Wednesday 12 August 2015

#MidWeekTease Another excerpt from Investor #erotica

Hello teasers and teasees! I'm happy to bring you a hot snip from the upcoming Blue Moon House volume, Investor. This is the story of the icy Terrance and how Blue Moon House came to America. Along the way Terrance is introduced to homosexuality by the always empathetic Nicholas.

Once Terrance had puzzled out that Nicholas had been in her asshole, he was able to fill in the blank in his mind regarding male lovers. The idea was so strange though, that he hadn't really considered acting on it, until Nicholas clung to him after the girls had finished.
“Please,” he whispered, twisting face down beneath Terrance.
The ladies frowned, but did what they could to help. Their soft slender fingers slid over his skin, building him up again. Sophia guided him while Lynn licked and kissed his back and bottom. He didn't know what oil or grease she had applied, but he was slick in her nimble fingers.
Nicholas' breath came in deep pants, a small cry escaping when Sophia's finger opened him for Terrance. Lynn's hands held his hips, pushing him forward.
It was a tight fit, tighter than he had ever known. He thought perhaps it wasn't possible, that he couldn't squeeze down that small. Rather, he realized, it was a matter of Nicholas spreading, opening.
As soon as the head was in, both ladies backed away. It was up to him now. He moved as he would taking a girl from behind. His cock slid in further, the tight channel opening into something a little wider, but still holding him.
Nicholas whimpered and Terrance nearly pulled himself out. However it was accompanied by, “Yes, at last,” and a sigh so content, that Terrance's heart swelled. The sounds coming from the man beneath him were as dear and enjoyable as any he had heard from a woman. He lowered himself until his cheek was alongside Nicholas' and turned to kiss him.
It was an awkward twist, but eventually Nicholas was able to return the kiss, grinding his hips against Terrance's. The two began moving as one, each finding bliss in the other.

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