Sunday 30 August 2015

#Free for three days - Blue Moon House #bdsm #vampire #erotica #menage #paranormal

Free! Blue Moon House - the bestselling book that started the series - is free in anticipation of the release of the fifth installment, Investor. For August 30 and 31 as well as the release day, September 1, you can get this hot novel for your Kindle.

Julia has the chance to become one of the vampires of the Blue Moon House. Before being accepted, however, she must prove herself to each of them, and each has their own exacting cost.

Ranging from lesbian, to being forced, to physical torture, she is pushed to her breaking point time and again.

Here is a scorching excerpt from Blue Moon House:

Pressing Julia’s face to the bed, Sophia’s hand came down hard, making Julia wince at the stinging. Then there was burning as Sophia’s teeth broke the skin of Julia’s left buttock. Another spank and another bite.

“Tell me you are prepared,” Sophia demanded.

“I-I am,” Julia stammered. Harry had instructed her to take extra iron and over-hydrate in anticipation of being fed upon this weekend. She expected Sophia wouldn’t be the only one to bite her. All these bites were quick though, small blood loss. Julia was sure the purpose was to put Sophia’s saliva into the wounds. It had an aphrodisiac effect, making Julia start to sway her hips as she became hotter and wetter. Sophia indulged her, fingers stirring her pussy only to stop and spank her again for several minutes, long enough for the edge of pleasure to recede into pain. Then Sophia would bite again and start fondling.

Saturday 29 August 2015

#SatSpanks - Gentleman #spanking #erotica #bdsm #vampire

Harry hasn't finished enjoying Lynn's punishment. This excerpt from Gentleman follows quickly on the last.
Blurb: Harrold lives an empty life. He has no joy in his marriage, no love of his work. His only reprieve is found at the hands of the whores, the ones he pays to beat and debase him. Upon being accepted into Blue Moon House, he learns the real cost for his desires, and what underlying need is really aching to be filled.

Harry fell flat to the floor, screaming at the pain. Lynn gripped his hair and pulled his head back. “Do you see red?” she asked.
Breaking out in a sweat, he pushed himself up. “No, madam.” He gasped for breath, his bottom aching and burning at the same time. Every muscle of his body was held taut in anticipation of pain.
The leather of the crop tapped his cheek, the smell making him wild. His hips rocked, seeking release.
“Good boy.” The next pain was smaller and unexpected. It felt like she had bitten him.

Thursday 27 August 2015

Thursday Tasters: Pandora 28

Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

Russel continued to shave even though he couldn't see his face any longer. Once he was home, he'd have servants to do it for him, but along the way-
He cursed loudly and dropped the knife in a clatter when he cut himself for the third time. Curse the girl. What had she done to all his mirrors? And ones that weren't his. This was an ordinary Inn, one he had never visited before. And yet, his mirror reflected the Princess, resplendent in silks and cavorting with a queen that could only be Helen. Every now and then the witch came into view as well.
They were definitely back in the fortress. If only he could hear them, he might have some idea where they were and how to find them again.
Wiping the last of the creamy lather from his face, he turned his back on the image. He would find her. Find her and take her. She wouldn't escape him again. Donning his coat, he went in search of a mount to carry him home.

Wednesday 26 August 2015

#MidWeekTease - Investor excerpt - #gay #erotic #sexy

The fifth Blue Moon House book is less than a week away! I hope you enjoy this tease from it and consider preordering from Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, or Smashwords.

Blurb: Terrance is fascinated with the vampires of Blue Moon House. When a fire leaves them homeless, he seizes the opportunity to build them a new house in America. With them in his debt, he buys time to win their affection. However, a ship at sea is not the safest place for a trio of vampires. Undaunted, they set off on a voyage of wonder, danger and pleasure. Investor is the fifth installment of the Blue Moon House series. However, as each subsequent volume is set further in the past, they may be read in any order.

Terrance grasped Nicholas and his words cut off. Running his fingers over Nick was similar to how he held himself, but so much more sensual. His skin was so soft over the rigid shape. When he pulled his fingers up, he was met with a bead of fluid, allowing his hand to move more freely. Nicholas must have found the same because Terrance thought he was burning with the slippery strokes he received.
“I need you,” Nicholas said, cupping Terrance's ass and pulling him closer again. Both cocks were pinned between them. “Tell me I can have you.”
Terrance kissed him, letting the action speak louder than words. Nicholas gripped his ass again, massaging it, sliding his fingers over the skin. They waddled to one of the framing posts and Terrance took hold of it, his pants around his ankles. Nicholas waited only a few moments before rubbing the head of his cock against Terrance, working him open slowly.
Kisses showered down on Terrance's back, though his jacket and shirt. Nicholas' hands drifted up, under the shirt, pulling him back onto Nick's cock. It was much more difficult this time. Terrance gritted his teeth and cried out as Nicholas seemed to tear him open. The hiss of pain turned quickly to a moan of pleasure as he was filled, stretched to breaking.
“Hold still, Love. I don't want to make it worse. Fuck you feel so good around me. Can you feel how close I am, how much I want to come inside you?” He murmured while his hands flowed over Terrance's skin, one stroking his cock again.
“Yes,” Terrance panted. “I want to come with you. I want to be part of you.”
“You are all of me,” Nicholas said. “You are every bit of me and all of you. Together, we are amazing.”
“Amazing,” Terrance murmured. He shifted on Nicholas and the tear burned, but inside he ached. The need outweighed the small pain easily and he rocked on Nick's cock, beginning to throb.

