Friday 1 February 2013

Saturdays #AfterDark - Embrace the Cold

This is my first go here. I know mine are not always the most erotic flashes, but well, here we go! Remember to check out all the other AfterDark piece by visiting Ray Sostre's page.

Water swirled around her ankles, cold but her feet were used to it. It was colder when the lake water ebbed back, leaving her toes exposed to the air.
She walked along the edge, pretending not to notice anything around her, but how could she not hear them? They whooped and hollered like a pack of animals. She didn't look at them, refusing to acknowledge the boys. They were all facing away, so they wouldn't know she was snubbing them anyway.
"Haha! Look at that!" one called and Marla was foolish enough to peek at them. They hung upside down in their swings, staring straight at her.
"My hood's in the sand!" another one yelled.
"Forget the sand." The third pulled hard on the chains of the swing stopping himself. Marla felt her muscles coil and she pulled her hands into her chest. "I want some of that." He jumped off and spun, his friends slowing behind him. He sprinted, his own bare feet gripping the sand as well as hers.
She dug in her toes and ran, afraid.
"We won't hurt you," the one in the lead said.
"Much," his friend taunted. Marla ran faster. She couldn't possible run fast enough. The boys ran up alongside her. Maybe they were afraid of the cold, she thought. Turning, she dived into the lake, clothes tugging her down. They were easier to fight than boys. She spluttered, but didn't come up until she was far enough to tread water.
"Have a good swim, little mermaid."
"We'll catch you next time."
There wouldn't be a next time. Not if Marla could help it.