Monday 18 February 2013

At War in the Willows - @KikiHowell

Welcome fellow Naughty Nights Press author Kiki Howell. She doesn't have a new release to celebrate, rather a new format. You are a very prolific author. When did you publish your first book?

October 2008 was my first release. I had started writing again in 2007 after about a decade off doing the stay-at-home mom thing. :) I was very lucky that it all happened really fast after I got back into it.

How has your writing process changed from then to writing At War in the Willows?

I think I write more from my heart now, listening less and less to the censors in my head. That said, I started with a very literary voice, having been a former English teacher, and I have come away from that more and more as I go.

That makes sense. We need the rules when we start and have a better sense of when and how to break them later. Have you noticed any big changes to publishing? Are there any you particularly like or hate?

No, it is still the dog eat dog world out there, it is just, I think, I have learned what you can ignore and what you can't now. This dog has been around the block a few times now, and to continue this wonderful *giggles* analogy the fleas just don't bother me as much anymore. LOL

Haha! I will admit I'm still working on the fleas. I didn't see a blog on your homepage. Do you have one?

Yes. I have owned and operated Authors By Authors since 2007. I started by hosting other authors over the years, but have kept it just for more personal promo and that of friends recently as things have changed in my life in the last few years.

Interesting. Your latest publisher is Naughty Nights. How have you found working with them?

Everyone is just fantastic. I have worked with over 11 publishers now, and they are one of the best groups I have found! Very supportive from owner to authors.

I have definitely found the same. Your paperback/hard copy is an amalgamation of three books. Do you think it easier to handle them in this form? Or are they still, in your mind, distinct stories with their own lives?

No, this series is very connected, in fact, it would be tough to read them out of order. The story literally continues; where story one ends, story one begins. Only thing that changes is the point of view. So it is like reading a novel that is told by three different characters, all of them from the same vampire clan. it is not your typical series.

Apparently not. What's your next project?

Actually, the novel I am working on, is completely different for me, new genre, new type of story altogether. So much so that I am going to publish it under my real name if it gets accepted. A little stray from my normal. We shall see how that goes. LOL

Well thank you so much for visiting. You can find Kiki on Twitter and Facebook as well as her webpage. You can buy At War in the Willows either in electronic or hard formats from Naughty Nights Press. Also, make sure you enter the rafflecopter draw before to win a handmade scarf from Kiki! Be sure to comment, telling us which supernatural creature you like best: Vampire, Witch or Werewolf, for a chance to win a thong bookmark. I will choose a winner on the 21st and the draw for the scarf closes on the 27th. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway