Thursday 28 February 2013

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - Less than Perfect

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It had been chance, grabbing Doug’s netbook instead of her own. He’d assured Carey she should keep it for the weekend.

She stared at breasts too perfectly round. Like the other models, she was chained.

Bondage didn’t bother her, nor the porn on his laptop. It was how perfect every one of those models was. None had more than a 30 waist. Hers was 40. Many had large breasts, but not Gs. And they all had perfect shaved pussies. She’d tried a Brazilian and pebbly pimples had stopped her going back.

Was this what Doug wanted? Tears blurred the image.

Wednesday 27 February 2013

#ThursdayThrills - Unexpected

Thursday Thrills go on, even though we've lost Tallulah Rose. We hope she comes back one day.

Stacy stood at the gate. The address had to be wrong. This place was a mansion. She turned and walked back to her car, pulling out her phone to send another text.
Haha. Now what's your real address?
Justin had been putting off meeting her for months. He hadn't sent any pictures, and neither had she. Both put little stock in appearances. There was something more than lust between them, more than chemical attraction. They'd spent months chatting online, talking to one another on the phone. She'd known after that second call that she was hooked. She didn't care about appearances, but his voice? She thought she'd melt away and have to scoop up the puddle under her bed. She did end up with a bit of a puddle and had to change her sheets.
He could talk the panties off any woman but assured her he didn't. He also assured her that her voice was like honey to his sweet tooth and he couldn't wait to kiss the lips that said such naughty, dirty things. He couldn't wait to be in the same room with that screaming, grunting woman when she surrendered to her passion.
What do you mean? Wait!
They'd talked about work, and he'd envied her the lower stress of her family bookkeeping. She worked for family businesses, helping with the accounting for entrepreneurs, particularly immigrants. She didn't think it was low stress, but compared to software design deadlines, it sounded like a dream.
The gates opened and a round man came trotting toward them from the house.
"Stacy?" he said, panting.
She knew that voice. She looked over his pudgy belly and limp dirty blond hair. A pair of classic Jerry Lee glasses perched on his nose, making his eyes buggy behind the thick black plastic rims. His nose was small and little squashed, and his plump lips were parted and he gasped for breath.
"Don't go," he said. "This is my house." He leaned on his knees for another moment and then stood, his hands reaching for her arms.
She still held her phone in one hand and the other rested on her purse strap, ready to toss it in the car.
"Justin?" she said in disbelief.
He nodded and smiled.
That did it. She didn't judge by appearances. She knew this man and had been pleading to meet with him. His smile, although she'd never seen it before, was instantly familiar, like she'd dreamed it a thousand times. She let go the strap and touched his cheek briefly before hugging him tightly.
His hands crossed behind her back, brushing her ass cheeks as he pulled her closer. "I never thought you'd be so beautiful," he murmured, his voice muffled by her shoulder.
"I didn't know you were rich!" she said backing up and gaping. " a mansion!"
He smiled. "I'm glad you like it."
She smirked. "I didn't say that. I think you just intimidated me."
"Well, you're intimidating me," he argued. "I assumed you didn't want to post your picture because you looked like me."
Stacy blushed a little, looking down. She wore shorts, and her legs were long and slender, just like her mother's. They were white, though. It wasn't warm in Michigan like it was here. She was glad she'd brought her swimsuit. "You have a pool back there?" she asked, slipping and arm around Justin's ample waist and turning him to the house.
"Yeah. You want to swim? I...I have a pair of board shorts...I think."
"You think?" She gaped a moment. "You don't swim every night? It's freaking gorgeous here."
"Yes," he said smiling, "it is." He didn't look around, just at her.
She smirked again. "Please, I'm not that good looking." Her breasts were tiny nubs and her nose was long and pointed. She also wore glasses, though she only needed them for long distances, driving. Her teeth were abysmal. Her parents hadn't been able to afford braces and she never thought it mattered much. Her hair, like his, was a dirty color, not blond, not brown, just...bleh. She tied it back most often, never knowing what to do with it.
"You are," he insisted. "I...Your swimsuit...I...Give me a few minutes, okay?" he said, after ushering her through several doors. The one he opened and shut quickly seemed to be a bedroom in the split second she saw it. There was definitely a computer in there, and dirty dishes, and...he lived in there. She looked around the rest of the house and saw how pristine it was. The opposite of that flash.
She knocked. "Justin? Can I come in?"
"No." His voice was strained and he seemed to be grunting. "Just need...a few..."
Stacy crossed her arms. She'd shared a lot with this man. She should know what he was doing right now.
Her arms fell to her sides. "Justin? Are you whacking off?"
"No!" he said, his voice even more harsh.
"I'm coming in," she warned, opening the door.
"No, please, I."
Sure enough, he had his pants around his ankles and his dick in his hand. He ran for the attached bath, tripping on his pants and falling.
Stacy ran to him, flipped him onto his back and sat astride his full belly. "I'm here to help with that," she reminded him, nearly laughing. "You don't have to do it yourself tonight." She slid back to his thighs and ran her hand over him. He wasn't remarkable here either, but after having a few large men, she could appreciate someone that fit her.
"I couldn't go out in shorts," he tried to explain. "You would know right away."
She laughed again and leaned down, kissing him as she'd been longing to since he first spoke. It was a first kiss, gentle and warm. She rubbed his cheek with her thumb. "I wouldn't mind."
She turned her head and saw the deep blue night sky and the lanterns surrounding the pool.
"That's it?" she asked.
"Yeah. I can take care of this and then-"
"No. I'm taking care of this and you're taking care of me. Then, if we have any energy left at all, we can do it again out there."
Justin almost squeaked. "Really?"
She frowned. "Why? What's wrong?"
"I just thought, now that you've seen me, you might change your mind."
She smiled and leaned down to kiss him again. This time she let her tongue brush his lips, waited for them to part and put all of her longing into it. She had been waiting months for this man and he thought she was running away?
"Silly man," she whispered before resuming the kiss and stroking him again. When she slid up, rubbing herself on his leg, she told him. "If you don't start touching me soon, I might go." It was an empty threat, but he didn't disappoint, sliding his hands up the back of her legs and under her shirt. He kissed her throat and hummed against it, almost purring.
"Fuck, Stacy, I never thought you'd stay. I never thought I'd get to touch you."
"Silly man," she said again, reaching down to unfasten her shorts. "I have wanted you since you told me why you're alone, since you admitted you were scared. I'm scared, too, but I'd rather be with you, and fear losing you, than never have you at all."
He moaned and she felt him twitch in her hand. "Thank you, Stacy."
"For what?" she asked, afraid he was going to thank her for not running away or something equally stupid.
"For convincing me to do this. I don't think I could have come to you."
She smiled and kissed him again. "I love you, Justin Walker."
"I love you, Stacy Medici. Please stay."
"For now," she agreed. "Now hurry up and get these off," she complained, kicking down her shorts.

