Wednesday 13 February 2013

#ThursdayThrills - Where are you Tallulah Rose?

We may have lost our leader, but we're carrying on anyway! Check out all the stories of 1000 words or less, inspired by this picture.

"And, cut."
Jerry immediately rolled to side and spat. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to breathe like that?" he said between coughs.
Lacy crossed her legs, robe wrapped around her still naked form. "Actually, I know exactly how hard it is."
Jerry's eyes narrowed. Oddest porn star ever, making the oddest movie ever. Who got off on choking a guy with chocolate? Lacy Bordeaux.
Jerry wiped his ear and glared at the chocolate coating it. He'd rolled in the puddle that had melted. The remaining sticks made a gooey mess on the tile. "You're fucked up, Lacy," he said, using his shirt to wipe his ear.
"Stop!" Lacy said. "We didn't wrap. You need to do it again."
"Fuck you," he said, storming away to the john. "You're not paying me enough for this."
Lacy stepped into his path. "Have you ever had to suck on two cocks at once? Do you know what it's like to feel like you lips are ripping apart? You will get back on this set and shoot it again. And you'll do it a third time if that's what I need. Do you know why?" She poked him with one long, pink fingernail. "Because you signed a contract, asshole. Just like I did the first time I walked on a set. It was a stupid contract and they made me do horrible things, but I signed it." She stepped a little closer, her large breasts pressed against his chest. He couldn't help but remember fucking them earlier, holding those globes around his hot cock while he thrust up toward her mouth. Her tongue had flicked out, teasing him. It had been hard to keep his cool, but he wasn't supposed to shoot in that scene.
And his stupid shorts did nothing to hide the fact that he was remembering. Lacy smirked. "Your contract isn't half so bad. So you have to choke on some chocolate. At least it tastes better than some hairy guy's cock." She turned to walk away.
"Hey, I'm not hairy!" he yelled.
"No, and you don't taste bad either," she said with a wink.
Maybe he could make it through one more take. But he was washing out his ear first, dammit.