Tuesday 5 February 2013

#HDH Hump Day Hook - Kitten

Today's Hook comes from the first of the Blue Moon House prequels. This is from Jocelyn's point of view. Remember, I'm not alone in this. Be sure to check out the other great hooks by visiting the blog.

The door was opened by a young woman with shining black hair and the most striking blue eyes Jocelyn had ever seen. The color didn't look natural. Nothing she'd learned in her six years of biology and medical studies could explain them. Her satin dressing robe was closed, but left little to Jocelyn's imagination as to what was beneath it.

“Yes? Are you sure you have the right house?” The woman spoke with a slight accent — Spanish or Italian, Jocelyn couldn't say. However, she knew she wanted inside.

“I believe I do. May I come in?”

Those brilliant eyes looked over Jocelyn slowly, starting at her crown and moving down over her spring duster to her buttoned boots.

“Take off your coat for me,” the woman demanded.