Be sure you pop around to all the other teases. You won't be disappointed!

Sunday 23 August 2015

Cover Reveal - From Martin to Martina #transgender #LGBTQ @JSMorbius #sexy #erotica

Are some secrets simply meant to come out?
Martin, a man in a steady relationship, is hiding a secret from his partner, a secret that could drive them apart if she ever found out.
Is his relationship over when Sally finds out about Martin's fantasy fetish, or is he willing to give in to her conditions to save their relationship? Will he lose himself and his divinely satisfying office activity, or will his every fantasy finally come true?
Find out in this sizzling, sexy tale of self-exploration, masturbation, and possible negotiations in making a good relationship become great!

Chapter One
As soon as the front door closed I was out of my chair and watching from the window as my girlfriend walked down the path, heading for work.
Once I saw her reach the end of the road and get in her friend's car–the same friend always picked her up–I made sure the doors were locked and headed up to the newly converted attic. Originally, I had it modified so I could work in peace away from Sally and her friends, who always seemed to be around the front room, talking about girly things like make-up, lingerie, and which film or television star they would fuck.
Even though I knew that Sally would never cheat on me, and she was only having a laugh with her friends, it wasn't what I wanted to hear, what my girlfriend would do with this star or that star in intimate detail, so when I told her my plans for the attic she agreed it would be a good idea. In only a matter of weeks it had been completed. Once it was done, I moved all my computer equipment up there, kitted it out like a home office, and even put a sofa bed in there in case I worked too late. I was a digital artist and web designer and when an idea gripped me I rarely wanted to leave it, even to sleep.
That was when I found out that I liked to do more than design websites or draw fantasy figures. Being alone had given me all the peace and free time I had wanted, yet, niggling at the back of my mind, I found myself thinking more and more about what Sally and her friends talked about, especially the lingerie. The way they used to describe the different feeling of different materials against their naked bodies, the items and colors of lingerie they would wear, what they wore for what occasion, what each different piece made them feel like; it all used to have me getting aroused more and more often.

Author's Bio

J.S. Morbius is the pseudonym of an engaged father to nine children, four of his own and five stepchildren. He is also partially disabled, having been born with a neurological condition that has caused his nervous system to deteriorate over the years and finds writing to be the way to express his feelings, and fantasies.
Having been writing for less than five years, Star Search, published by Naughty Nights Press in November 2011, was his first release.
His second stand-alone release, Addicted to Charlie, came out in June 2012, quickly followed by Naughty Hot Shots - Reunited at a Reunion, which earned him his first ever bestseller certificate from his publisher, NNP, and then shortly after that his next Transgender release, Naughty Hot Shots - Top Of The Class, which earned him yet another silver star at All Romance Ebooks on the very first day.
J.S. has several stories, both gay male and transgender, currently on the editing table of his publisher that he hopes will be out to his fans shortly. A recent surgery to assist him in his mobility has added to the unfortunate delayed releases, but now that J.S. is on the mend he has jumped back into the wonderfully busy process of working with his editor to cultivate his upcoming works.
J.S. now considers writing to be his main occupation, and continues to write, mainly in gay male, transgender and cross dressing genres.

Where you can find more about me, my life and my work

Twitter: @JSMorbius

Saturday 22 August 2015

Cover Reveal - Blue Moon House: Investor #BDSM #vampire #paranormal #erotica

Blue Moon House: Investor 
by Angelica Dawson

Terrance is fascinated with the vampires of Blue Moon House. When a fire leaves them homeless, he seizes the opportunity to put them in his debt and himself into their hearts. They agree to his proposition of a new house in America and set off on a voyage of wonder, danger and pleasure.

Investor is the fifth installment of Angelica Dawson's Blue Moon House series. With each subsequent volume set further into the past, there is no need to read these books in order. Just pick it up, and enjoy!

Here is a longer excerpt from Investor:

He’d been coming to the ladies of Blue Moon House long enough that the true proprietor of the House had identified herself. Sophia and Lynn shared more than ebony black hair, they were also much older than they appeared, eternal. Once sure of his discretion, they had asked for payment in a new fashion. All the whores knew Sophia, Lynn and Nicholas were vampires, but Terrance was one of the few clients to share in the secret.

If Lynn had bitten Eliza, the girl was lucky to still be as focused as she was. The vampire bite was accompanied by a rush greater than any tobacco, any opiate. However, the object was to provide him with a show, not feed. If she wanted that, she should have taken Amelia’s place.

