Monday 11 February 2013

#TantalyzingTuesday - Guests

Unable to resist, he hurried to the guestroom. Inside, he found all three vampires. Sophia sat astride Nicholas’ hips with Lynn upon his face.
Sophia and Lynn kissed, oblivious to Terrance in the doorway. He recalled his desire on his birthday. Nicholas was exactly where he wanted to be.
Lynn turned her head and saw him. “We have company.”
Sophia turned sapphire eyes to him. “Indeed. Thank you for your kindness,” she said, reaching her hand toward him at the door, beckoning. “Let us repay you.” She pulled him closer and unfastened his pants, stroking his length and leaning toward it.
He stepped nearer and she opened wide, licking from his balls to tip before holding his base and sliding her mouth over him.
Lynn listed to the side and pushed him. He stumbled and fumbled as they shuffled him into place. Eventually he knelt astride Nicholas’ chest.
Sophia sucked, sliding in time to her hips on Nicholas. Lynn’s tongue teased his backside, flicking and darting as Nicholas’ likely was.
The vampires had been at it longer, and Sophia held him tightly in her hand as she cried out, a flush spreading across her chest.
Nicholas groaned and seemed to relax.

200 words from Terrance's induction into Blue Moon House. Read more teasers by hitting the blog.