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Tuesday 26 February 2013

#HDH Hump Day Hook - Interests

Today's Hook comes from the fourth of the Blue Moon House prequels and a very rough first draft. This is from Terrance's point of view. Remember, I'm not alone in this. Be sure to check out the other great hooks by visiting the blog.

Terrance’s hand brushed through the blond hair in his lap. The whore was good. She used both hands as well as her mouth. He cast a glance at her and met her brown eyes briefly before focusing again on the pair atop the bed. The women fondled one another expertly. It seemed a race to see which could make the other scream first. The redhead was likely to lose. Both women were panting, but Eliza was nearly as red as her hair, a fantastic flush spreading down her chest. It was even odds that Lynn was cheating.

Monday 25 February 2013

#TantalyzingTuesday - Hair

Jocelyn sighed and began pulling pins, letting her curls fall around her shoulders. Her golden locks were one of her best features and most of her lovers had enjoyed touching them.

“You look uncomfortable,” she suggested, playing with the waist of his pants. “You should take those off.”

“You will take them off,” he answered. Her nose nuzzled under his chin as she let the coarse material fall to the floor around his bare feet.

His penis still bobbed lightly, not fully hardened. She stroked it once, feeling the change beneath her fingers — blood filling vessels, muscles tightening, tendons pulling. It all worked in concert to pull his genitalia up. It filled her hand, soft, but not as warm as she had expected. She frowned a little.

“Are you cold?” she asked.

“Not even a little. Would you mind taking care of this as well?” he asked, plucking at his shirt.

Jocelyn grinned and began removing it, kissing down his bare chest. All the men she'd been with had hairy chests. She cupped his sack and gently massaged the pair of balls while continuing to kiss his abdomen. He curled his hands into her hair and pushed her lower.