“Mmm,” Amelia hummed in response to his increased arousal, the thought of Lynn biting him. He wanted to chide Lynn but didn’t want to interrupt.

Terrance pushed Amelia back and rose, approaching Lynn’s feet on the edge of the bed. He stroked his palms up the back of her legs while she used her mouth on Eliza. He couldn’t see her biting, only licking and sucking. The other girl swayed, her hands searching under Lynn, presumably for her small, round breasts.

Terrance had always preferred the woman with glowing brown eyes, even before he knew what she was. Using his thumbs, he gently pulled open the lips between her thighs. The skin between was pink, but not red like Eliza’s. That was nearly as dark as Lynn’s tongue. Amelia’s hands slid over his hips, stroking him while she pressed against his back.

He’d intended to watch the women, but it wasn’t enough. Amelia was doing a wonderful job, but he didn’t want to sit by. He wanted to be surrounded by women, smothered under them.

Angelica Dawson, bestselling Naughty Nights Press author, has been writing for several years and having sex a lot longer than that. Angelica is a wife, mother and environmental consultant. Her love of plants and the outdoors is not diminished by the bloodsucking hoards -- mosquitoes and black flies, not vampires. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter and her blog, where she regularly posts excerpts from published works as well as those in progress.

#SatSpanks Blue Moon House Gentleman #domme #bdsm

People seemed to like my dominant female, Lynn. Here is an excerpt from Gentleman, where Harry has the pleasure of being under the same hand.
Blurb: Harrold lives an empty life. He has no joy in his marriage, no love of his work. His only reprieve is found at the hands of the whores, the ones he pays to beat and debase him. Upon being accepted into Blue Moon House, he learns the real cost for his desires, and what underlying need is really aching to be filled.

The crop landed on his bare ass. Harrold gritted his teeth against the pain. Lynn's hand ran behind his dangling balls, massaging them. She let go a moment before the crop landed on his other cheek. If he weren't on his knees, they would have folded. He clenched his jaw against the urge to cry out. Lynn's fingers traced the crease between his inflamed cheeks, resulting in an unfamiliar tingling.

Thursday 20 August 2015

Thursday Tasters: Pandora 27

Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

“In any case, I will have to go when we wake her. She will not stay if I'm here,” Helen said.
That made Pandora like the idea even less. “Where will you go?” she asked, embarrassed that her voice quaked.
Helen gave Pandora another squeeze, never completely letting her go from the last hug. “I will look for other princesses. I think I heard about one that had been abandoned in King Jonathon's realm. His father certainly had enough bastards to make it plausible.”
Pandora hid her face in her mother's shoulder. Off to find another girl to mother.
With a third squeeze, Helen kissed her daughter's head. “Not soon,” she reminded her. “I will stay at least a month, maybe a whole season.”
That would be a start, but a season? After a decade of not seeing her, it seemed small consolation. “I understand,” she said with a sigh. And she did. The Prince had certainly shown her just how women were treated. Carol was self-sufficient in her age, but all the other ladies of the village were cooped up in their homes, guarded and isolated by their husbands. She didn't wish that on anyone. “Now,” Helen continued, pulling Pandora a little way from herself. “Why don't you show me what Tabitha has taught you.”
With a grin, Pandora dropped the wall holding in her magic.

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Cover reveal - Box set Alpha Shifter Seductions #paranormal #shifter #fantasy #sexy #bbw #alpha

I have the pleasure of revealing the cover for this wicked box set. Make sure you get a copy on September 29th!

Alpha Shifter Seductions features your favorite NYT, USA Today,International Bestselling and Award Winning Authors bringing you a scorching***ALL NEW*** book collection of never-before-seen page turners filled to bursting with seductive shifters.
These hot Alphas will seduce you as you follow dragons, wolves, big cats,and other shifters behind closed doors and between the sheets toward that happily ever after every romantic at heart secretly craves.
Find out what pleasures these Alphas can offer when the temperatures shift!

Not Your Bitch by Angelica Dawson
Zoe doesn’t like being Elliot’s bitch, but doesn’t think she can do better. Linc is bound to prove her wrong, by making her his bitch, his mate.

Here is a really short excerpt, then go on and read about all the other great stories in this set!

“You are beautiful.” To make his point, Linc traced her upturned nose.
Zoe's eyes drooped sleepily. “You're just saying that.”
His glow went out like a snuffed candle. “You are,” he insisted.
“Yeah, really sexy,” she said with unveiled sarcasm, patting at the ring of flesh around her middle.
Linc ran his fingers down her side, over her belly, under her breasts, and over her breasts. He imagined drawing on her skin, shading all the curves to give them depth.
“I am just saying it,” he said at last and her eyes went wide in his peripheral vision. He continued to follow his finger, dark, on her pale marble skin. “I'm saying it without promises, without strings, without my own reasons. Just saying it.”

Kitsune's Raven by Phoenix Johnson
She's a Fox. He's a Raven. From opposing sides of a shifter clan war, their relationship is against the rules...but nothing is sweeter than forbidden fruit.
When Kitsune returns home for a fireworks festival, she doesn't expect to run into Karasu, a handsome young man with a smile that melts her heart and dampens her panties. Their attraction is instant, their love bright and hot.When she discovers he's from an enemy clan, and a Raven shifter, she fights her instincts and the clan laws to be with the one she loves.
Will their love be the balm to heal the rift between the two clans? Or will it spark an all-out war?

The Claiming by Lashell Collins
Xander Salvador knows he's destined to be Alpha of the Woods Canyon Pack. He’s felt it in his soul his entire life, even through the taunting and ridicule he’s suffered over the disgrace of how his parents died. But the Claiming is drawing near. The ancient, and some say barbaric practice, where the strong and worthy males battle for the right to be Big Dog often ends in death. And in order to join the battle and step into his destiny, Xander must first claim the heart of his chosen mate, Antonia Montgomery.

Toni doesn’t have time for love. She’s driven to take the reins of her ailing father’s company and prove that she can keep it on top. Her eccentric aunt’s tales of werewolves and bizarre mating rituals have no bearing on her life. Until she’s bitten by a wolf one night and her safe, structured world begins to spiral out of control. Now, strange things are happening to her body. And the mysterious, sexy man who always seems to be watching has her wondering if her aunt’s wild tales could be true.

Savage by Kim Faulks
The transition from woman to wolf is a right of passage, one hidden in secrecy and terrified whispers of those females left behind. Not all who transition live to warn the others, and so the female population in the packs dwindle. Trapped by the call of the moon and her own body’s yearning to mate,Mia does the only thing she knows—run. Can she survive when her scent sends the males in her pack into a frenzy? Or will two unlikely Alphas show her that both pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin?

Love Like Wings by Amy Lee Burgess
Dragon shifter Sebastian knows the value of things but no one can put a price on Alexa, the woman he knows is his mate. He has three days to convince her they belong together or he will lose her forever. Can he overcome Alexa’s pride in time?

Claiming His Mate by Bethany Shaw
Erik hasn't stopped thinking about Lexi since he was forced to leave town three years ago. When he returns, he is devastated to learn that Lexi has moved on. It’s for the best. Wolves don’t mate with humans. But there is something about Lexi that keeps drawing him in. Will he be able to claim her for his own?Or has he lost his chance for good?

Complication by Elle Thorne
Bootilicious Laken Araya has to serve as a judge in the equivalent of a shifter Supreme Court. No problem right? Until the one presenting the case is a one-night stand she never should have had.

Polar bear shifter Malachi—Ky—Romanoff is in a hell of a position. He’s representing the petitioner in front of a woman who was butt-naked in a reverse cow-girl the last time he saw her. He couldn’t even find the memorable woman because they’d never exchanged names. And now he can’t talk to her outside the confines of the case.

When the Snow Flies by Kiki Howell
On a spiritual journey to heal after a tragic accident, Anna thought the worst that could happen while walking in a labyrinth was to be taken by a stranger. A human stranger. Little did she know her meditation would capture the attention of dragons.

Unbroken by Fiona Steele
A woman who belongs to another. . .

All her life Emma Pearce only wanted one thing—to live amongst the magnificent winged steeds known as the Pegasi — even if it means accepting a ring from a man she’ll never love. When a storm sinks their ship and tosses her ashore on a remote island, she finds herself torn between two men, both dark strangers who’ve been battling for centuries.

A wounded king. . .

Davian Belmarric, once king of the free Pegasi, allowed himself to be imprisoned on a remote island with his mortal enemy, the leader of the serpent shifters, the Belleros. Despite torment by his foe, he takes refuge in the knowledge that his sacrifice saved the Pegasi from extinction. But when a shipwrecked young woman brings news of the greater world, he discovers his sacrifice might have been in vain . . .

A battle for her heart

Davian never cared about escaping the island or even surviving—until Emma’s arrival awakens in him a savage need. When his enemy suggests a contest to end their conflict and decide who will leave and who will stay, Davian fears his need to win will cost Emma her life.

Ngyong's Tiger by Melissa Bell
Ngyong is a secret part of Japanese Folk Law - He is the last of his line,and his family's tales of the 'Legend of the Fox' will die along with him. He is resolved in his decision to never take a mate.
Savannah is Ngyong's new neighbor, she's beautiful, curvy in all the right places and she likes what she sees on the other side of the fence. She has her own secrets, ones that could get them both killed.
It's impossible to outrun your fate, especially when it's all claws and Legend.
(Five Brothers Series Spin-Off)

Changeling's Revenge by DJ Shaw

Peyton Milne had grown up feeling like she was different from everyone else. She’d always been able to do things, sense things, others couldn’t. When she turned twenty, her mother told her something every person fears; she wasn’t a Milne and never had been. She wasn’t even human. She was Fae; a Changeling – the only good news, a unique type since she’d survived to adulthood.Now Peyton is on a mission to find her Fae family and find out why she was left out in the human world to die. And for that she was going to need some help. Enter Basil, a shifter with a chip on his shoulder and banishment under his belt.With this kind of fire-power backing her, she hoped her family had a really good answer to her question.

