Saturday, 8 August 2015

#SatSpanks Slave on Slave

So, after warming up Will's bottom, I thought it might be fun to see what he does to others.
Blurb: How does a slave become an equal? What does it take for a young man to see women in a new light?
Will has no interest in women. He thinks them all animals to be trained, beaten. It doesn't take him long to discover his preference for men, but time and error reveal how wrong his view toward women is. Before long, he is able to separate the way he treats women, which is still horrific, from the way he regards women, as fellow human beings.

In this excerpt Will has a fellow slave under his hand.

“Do not look at me like that,” he warned. His free hand slapped the outside of her thigh.
“Ah,” she cried, her eyes closing for a moment.
“You need to be beaten?” he asked, slapping the other thigh harder than the first. Her hips jumped and her thighs rubbed one another. He slapped each fleshy leg twice more, watching the ripple move along her skin. It was satisfying, despite the obvious female curve to her hips. Again, he was sure this would be better with a man, but pain, he could take pleasure in that regardless of gender. He paused to twist each nipple hard and the whore cried out again.

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  1. "...pain, he could take pleasure in that regardless of gender." Darn sadists, why do we find them so hot? Intriguing snippet, Angelica.

  2. I heart sadists, and I'm loving the snippets from this book!

  3. Very sensuous. I could sense each touch

  4. It sounds like someone is getting turned on from this spanking!

  5. The sensations in this snippet were amazing...

  6. Interesting that he can get turned on by hurting someone, and not care if it's a man or a woman. Even so, I have a feeling when it comes to sex, he draws the line. Then again, if he gets turned on enough, maybe not.

  7. I'm curious to find out how he starts to balance her pleasure and pain...intriguing snippet! -Alexis Alvarez

  8. There is definitely something exciting about a sadist at work! Hot snippet!

  9. Wow, a very intriguing snippet. Well done.


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