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Friday 22 February 2013

Saturday's #AfterDark Moment - Girls

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"Holy shit," Mark cussed. "Who is that?"
Leo, sitting next to him, didn't see what the fuss was. "My sister? Dude, so out of your league," he warned his friend. "She's dating a guy on the NFL draft list. You don't have a chance." He focused on the TV again.
"Who said anything about dating. I just want to tap that."
Leo slugged his friend in the arm. "Dude! My sister."
"Yeah, and a hot piece of tail." He was practically drooling. "You know, if I lean back, I can almost look up her-"
He didn't get to finish as Leo tackled him. He used his knees to pin Mark where he was and then tried to block his view of the hallway.
"Ow! Get off, man," Mark hollered, struggling and trying to work himself free.
"Stop staring at my sister," Leo warned. "It's gross."
"She's not gross, she's fucking hot."
"Stop it!" he said again, his hand pushing into his friend's face.
"What is going on in here? I told Bea that I my brother was okay. Don't make me a liar." Connie stood watching them, hands on hips. Her shorts were high enough that a sliver of her ass hung out in the back. Leo wasn't looking at that, though. He was looking at the girl in a sequined halter behind Connie. Her black hair was short and spiky, making her look tough, but her curves and the twinkle in her eye said otherwise. Leo loved the combination. A girl who could kick his ass? Yes, please.
Mark took advantage of Leo's distraction to stare opening at the cleavage displayed by Connie's low cut top. He didn't even see the other girl.
"Yeah, we're cool," Mark told them. "Just having a disagreement." He pushed Leo off him.
Leo stood and stepped closer to Connie. Looking at his sister seemed to restart his brain. "Hey, where you guys headed?"
"Club. You coming?" She looked disparagingly at Leo's flannel shirt. Mark was doing better in his office-casual gear.
"Definitely. Gimme one minute." He raced up the stairs, wishing he could take the time to do something with his hair. He didn't count on Connie waiting more than a minute, however, so he just grabbed a new shirt and hit himself with body spray.
"Bea," he said, checking his reflection for zits. "Bea."
He ran down just in time to see Mark following the girls out the door. Leo followed, bumping into Bea outside the car.
"Oh, I'm sorry."
Her eyes were cool. "I would hope you are," she said, sliding into the front with Connie. Mark and Leo took the backseat.
"Dude! We're going out with your sister. How did that happen?"
Leo shrugged. He didn't know and he didn't care, as long as he got to spend more time with Bea.

Thursday 21 February 2013

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - Life and Death

She shuddered and shook, still fighting birthing pain. “Don’t hurt her!” she yelled for the sixth time.

“I’m not going to hurt her,” the grey fairy shouted back. “Worry about them.”

He meant her brothers, the Summer fae that knew this child was more Winter than one of them.

“Don’t let them hurt her,” she said more quietly, feeling her mind clouding. The block that kept the child from freezing her from within had thinned at birth. She was becoming numb.

“Get her!”

The grey fairy disappeared, taking the infant. She didn’t feel it as her brothers tore her apart.

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Whisper on a Scream - Cree Walker

Welcome back Cree Walker. Her Hot Shot, Taming the Cougar, has gotten a silver star on ARe, but that's not why she's here. Her novel, Whisper on a Scream, has released in paperback! What does having a physical copy of your book mean to you?

Oh, good question. When I was first accepted for publication, I was more than happy to be an eBook writer. I am well aware of the fact that eBooks are quickly becoming the norm in the industry, but when other people would request a signed copy of my book and I told them I was eBook published, I would get snide looks or comments as though I wasn’t really published after all. Soon I asked my publisher if they were ever thinking of paper publishing. I was told to be patient…so I was, and then suddenly one day, my publisher contacted me and asked me if I’d like to sign a contract for paper publishing my series. I’ve been unskillfully working it into every conversation since. So I guess having a physical copy of my book is proof to me that I have really done it.

Part of me is sad that you needed that to make it real, but then I'm just happy you have it! Is this the first book you've had published on old-fashioned paper? (well, the paper isn't old-fashioned, it's brand new, but you know what I mean.)

Yes, it is and I have a few more to follow!

Excellent! Is marketing and selling a hard copy easier or more difficult for you?