#MidWeekTease Blue Moon House Investor #ARC #BDSM #vampire

I have an offer to make. There are ARC copies of Investor available to those who are willing to leave a review when it releases at the beginning of September. Have a tease and then consider adding your name to my list.

Blurb: Terrance is fascinated with the vampires of Blue Moon House. When a fire leaves them homeless, he seizes the opportunity to build them a new house in America. With them in his debt, he buys time to win their affection. However, a ship at sea is not the safest place for a trio of vampires. Undaunted, they set off on a voyage of wonder, danger and pleasure. Investor is the fifth installment of the Blue Moon House series. However, as each subsequent volume is set further in the past, they may be read in any order.

“Mister Ford?” another woman asked. He turned to find a lovely lady with hair nearly as fine and light as his own. Hers wasn't piled like so many in attendance, but fell down her back in a shimmering curtain. “Would you walk with me?”
Terrance didn't argue but took the lady's hand.
“My husband has been...unavailable lately.” She took several steps in the direction of the parlor. “I was wondering if you might be...available.”
Terrance smiled, opening the door for her. “I seem to be available,” he teased.
She laughed as she followed him in. “Forgive me for being so forward, but I noticed that you had found a way to be with your ladies while at the party. The idea appealed to me. The risk.” Her voice dropped, becoming breathy. “And with a strange man.” She walked closer, her head just below his chin, breasts pressed to his chest. “It's very alluring.”
Terrance brushed her hair back. “You have a husband?” he asked.
She pressed her lips together. “That's not a problem, is it?”
Wrapping his arms around her, he planted a firm kiss on her lips. “Not for me.” He lifted her slightly, onto her toes, pulling her flatter against him. She would be able to feel him stiffening against her. As she did, her kiss became more erratic, her tongue flicking and darting.
“Yes,” she told him. “Like this. Illicit.”
“You only want me because you can't have me?” he asked, whispering into her ear.
“Yes. Makes me want you more.” Her hands tight behind his neck, she tried to pull herself up, tried to wrap her legs around him. He pushed her hips back slightly. Once he had them gripped, he turned and placed her on one of the settees. Thankfully, his pants were loose, as he knelt before her, pushing her skirts up.
Her eyes widened, but she didn't argue, taking the fabric in her hands to hold it away.
Terrance ran his fingers up the inside of her leg, tracing the top of her stocking where the color changed from white to a pinkish ivory. She was nearly as pale of skin as he was, too. Slipping one finger under the belt securing the stocking, he teased her thigh while kissing the exposed skin above it.
The longer he licked and sucked, the more breathy the woman became, the heavier the smell of musk coming from her. After repeating his treatment on the other side, she was practically panting. He took his time spreading her lower lips, touching each surface and admiring how dark pink they had become. The vampires didn't flush as deeply as this.

All reviewers who accept an ARC copy and successfully post a review for Investor on Goodreads and Amazon within the first week of its release (September 1-7) will be automatically entered into a draw for a $50 Amazon gift card! What could be better? A chance to be the first to read Investor and a chance for a free gift card! ARC copies will be sent out the week of August 20th. All you have to do to get yours is sign up here.
Be sure you pop around to all the other teases. You won't be disappointed!

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Don't Call Me Baby #Free Aug 17-19 #erotica #newadult #menage #may-december #romance #olderman


Don't Call Me Baby

It's 1983 in Maryland and Catherine Stone is sex on wheels. She plays the field the way men have done for aeons. Not content to strive for her MRS. degree like so many young women her age, she seduces men of all stripes.

When she tries multiple partners and bondage for the first time as a submissive, she believes she's found the sexual bliss she is looking for – and with a man who not only introduces her to the fineries in life, but also cares about her like no man ever has before.

DON'T CALL ME 'BABY' is a fast-paced, quick-witted, and sexy novel about a young woman exploring her sexuality and the cultural morés she collides with on a daily basis.

Does she meet her match in this new man who introduces her to sexual ecstasy she has never before experienced?


Don't Call Me Baby is a fast paced, very adventurous romantic novel that will take readers on a roller coaster ride of scorching romantic fun. The main character, Catherine, is a woman after my own heart. She is young and fiercely independent, and beyond gorgeous. She is not wealthy, but she wants to live the good life and is not afraid to go get it. She is also very sexually liberated, and in the 1980's this was sometimes a good thing, and sometimes a not so good thing. The story is so blisteringly hot and steamy; it's difficult to put down. It took me back to a better time, and a time I enjoyed much more. It is a novel I truly enjoyed reading, and will definitely be reading time and time again. It's not for the faint of heart, but it's also not to be missed.

So many men, so little time. Catherine has a long list of men that she sees on a regular basis, and at the top of the list (for the moment, anyway) is Brian. He's one of her professors at Quincy, and a married man, but that's never been a problem. But he's so demanding! So maybe some time apart will be just the trick. A summer theater camp at another local college for local teens should make him realize that Catherine is not his possession, right? That is, until she gets to the camp and meets the other counselors. Ryan is gorgeous, and the rest? Well, what's a girl on her own to do? Why, enjoy as many as she can! In the meantime, Catherine will come to grips with her mind and her heart, and will figure out what she really wants in life.

