Tuesday, 26 February 2013

#HDH Hump Day Hook - Interests

Today's Hook comes from the fourth of the Blue Moon House prequels and a very rough first draft. This is from Terrance's point of view. Remember, I'm not alone in this. Be sure to check out the other great hooks by visiting the blog.

Terrance’s hand brushed through the blond hair in his lap. The whore was good. She used both hands as well as her mouth. He cast a glance at her and met her brown eyes briefly before focusing again on the pair atop the bed. The women fondled one another expertly. It seemed a race to see which could make the other scream first. The redhead was likely to lose. Both women were panting, but Eliza was nearly as red as her hair, a fantastic flush spreading down her chest. It was even odds that Lynn was cheating.


  1. The was not only a HOT hook...it was sexy and left me wanting more!

    Great hook!

  2. Very sexy hook. You described the two women excellently, I could almost feel the furious lust

  3. Woa, I think I have a nosebleed. So much going on here. I love this line: "It seemed a race to see which could make the other scream first." Great hook!

  4. You wrote so many damn good lines and descriptions I don't know where to start complimenting you on this Thursday Thrill. The conflict was perfect. He felt so inferior to her but she kept insisting her desire to be with him. Fantastic Thrill.


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