Wednesday 20 February 2013

#ThursdayThrills - Dinner Theatre

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"Wine," one of the men in black ordered. Jasmine yipped and jumped forward, nearly slopping from the decanter.
A hand landed on her bare bottom and she took the glass pitcher in both hands. "Fool, girl! How do you expect to be ready for tomorrow?"
"I'm sorry, sir," she said, feeling tears in her eyes.
"Give me that," another man said, grabbing her pitcher. "On your knees, slave."
Trembling, she knelt, opening her mouth. She was fairly certain she knew what would come next.
"What have we here?" a female voice said. Jasmine didn't take her eyes off the man's crotch before her. "Boys, you can do better than this." There was a snap of fingers and scurrying. "This is Emanuel. I think he compliments your girl, nicely."
The man in front of her stepped back. "Indeed. Let's see them together. Jasmine, turn around."
She didn't rise scuffing her knees as she turned to face a young man, also nude, his cock hanging limply against his thigh. Behind him was a shiny black skirt and deep red blouse on a woman no larger than Jasmine. She was obviously in charge, however.
"Hmm," the woman said, tapping her finger to her lips. "No, I don't think so. Evan, move those plates and glasses aside," she said to one of the men in black, pointing at one of the tables.
"Yes," he said, brushing silverware and flatware away onto a cushioned chair. "Jasmine, come here."
She rose obediently, her apron brushing her thighs, the only clothing she wore. She stood at the table looking toward the fireplace.
"Tomorrow, all eyes will be on you. You and Emanuel. Give us a taste of what our guests can enjoy," he said running a finger down her cheek.
"Y-yes, sir." She stammered only slightly. She wasn't afraid. She trusted Evan, more than the other men in black. His friends had never hurt her, but she always had the impression they wouldn't mind if they did. Evan knew exactly how to hurt her, how to make it burn in the way that had her pulse racing. She glanced up, breaking her submissive stance to peek into his eyes. A smile, full of warmth and love resided there, a smile she could trust.
Emanuel looked at his mistress the same way, and so neither felt the least afraid or even uncomfortable as they bent over the table. Jasmine's smiles and cries were genuine, Emanuel's thrusts and grunts honest and true.
"Breathtaking," the woman said.
"I don't know, just a couple people fucking," one of the men in black muttered.
"And that, John, is why you will never have a sub like Jasmine," her Master told him. "You don't see them clearly. That's my girl," he murmured and she was spurred on, encouraged to go deeper.
When she and Emanuel lay on the table, panting and exhausted, applause came behind them. Jasmine tried to turn and Emanuel shifted so they could both look behind them.
"Tomorrow is going to be perfect," the woman said.
Jasmine smiled and started resetting the table.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

#HDH Hump Day Hook - Slave

Today's Hook comes from the third of the Blue Moon House prequels. This is from Will's point of view. Remember, I'm not alone in this. Be sure to check out the other great hooks by visiting the blog.

“Will, stop.” It wasn’t Terrance but Sophia. Even after three years in their service, he was still becoming accustomed to his new masters. They could hear everything in the house and they were as fast as ghosts, appearing in one room and then another. He had learned quickly to do as they asked, when they asked, because they always knew if he didn’t. “Go back to your book.”

“No,” he said, not taking his eyes off the woman before him. “This is what you want, isn’t it, whore?” He stepped closer, squeezing her cheeks and deforming her mouth. “You want me to fuck you savagely while I tear out your hair, twist off your nipples.”

“William,” Sophia said again, an air of command.

“No, wait.” This time it was Nicholas. Were they all going to watch him? Not that he particularly cared, but it would increase the woman’s shame.

“Yes,” she said, tears leaking from her eyes. “Please, sir.”

Marsha Cook hosted me and other NNP authors on her show last night. Check it out.

Monday 18 February 2013

#TantalizingTuesday - Laugh when you Play

“You're nothing like boss man,” she said, straddling him. “I like you.”

“I like you, too,” he said, holding her back and leaning down to kiss a nipple. Kendra squirmed when he did, her slick skin sliding over him until she caught him in the right place and pushed down.

“I'm going to ride you until you come,” she told him, shifting her weight to drive more of him into her. He gritted his teeth as her cheek rested against his. “This isn't scary. It's fun.”

“There will be something even more fun after,” Lynn promised. “Not all men are here to hurt you.”

Harrold leaned into Lynn's hand on his cheek then turned to kiss Kendra's. He wished there were a way to please both of them.

Kendra got her long legs in place and stretched toes to floorboards. Then she started slamming her hips into his. She wasn't heavy, but obviously strong, the chair groaning as loudly as either of them.

Lynn whispered to him again, “You will be strapped.”

The threat was enough nudge as Kendra squeezed him tight in her own release, and he bit into her shoulder as he spurted stream after stream into her.

Laugh when you play, then cry in the end. Well, cry out, not cry. Anyway. Read all the Tuesday Teasers by visiting the blog.

At War in the Willows - @KikiHowell

Welcome fellow Naughty Nights Press author Kiki Howell. She doesn't have a new release to celebrate, rather a new format. You are a very prolific author. When did you publish your first book?

October 2008 was my first release. I had started writing again in 2007 after about a decade off doing the stay-at-home mom thing. :) I was very lucky that it all happened really fast after I got back into it.

How has your writing process changed from then to writing At War in the Willows?

Friday 15 February 2013

Saturday's #AfterDark Moment - Return

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Irene stood on the shore, straining to see.
"Is it them?" a girl beside her asked. "Have they come home?"
Irene didn't answer. It looked like the right boat. The time was right. It should be them.
Her new husband had left with her father and three other men to meet the other clan chiefs. Their meeting would seal the peace they'd come to enjoy for another decade, another generation of children who didn't know war. They had left two weeks ago, and Irene had started watching the day before last when she wasn't busy in her home.
She smoothed her dress, hoping it was them, hoping she still pleased Owen. There had been a time when she  would rub mud on her clothes and face to avoid his eye, a time when she wanted nothing but to be a free woman, able to fight her own fights and care for herself.
Owen had changed that. Slowly, carefully, he worked his way through her hard exterior, one built by six brothers and a clan chief. Her heart was well defended, but he'd stolen it anyway. She would walk across this lake to reach him if she had to.
"Can you see?" an older woman next to her asked.
Irene shook her head. Not yet, just a boat with men in it.
She covered her mouth in shock when an arrow arced from the boat to land with a thunk into the wood planks of their dock.
"Everyone back!" she shouted. "Tell the men! Get them ready!" Irene hefted her skirt and ran from the shore. In her tidy home she yanked off the garment and pulled on one of Owen's tunics instead, her legs bare beneath. She also took his second sword, a gift from her father, and her own bow and quiver, which she hadn't picked up in years. Squaring her shoulders, she went to join her brothers on the beach.
"What are you doing?" Sean asked. "If they take you, you know what they will do."
They would rape her. They would steal her body as Owen had stolen her heart. He still had it. Without it, her body meant nothing. "Let them try," she said, pulling back her arrow and sending it into the boat. One man fell out, splashing into the water.
Sean laughed. "I forget how fierce you are. I'm afraid for them," he lied, pulling back his own bow to fire.

Thursday 14 February 2013

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday - Flip Switch

Another break from the world of fairy to return to the world of men.
“Sir, I need you power down your phone and put your briefcase under the seat in front of you.”

He scowled at the woman who only smiled in return. “I need to finish this,” he said, continuing to type.

“Well, the rest of the passengers are waiting while you do.” She batted mascara laden lashes in an expression that was as devoid of humor as her smile.

“Then they can wait.”

“Mister McMahon,” she said sharply. “You will turn off your phone. Now.”

He looked up about to reprimand her. Instead of a submissive stewardess he found the exact opposite.

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Wednesday 13 February 2013

#ThursdayThrills - Where are you Tallulah Rose?

We may have lost our leader, but we're carrying on anyway! Check out all the stories of 1000 words or less, inspired by this picture.