About the Author

Elizabeth Black writes erotica, erotic romance, speculative fiction, fantasy, dark fiction and horror. She also enjoys writing retellings of classic fairy tales. Born and bred in Baltimore, she grew up under the influence of Edgar Allan Poe. Her erotic fiction has been published by Xcite Books (U. K.), House Of Erotica (U. K.), Cleis Press, Circlet Press, Ravenous Romance, Scarlet Magazine (U. K.), Naughty Nights Press, and other publishers. Her dark fiction and horror has appeared in Kizuna: Fiction For Japan, Stupefying Stories, Zippered Flesh 2: More Tales Of Body Enhancements Gone Bad, Midnight Movie Creature Feature 2, Teeming Terrors, Voluted Tales, and Mirages: Tales From Authors Of The Macabre (edited by Trent Zelazny).

An accomplished essayist, she was the sex columnist for the pop culture e-zine nuts4chic (U. K.) until it folded in 2008. Her articles about sex, erotica, and relationships have appeared in Good Vibrations Magazine, Alternet, CarnalNation, the Ms. Magazine Blog, Sexis Magazine, On The Issues, Sexy Mama Magazine, and Circlet blog. She also writes sex toys reviews for several sex toys companies. She has appeared as a speaker at numerous conventions including Balticon, Arisia, NoVaCon, SheVaCon, JohnCon, and two Worldcons.


