading her own to allow him to kneel between them. Her fingers slid over his shoulders, throat, and upper arms. “I would like you to touch me.” She took one of his hands and put it on her breast, pulling the corset down to allow the nipple and flesh to rest atop it.
“May I taste too?” he asked, blue eyes heavy and serious.
“Yes, Mistress.”
Ignoring everyone around them, Destiny built the pair of them up. Her pussy ached to be filled and Robbie’s cock strained the bikini he still wore. The head poked out the top, leaving a glistening patch of hair below his navel.
Time for the fun to begin. She removed the sealed bag of ice from her bag. “You seem hot.” She pulled a cube free and circled one of his nipples.
He sucked breath through his teeth. “Yes, Mistress. Very hot.”
“Poor boy.” She circled the other lazily. “Stand up.” She slid back in her chair, putting a little distance between them. His cock now stood just below her eye level. The cube left a line of cold water where she drew it up the inside of his thigh. “Do you need it here?” She tucked it behind his sac, soaking the briefs.
His nuts climbed up, making him grit his teeth. After a small grunt he could answer, “Yes, Mistress. Unless you want this?” His finger traced his length over his briefs.
“Not yet. How about this?” Reaching between his legs, she pushed the ice up and toward his ass. She didn’t press enough to penetrate, but his legs shook. She pulled it free and drew a line across her breasts, water running down. The cube had shrunk significantly, but she wanted to wash down to the pink center.
“Open up.” She reached up to slip the sliver of ice and candy between his lips.
Robbie licked it up and crunched it between his teeth. “Thank you, Mistress.”
“Less hot now? Or shall I grab another?”
“Anything you want.”
She smacked his ass cheek lightly. “Not anything.”
He grinned. “Almost anything.”

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Friday 6 July 2018

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A New Title from Angelica Dawson

From Coming in Hot, Destiny is Dr. Edgerton's admin assistant by day, but she will dominate him at night!

This sale won't last long, 
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Wednesday 4 July 2018

#MidWeekTease Darkness of Light - Guests @ginakincade @kimmydonn

I'm sharing this Wednesday with two lovely ladies, Kimberly Gould and Gina Kincade. The first book of their In The Dream series is available now.

When Reverie offers to tend her grandmother’s store the summer after graduation, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. The shop isn’t the problem. The dark eyes and bright smile of two residents complicate her stay almost immediately, and just when she thinks she might have the cousins sorted out, she discovers that the whole town, including her grandmother, have a secret, one that she now shares. Is there any chance all this shapeshifting is just a bad dream? And if it comes with Lucius and Kerwin, does she really want to wake?

Grab it on Amazon, Kobo, B&N or IBooks.

Here's your tease!

Rev closed the door again and went in search of strong coffee. Grandma had a Kurig, but it just didn’t have enough kick. The bakery across the street probably served it with their breakfast pastries.
Like all the doors in Littleton, this one jingled with bells as it opened. She pushed her sunglasses up onto the top of her head, keeping her hair out of her face at the same time. The bustle and conversation died the moment she stepped into the room.
“Look, I just want a coffee, okay? I’ll take it and go.” It was frustrating to be on the spot every time she encountered the other residents of Littleton.
“Don’t you worry, Love. I’ll come with you.” Flo left the table she’d been sitting at to come to Rev’s side. “I never did get your name, Dearie.” She walked with Rev up to the counter where a woman with long black hair was pouring her coffee fast enough to splash the counter.
“Reverie,” she said. “And thank you, Flo.” She slapped her money on the counter and took her coffee without a word of thanks to the server. It was obvious she wouldn’t appreciate the polite gesture anyway.
“No problem, Reverie. Want to come and sit with me?” She looked to the table she’d been at with two older women, grey streaks woven through their dark brown or black hair. Neither met Rev’s eye, but both used body language, one with her arms crossed and the other twisted in her chair to face away from Rev and Flo, to make it clear they didn’t want her to join them.
“That’s okay, Flo. I need to open shop. I just came to grab the coffee.” She sipped it and then returned to the counter where cream and sugar waited.
“White freak,” someone muttered.
If it hadn’t been so quiet in the bakery, she wouldn’t have heard it. Trying to pretend she hadn’t, she grasped the doctored coffee, squared her shoulders and lifted her chin, and strode confidently to the door.
It opened outward just as she was about to grab the handle and the man coming through the other side collided with her, spilling hot coffee on both of them.
Rev let out a scream that devolved into cursing. “Fuck, I’m so sorry. Oh shit, shit. Are you okay? Dammit!”
Dark Eyes put a finger to her lips, cutting off her words and causing her to inhale sharply. His deep brown eyes seemed to sparkle. Was he laughing?
“It is my fault. Let me buy you another.” His voice, low and mellow, seemed to echo inside her. The reverberation made her tingle.
“Um, no, thank you. I have to hurry home to change so I can open on time. I’ll have to wait and get one at lunch.” She pawed at his shirt, her hand passing over a chest as broad as Lucius’, clad in black with wet streaks and blotches covering it. At least the coffee wouldn’t show on black. She was wearing beige and light green, a total mess. Patting at the mess on his chest, she could feel the softness of hair cushioning it. She could see just one or two hairs escaping at the neck of his t-shirt, dark and curly like the glossy mop on his head. Her fingers itched to run through the locks, and over his chest, too.
Heat filling her cheeks, she turned and ran. Another apology would be too much anyway.

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Sunday 1 July 2018

Are Dragons real? Eternal Love Bite's by @pt_macias #paranormalromance #newrelease #Indieauthor


About The Book
Carina Leal detests going home for Christmas break to a cold house, a dictatorial papa, and a bitchy sister. She especially hates declining an invitation to spend an enchanting white Christmas in New York.