"And, cut."
Jerry immediately rolled to side and spat. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to breathe like that?" he said between coughs.
Lacy crossed her legs, robe wrapped around her still naked form. "Actually, I know exactly how hard it is."
Jerry's eyes narrowed. Oddest porn star ever, making the oddest movie ever. Who got off on choking a guy with chocolate? Lacy Bordeaux.
Jerry wiped his ear and glared at the chocolate coating it. He'd rolled in the puddle that had melted. The remaining sticks made a gooey mess on the tile. "You're fucked up, Lacy," he said, using his shirt to wipe his ear.
"Stop!" Lacy said. "We didn't wrap. You need to do it again."
"Fuck you," he said, storming away to the john. "You're not paying me enough for this."
Lacy stepped into his path. "Have you ever had to suck on two cocks at once? Do you know what it's like to feel like you lips are ripping apart? You will get back on this set and shoot it again. And you'll do it a third time if that's what I need. Do you know why?" She poked him with one long, pink fingernail. "Because you signed a contract, asshole. Just like I did the first time I walked on a set. It was a stupid contract and they made me do horrible things, but I signed it." She stepped a little closer, her large breasts pressed against his chest. He couldn't help but remember fucking them earlier, holding those globes around his hot cock while he thrust up toward her mouth. Her tongue had flicked out, teasing him. It had been hard to keep his cool, but he wasn't supposed to shoot in that scene.
And his stupid shorts did nothing to hide the fact that he was remembering. Lacy smirked. "Your contract isn't half so bad. So you have to choke on some chocolate. At least it tastes better than some hairy guy's cock." She turned to walk away.
"Hey, I'm not hairy!" he yelled.
"No, and you don't taste bad either," she said with a wink.
Maybe he could make it through one more take. But he was washing out his ear first, dammit.

#VampireBlogHop - Feeding

Vampire Bites Blog Hop! Here's a tease from the current Blue Moon House prequel I'm working on. This is Nicholas still learning how to drink without killing.

He let his teasing fingers slip between the folds of her lips and she cried out, squeezing her legs around his wrist to keep him there.

He pulled free easily and pushed her hip back to the mattress, using his knee to hold her in place. “Come for me, Judith. Let me hear you.” His fingers spread her lips wider and slid into her stroking inside.

“Oh, yes, Nicholas. I will come for you.” She squealed slightly. “I feel I am bursting already.”

“No, you aren't there yet,” he told her, adding another finger and reopening the bite on her neck.

She screamed at the heat in her blood, her hips jumping, thrusting into his hand. He put a hand to her throat to hold her still. He couldn't stop feeding this time, but he didn't want to tear her throat apart.

“Yes, yes...oh.” Her last syllable was a sigh and it was followed by nothing. Her body went lax and Nicholas continued to drink.

“Stop!” Sophia shouted, opening the door.

Nicholas' lips sprang back from the madam's neck. Sophia reached over and put a hand to the wound, staunching the blood still oozing.

“What have I done?” Nicholas asked.

Tuesday 12 February 2013

#HDH Hump Day Hook - Gentleman

Today's Hook comes from the second of the Blue Moon House prequels. This is from Harry's point of view. Remember, I'm not alone in this. Be sure to check out the other great hooks by visiting the blog.

Delores pursed her lips. “I might feed you, if you earned it.”

Remembering his last exchange with the older woman, he twitched in his pants. “What services would you require?”

“Oh, hot and dirty work.” Her eyes shone with a smile she prevented from reaching her lips.

“I'm afraid I have no work clothes.”

“Well, then you shall simply have to shed what you wear.” She turned her back, paced down the hall and snapped her fingers.

Harrold dashed to her side. Veronica wouldn't miss him.

Monday 11 February 2013

#TantalyzingTuesday - Guests

Unable to resist, he hurried to the guestroom. Inside, he found all three vampires. Sophia sat astride Nicholas’ hips with Lynn upon his face.
Sophia and Lynn kissed, oblivious to Terrance in the doorway. He recalled his desire on his birthday. Nicholas was exactly where he wanted to be.
Lynn turned her head and saw him. “We have company.”
Sophia turned sapphire eyes to him. “Indeed. Thank you for your kindness,” she said, reaching her hand toward him at the door, beckoning. “Let us repay you.” She pulled him closer and unfastened his pants, stroking his length and leaning toward it.
He stepped nearer and she opened wide, licking from his balls to tip before holding his base and sliding her mouth over him.
Lynn listed to the side and pushed him. He stumbled and fumbled as they shuffled him into place. Eventually he knelt astride Nicholas’ chest.
Sophia sucked, sliding in time to her hips on Nicholas. Lynn’s tongue teased his backside, flicking and darting as Nicholas’ likely was.
The vampires had been at it longer, and Sophia held him tightly in her hand as she cried out, a flush spreading across her chest.
Nicholas groaned and seemed to relax.

200 words from Terrance's induction into Blue Moon House. Read more teasers by hitting the blog.