Catherine awakened to feel Duncan putting a blindfold over her face. Frightened, she jerked and raised her hands to her face to remove it.
“Calm down, gorgeous. It's only me. Let's play a game before we get up for the day.”
“What do you have in mind besides making me blind?”
As he brushed kisses against her back and shoulders she relaxed face down on the bed.
“That's better, sleepyhead. How about a morning fuck?”
“I'd love to but you better use lots of lube. I'm sore as hell.”
“Instead of straight fucking, how about a little backdoor play?” His finger drew circles down her spine, across her buttocks, and slid to her anus.
“Mmmmm… I'm game. I'm a backdoor virgin so be easy on me.”
“I'll make it exciting for you. And look what I found in your suitcase. Oh, I'm sorry, you can't see. I blindfolded you. Well, give me your hand and I'll let you guess.”
He took her hand and fastened something tight around her wrist, then hooked it to the bed. When she realized what it was her heart lurched in excitement.
“You found my handcuffs! Oh, yes, restrain me. Take me as your slave.” She wanted to give her entire will over to Duncan, as she had never done before for any man. When Duncan restrained her other wrist to the bed, leaving her arms spread and immobile, the thrill of what they were about to do overcame her, leaving her shivering with anticipation.
“You will be my submissive pet, my dear. And now, here's a little gift I bought you last night while you were in the bedroom with Sam.”
A silicone ball moved its way between her teeth and a leather strap fastened behind her head. So he's gagged me! Gagged and restrained! This is new and exciting. Duncan is my dream come true. I finally met a man who brings out my kink and isn't put off by my fucking around. Accustomed to being in charge and taking the lead, letting go of her aggressiveness felt incredibly freeing. In charge, Duncan took over her morning and she wanted to do whatever he wanted. She also knew he would take good care of her and give her the excitement she waited for.
“We need a safe word but obviously you can't speak, so if you want to stop for any reason, make five loud grunts. Sound good?”
She nodded and gave Duncan five loud and staccato grunts that would act as their safe word.
“That's perfect. I won't do anything you don't want me to do. Now, you relax and let me take care of you.”
When she felt his hand take hold of her ankle, she gasped with a heady mixture of nervousness and sexual arousal. His palm rubbed up her calf, eliciting shivers from her warm skin. Then he took her foot in his hand, pulled her leg taut, and fastened a cuff around her ankle, restraining her to the bed. With only one leg free, she enjoyed the feeling of immobilization, wanting Duncan to take over her sexual pleasure. When he cuffed her other foot to the bed, she lay face down, blind and mute, trapped and pinned for his pleasure, never before having been in such a subservient position—and she liked it! She knew she welcomed any of Duncan's advances, no matter how adventurous he chose to be with her.
The delicate scent of pink lotus reached her nose mere seconds before the warmed oil dribbled on the back of her legs. Duncan's big, meaty hands rubbed the oil into her skin and then he pressed his fingers into her pressure points on her calves and just above her Achilles tendons. His thumbs found her arches and pressed hard and deep, sending jolts of pleasure up her legs to slam into her groin and ass. She wanted to feel his hands all over her body but he took his time with her, not rushing their pleasure. His slow pace turned her on. In Duncan's home, she could relax and lose herself in their sex play. As Duncan worked her awakening muscles, she realized she rushed her fucking far too often, mostly in response to the fear of not being caught by wives, cops, or college administrators. To be taken by a man at his slow, attentive speed felt much more arousing than the fevered groping she was used to.
His hands rubbed the sleep from her thighs, awakening a sexual urge from her that needed release. She craved the touch of his fingers against her pussy, rubbing against her erect clit, or better yet, inserting one or two at a time in her anus. She dug her knees into the mattress, raising her bum slightly in the air. Duncan responded by massaging her ass cheeks so hard that he pushed her body into the bed, making Catherine grunt with exhilaration. She giggled when warm oil dribbled on her ass to run down her crack, and she wiggled her hips as the oil tickled her skin. Duncan's strong hands massaged the oil into her ass cheeks, his fingers approaching her anus but not directly touching it. Stop teasing me! I want to feel your fingers inside me. I want to feel your hard cock ramming in and out of me!
He teased her anus, approaching and driving Catherine into a frenzy of arousal only to pull back and massage her ass cheeks. She gripped the headboard rungs with her hands, wishing she could grip his cock and shove it deep inside. As she arched her back, hinting for him to enter her, he rubbed the entire length of his hand along her crack, pressing over her anus but not entering her. The stimulation drove her mad, made her blood rush through her body to flow into a hot pool around her pussy and ass. When she thought she couldn't take any more of his incessant teasing, he slid one slick finger into her waiting opening.
She rocked back and forth against that finger, feeling it go completely inside her. Then, she felt a second finger join the first. Her heart thumped hard in her chest, taking her breath away she felt so aroused. Her pussy throbbed with pleasure, wanting to be filled and plugged as well. As Duncan stretched her anus, she rocked in time with his movements, enjoying the sensations that grew from deep inside her. So focused was she on her own arousal that she barely heard the sound of the condom wrapper tearing. When Duncan pulled his fingers from her she felt the cavernous opening and knew it needed to be filled.
When Duncan slid his cock inside her he stopped at the end of his head, helping her to adjust to his girth. She held her breath, bracing herself to take in his entire length, when he slid in another inch. She moaned in ecstasy, putting all her weight on her knees so he could take her up the ass the way she wanted to be taken. He slowly moved out of her and then slowly slid back in, an inch deeper. And then another inch, making her see the blood rushing behind her eyelids. She arched her back in response to the enormous, full feeling he gave her, yet he was not finished. The humming was so faint she barely heard it but when she felt the device on her clit—he homed right in on her most sensitive spot without needing a map to find ither body shook with pleasure. Lifting her ass to invite him fully in, he pulled out slightly and then slid completely inside, filling her to the brim and properly plugging her. Immobilized and trussed for his pleasure, she relished her submissive pose and the hot fucking he gave her.
Fuck me hard, slam into my ass! If only she could speak! But the ball gag made her position all the sexier. She motioned with her ass, lifting it up as high as she could to signal to him that she wanted him to bang her good and hard. He pushed himself as deep inside her as he could get as he rubbed the vibrator against her pussy lips and clit. She gripped the restraints with both fists as she rocked back and forth to take the movements of his cock as he thrust in and out of her. No longer an anal virgin, she relished the feel of his massive cock inside her, making her feel aroused as never before. He slammed into her, faster and faster, and with a grunt came hard inside her. Without warning he ramped up the power of the sex toy's vibrations. She stiffened her body until it nearly lifted off the bed and with a loud cry, came hard against his cock and the vibrator that rasped against her swollen clit.
After wave after wave of intense orgasm, she collapsed on the bed, too tired to move. He blew butterfly kisses on her shoulders and back as he released her from her restraints. Her heart slowed from a frenetic gallop to a slow crawl as she languished in her afterglow. Freed from the cuffs, she removed the blindfold and ball gag. Spent, she curled into a ball on her side and cupped her pussy with her hands.
Duncan crawled into the bed beside her and wrapped his arms around her. “I take it you enjoyed your anal deflowering?”
“So you'd like to do that again sometime soon?”
“You are truly incredible. A free spirit. I like that. I'm glad I found you at the resort.”
“Same here. Only one problem.”
“What's that?”
“I don't think I'll be able to walk for at least a day. I'm sore inside and out.”
“You got quite a workout. I know exactly the thing to recharge you. How about a traditional English breakfast, a shower, and then we head to your party?”
“That sounds wonderful and I'm famished.”
“You rest here while I make breakfast for us. It's only eight. We have plenty of time to get ready for the party.”

Saturday 15 August 2015

#SatSpanks Blue Moon House Investor #BDSM #Vampire #ARC

I have ARC copies of Investor for readers who are willing to leave a review when it releases at the beginning of September. Have a tease and then consider adding your name to my list.

Blurb: Terrance is fascinated with the vampires of Blue Moon House. When a fire leaves them homeless, he seizes the opportunity to build them a new house in America. With them in his debt, he buys time to win their affection. However, a ship at sea is not the safest place for a trio of vampires. Undaunted, they set off on a voyage of wonder, danger and pleasure. Investor is the fifth installment of the Blue Moon House series. However, as each subsequent volume is set further in the past, they may be read in any order.