Dracostar Prince, Gage, enjoys life on the Earth realm as the San Francisco Senator. His meticulous agenda is radically altered by enchanting but unexpected human mate.

Carina’s life as she knows it does a 180 turn. She fears for her life and discovers that myths are real.

Carina rapidly learns that a magical night with a dragon surpasses a white Christmas in New York. 


Gage clenches his hands tight, causing the skin to stretch and turn white over the knuckles. He inhales deeply, then slowly exhales to control the need to emit his pale blue shimmering smoke.

What the fuck! That sweet floral scent is driving me insane. I don’t know who’s scent it is with so many people on the plane!

“This is Captain Jones, we are approaching the Los Angeles International Airport runway in approximate 10 minutes. I’m asking that you remain seated until the seat belt light is turned off. Thank you for flying Clear Blue Airlines!”

Carina turns her head to look back, raising her right eyebrow and looks at people lined up in the aisle all the way to the back of the plane.

Fuck, they don’t follow the instructions! Everyone is rushing to get off!

She turns around, sighs, and starts to tap her fingers in a rhythmic pace on the armrest. She leans into the first-class leather seat closing her beautiful hazel eyes.

A few minutes later, Carina pushes off the seat and stands in the aisle. She adjusts her shirt, raises her arms to reach the overhead. She opens the overhead compartment to grab her carry-on.


Carina pulls on the bright pink carry-on handle, biting her lower lip. She inhales deeply as she tugs the handle again, the bag lurches forward, propelled by gravity. She quickly releases the handle, raises her hands up to break the impact. 

“Oh hell,” cries out Carina.

She steps back, crashing into the man behind her, gasping. She moves her hands up, ready to grab the carry on, closing her eyes waiting for the painful impact.

“I got it,” says a deep voice into her ear, sending a chill through her entire body.

OMG! The freaking voice is deep and resonates throughout my entire being. What the hell! His scent is spicy, totally sexy, and heady.

Gage stands tall behind her, he swiftly extends his muscular arm around her, leaning into her as his strong hand grabs the handle, and instantly pulls it up and away from her. He sets it down on the vacant aisle seat next to her.

Slowly, Gage pulls away from her, watching her closely. He grinds his jaw to control the rampant emotions rushing through his body gathering into a throbbing ache in his groin. He hisses, closing his eyes.

What the hell! I don’t even want to know why? It can’t be! Is it possible? Fuck! It’s her sweet floral scent!

“Ohhhhhhh, uh. . . . . . thank you,” gasps Carina taking a step forward, moving away from his fiery body.

She raises her trembling hands up to tuck her long golden-brown strands behind her ears as she turns around.

Carina’s eyes widen, long curly lashes frame hazel eyes, and she licks her dry lips. She rapidly blinks as she looks up at the huge man. She stares into the man’s black eyeglasses trying to see his eyes.

She nods, a soft blush creeps up her face, and she bites the lower corner of her inner lips as she tilts forward grabbing the carry-on handle keeping her eyes on his face. Her huge hazel eyes expand as she focuses on the perfect full masculine lips framed by a black goatee.

Gage rests his huge hands on the back of the first-class seats on each side, grasping the leather tight, bracing himself for the attack to his senses. His hungry eyes drink in every feature of her beautiful face as he waits for Carina to move forward. He clenches his jaw to control the urge to release his shimmering smoke with his spicy bonding scent.

Carina eyes slowly travel down his thick neck, then slowly takes in his wide shoulders shrouded in black leather jacket, and then her eyes move down taking in the tight leather pants.

“Uh. . . . . hmmm.”

Carina contemplates the bulge at his crotch, her eyes widen, inhaling deeply watching his deep purple crown peep up his waistband. She licks her lips watching the cock play peek a boo. Her mouth waters and she bites her lower lip.

OMG! He’s huge! That’s his crown! He looks tough, rugged, and so damn hot in black leather. Fuck!

Gages pale blue eyes discern her hungry look, nods slightly, inhales deeply, and clenches his jaw tight. He moves his right hand and quickly adjusts his pants hissing. He then pulls out his black shirt.

What the fuck! Her scent is driving me insane! Fuck she looks turned on!  

“Hey sweetie, we need to move it,” yells the lady down the plane glaring at them.

“Oh my! Sorry!”

Carinas blush deepens, she hastily turns around and pulls the carry-on. She swings it in front of her and walks down the aisle shifting her hips.

Gages eyes remain fixed on her soft round ass as she walks off. 

What the fuck! I need to talk to her! Who is she?

Carina pulls on the carry-on and runs down the walkway, past the waiting room, down the hall, and into the ladies’ bathroom. She runs into the stall at the end leaning against the cold metal door closing her eyes tight. She inhales deeply and exhales gasping for air. She releases the carry-on and handbag, allowing them to fall onto the floor, raising her hands up to her face. She shakes head, inhaling deeply.

Oh my, he’s so damn hot! What in the world was I doing gawking at him, uh. . . . . almost drooling, thinking of riding that huge cock, forgetting everything. What’s wrong with me? How can I possibly think of riding his cock! I don’t know him. Oh, but that cock looked so yummy! Damn it, my mind stopped working, and my body was on fire! Fuck, in front of all those people! Hell, I was holding up the line! How fucking embarrassing!

Gage walks further down the aisle and stops to reach overhead. He grabs his carry-on and walks forward to exit the plane. He takes long strides down the ramp searching for Carina.

Fuck! Where is she? 
Available in eBook
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Release date July 1, 2018

Author P.T. Macias
Available for immediate download!
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