Sunday 10 February 2013

The White Warrior Series - Nichelle Rae @nichelle_writes

Today I'd like to introduce fantasy author, Nichelle Rae. The first installment of her White Warrior Series, Only a Glow is available now.Your website has a very clean look. Did you find it difficult to find a template/site structure? Did you learn any tips you can share?

Thank you so much for saying so! I actually hired a web designer, so I cheated a bit, and as we were going through the design phase she asked me what three words I wanted visitors to say about my website. My very first answer was "clean!" I've been to messy websites and nothing makes me bounce faster out of a website then one that is hard to maneuver. I wanted people to navigate my website with ease.

Really? Wow, nailed it. And that's not cheating, it's smart. You don't currently have a blog on your website. Do you plan on adding one?

Friday 8 February 2013

Saturday's #AfterDark Moment - Silk and Sows

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The ribbon was beautiful but useful, just like she was. The men might see nothing but a woman, someone to be used and discarded, but she was more. She was a boon to the man who took her. Wealthy and intelligent, she had turned a sow's ear into more silk purses than she could count. Obviously she couldn't transform a sow's ear, but she could trade it for a scrap and thread. She had built herself, her dowry, from the scraps her father left. As a girl, she had passed for a boy, making the necessary purchases and sales. No man would own her as long as she knew how to make her own way.

Fanny held her dress up and Sarah stuck her hands through as the fabric fell around her covering the corset. It was another symbol. There was more beauty beneath. The shell was just that, the outward face she displayed for all to see. Beneath was her heart. She could be the refined Miss Mae or she could be the urchin Billy Jo, beneath she was always Sarah.

"Don't think you're going a mite overboard?" Fanny asked, lacing up the dress as tightly as the corset.

"Not a lick. This is my chance to meet Mister Brown and trip him into falling for me. I'm not about to skimp on detail." She perched on a stool to apply her cosmetics. Fanny began working her hair. "If I land this, Fanny, we'll be made."

The old hag smiled, softening her garish features as they were reflected in her looking glass. "You made yourself a long time ago, Miss Mae."

She smiled back. "I suppose, but this will make me for life." She touched her lips together, kissing her reflection. "There has to be an easier way," she thought, lining one eye. "Why couldn't I have been the son my father wanted." That thought had haunted her since his death. It was stupid. She couldn't change who she was anymore than she could make the sow's ear something it wasn't. She simply had to use what she had. And by God, she was going to use it all tonight.

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Thursday 7 February 2013

#FFF Flasher Fiction Friday- Afraid

She held the blade like a weapon as the winter fae approached. They would not get her. She wouldn’t let them take her baby. The baby that froze her middle and made her mind scream. She used that and screamed at them.

“My father will kill you all!”

“Listen to me, Verte,” the grey fairy called from the midst of them. “We aren’t here to hurt you. Trust me.”

“Trust you? You’re the one who did this to me! Stay back!” The bushes here were only twigs, the birds carrion feeders, but she used Summer magic on both, shielding herself.

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Wednesday 6 February 2013

#ThursdayThrills - Reflections

She didn’t look dead. How else could she hold so still in such an obviously uncomfortable position. Her eyes weren’t closed. Wouldn’t she have closed her eyes? One, two, three. By sixty, there’s little doubt. I sink to the pavement, not knowing what I can or should do. I didn’t kill her. I’m not even the first to find her. Someone beside me is on his phone. He sounds like he’s fighting panic. I’m not in a panic. I’m cold, and there is a knot in my stomach that makes it hard to breathe, but no panic. Dread. Why should I dread? I’m not the one on the counter staring out at an uncaring world with lifeless eyes. 

Or am I? The knot coils tighter and I feel like I might turn inside out. I put my hands to the glass that reflects the clouds above. I need something solid, something stable, something besides the concrete.

My hands pass through and I look up my arms, my bare arms. Then down, the same dress.
No, it can’t be. She doesn’t look anything like me. She has lank tangled hair while mine is fluffed and wavy. She has pale skin, but mine is rosy, flush. Her eyes seem empty, reflective. I look into the glass for my reflection, to see my eyes.

Nothing. I’m not in the reflection. I AM the reflection.

No. I am not dead. I storm through the window and the house. Who did this? Who is responsible? I am not going to just stand around and be dead. I gasp when I enter the next room. It is good this one isn’t visible from the window or the man on the phone would be more panicked. Blood smears the wall, the bed. Ricky lays in a pool of his own blood on the floor. On the nightstand is a glass next to a bottle of pills, the ones he gave me. The ones he said would make everything okay.