“Do you trust me?” she asked as he pulled her dress off, revealing her naked form.
“With my life,” he said, a soft smile matching his sincerity. He put his life in her hands every time she fed.
“I’d like to try something.” She unfastened his breeches and pulled him from them to the bed, wrapping his hands around one of the bed posts. Then she took his belt and wrapped it around, securing him there.

What was she doing? He trusted her and wouldn’t argue or fight, but he was terribly curious.
He yelped and hopped closer to the bed as her hand connected with his buttock.
“Tell me when it hurts too much.” She slapped him again on the other cheek. The places her palm landed were extra sensitive, feeling every stir of the air, but the rest of his skin was on edge, feeling the roughness of his blanket, the smooth wood of the bed post, the softness of his own skin where his thighs rubbed along one another, where his sack rested against them.
Lynn repeated her actions, slapping him a total of six times before reaching around to stroke him. His fiery flesh rubbed against her soft cool skin. It was like a balm, but at the same time he flinched at how strongly he felt every movement. He ached to be held and stroked and her slow movements did just that.
“God, Lynn, you are amazing. I want to spend forever with you.”
She stopped, resuming after a few moments. “Forever?”
“Yes. America or France or anywhere else. I want to follow where you go, stay with you, and Nicholas and Sophia.”

All reviewers who accept an ARC copy and successfully post a review for Investor on Goodreads and Amazon within the first week of its release (September 1-7) will be automatically entered into a draw for a $50 Amazon gift card! What could be better? A chance to be the first to read Investor and a chance for a free gift card! ARC copies will be sent out the week of August 20th. All you have to do to get yours is sign up here.
There be more spanking below!

Thursday 13 August 2015

Thursday Tasters: Pandora 26

Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

When she looked down next, she saw the prince again. He was with another woman, and his beauty was once again undeniable, even though dark blue and green blotches dotted his back and side. Pandora took some small pleasure in that.
He turned and seemed to look straight at her, but the woman said something before pulling his face back to hers. Unnerved, Pandora built the wall for her magic again and was careful not to look back until she drained the tub.
Her mother and Tabitha hadn't wasted the day. The rooms that had been cluttered and dusty, shadowed by thick curtains, were now warm with the setting sun and surfaces seemed to sparkle.
“Yes,” Helen said, surveying the surroundings. “I think Bianca will like it here.”
Pandora's less than chipper mood soured a little more. “You're that eager to bring her here? To push me aside again?”
Helen hugged Pandora. “No, of course not. However, I do want to help Bianca, don't you? If we don't teach her, she'll marry a king and be little more than a slave to him. If we can help her, she will be more like us, able to stand up to those who would claim her.”
Pandora had no argument with that, but that Tabitha did.
“I wonder. You had a natural rebellious streak, hardly surprising with your background. Pandora has also got an independent nature. She certainly fought me.” Her wide grin showed her pointed teeth. Pandora had expected anger with that statement, not pride. “Bianca, however. Well, she fought you,” she said, pointing a gnarled finger at Helen, “but not her father, not the dwarves, and not me. I wonder, even if we teach her, if she won't end up some King's bauble.”

Wednesday 12 August 2015

#MidWeekTease Another excerpt from Investor #erotica

Hello teasers and teasees! I'm happy to bring you a hot snip from the upcoming Blue Moon House volume, Investor. This is the story of the icy Terrance and how Blue Moon House came to America. Along the way Terrance is introduced to homosexuality by the always empathetic Nicholas.

Once Terrance had puzzled out that Nicholas had been in her asshole, he was able to fill in the blank in his mind regarding male lovers. The idea was so strange though, that he hadn't really considered acting on it, until Nicholas clung to him after the girls had finished.
“Please,” he whispered, twisting face down beneath Terrance.
The ladies frowned, but did what they could to help. Their soft slender fingers slid over his skin, building him up again. Sophia guided him while Lynn licked and kissed his back and bottom. He didn't know what oil or grease she had applied, but he was slick in her nimble fingers.
Nicholas' breath came in deep pants, a small cry escaping when Sophia's finger opened him for Terrance. Lynn's hands held his hips, pushing him forward.
It was a tight fit, tighter than he had ever known. He thought perhaps it wasn't possible, that he couldn't squeeze down that small. Rather, he realized, it was a matter of Nicholas spreading, opening.
As soon as the head was in, both ladies backed away. It was up to him now. He moved as he would taking a girl from behind. His cock slid in further, the tight channel opening into something a little wider, but still holding him.
Nicholas whimpered and Terrance nearly pulled himself out. However it was accompanied by, “Yes, at last,” and a sigh so content, that Terrance's heart swelled. The sounds coming from the man beneath him were as dear and enjoyable as any he had heard from a woman. He lowered himself until his cheek was alongside Nicholas' and turned to kiss him.
It was an awkward twist, but eventually Nicholas was able to return the kiss, grinding his hips against Terrance's. The two began moving as one, each finding bliss in the other.

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