Blackness. I can’t see the room, or either corpse. It’s dark and empty, but I hear screaming, Ricky screaming.

“Wait! Trish! Don’t do it! It’s me. Remember? It’s Ricky.” Then more screaming and yells to stop.

Color returns in a flood, first red, then yellows, greens and blues. First the blood, then the earth and sky. He couldn’t have known. Neither of us could have known what that white pill would do in combination with the pink ones I took every day. Was it the interaction that stopped my heart, or the reality of what I’d done when I recovered enough to know?

I’ll never know. And neither will anyone else.

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Tuesday 5 February 2013

#HDH Hump Day Hook - Kitten

Today's Hook comes from the first of the Blue Moon House prequels. This is from Jocelyn's point of view. Remember, I'm not alone in this. Be sure to check out the other great hooks by visiting the blog.

The door was opened by a young woman with shining black hair and the most striking blue eyes Jocelyn had ever seen. The color didn't look natural. Nothing she'd learned in her six years of biology and medical studies could explain them. Her satin dressing robe was closed, but left little to Jocelyn's imagination as to what was beneath it.

“Yes? Are you sure you have the right house?” The woman spoke with a slight accent — Spanish or Italian, Jocelyn couldn't say. However, she knew she wanted inside.

“I believe I do. May I come in?”

Those brilliant eyes looked over Jocelyn slowly, starting at her crown and moving down over her spring duster to her buttoned boots.

“Take off your coat for me,” the woman demanded.

Monday 4 February 2013

#TantalyzingTuesday - Leashed

Tonight, both Will and Sophia told her, the second barrier would come down. Will had managed to make her climax on his finger using nothing else but his saliva. Granted, that was a potent addition, but no clitoral stimulation, no vaginal—he didn't even fondle her breasts. He simply kissed her and worked his finger in her ass.
That time it had been a single finger. More didn't hurt, and she didn't fear that, but it didn't feel as good.
Philip wore a leather collar around his neck. It had a metal loop in it, like a leash for an animal. In her time, Jocelyn had seen many of the people moving between the kitchen or the parlor and their rooms. She'd never seen anything like that on them. One had worn a silver chain like a choker, something similar to the gold one she had on her first visit. That was the only reason she had noticed it.
Jocelyn's mouth fell open when Sophia released a length of leather that must have attached behind Philip's head. He really was on a leash. A crack broke the silence as Sophia struck him on the back of his legs with the leather.

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Sunday 3 February 2013

Beautiful - The Word Count Podcast

If you've never heard of R.B. Wood and his podcast, I recommend heading there now. I participated for the first time this week, reading the first half of Beautiful. I thought I could read the whole thing, but I ended up with 10 minutes LONG before the end. So, I'm posting the entire story here.

Friday 1 February 2013

Saturdays #AfterDark - Embrace the Cold

This is my first go here. I know mine are not always the most erotic flashes, but well, here we go! Remember to check out all the other AfterDark piece by visiting Ray Sostre's page.

Water swirled around her ankles, cold but her feet were used to it. It was colder when the lake water ebbed back, leaving her toes exposed to the air.
She walked along the edge, pretending not to notice anything around her, but how could she not hear them? They whooped and hollered like a pack of animals. She didn't look at them, refusing to acknowledge the boys. They were all facing away, so they wouldn't know she was snubbing them anyway.
"Haha! Look at that!" one called and Marla was foolish enough to peek at them. They hung upside down in their swings, staring straight at her.
"My hood's in the sand!" another one yelled.
"Forget the sand." The third pulled hard on the chains of the swing stopping himself. Marla felt her muscles coil and she pulled her hands into her chest. "I want some of that." He jumped off and spun, his friends slowing behind him. He sprinted, his own bare feet gripping the sand as well as hers.
She dug in her toes and ran, afraid.
"We won't hurt you," the one in the lead said.
"Much," his friend taunted. Marla ran faster. She couldn't possible run fast enough. The boys ran up alongside her. Maybe they were afraid of the cold, she thought. Turning, she dived into the lake, clothes tugging her down. They were easier to fight than boys. She spluttered, but didn't come up until she was far enough to tread water.
"Have a good swim, little mermaid."
"We'll catch you next time."
There wouldn't be a next time. Not if Marla could help it.