Monday 4 February 2013

#TantalyzingTuesday - Leashed

Tonight, both Will and Sophia told her, the second barrier would come down. Will had managed to make her climax on his finger using nothing else but his saliva. Granted, that was a potent addition, but no clitoral stimulation, no vaginal—he didn't even fondle her breasts. He simply kissed her and worked his finger in her ass.
That time it had been a single finger. More didn't hurt, and she didn't fear that, but it didn't feel as good.
Philip wore a leather collar around his neck. It had a metal loop in it, like a leash for an animal. In her time, Jocelyn had seen many of the people moving between the kitchen or the parlor and their rooms. She'd never seen anything like that on them. One had worn a silver chain like a choker, something similar to the gold one she had on her first visit. That was the only reason she had noticed it.
Jocelyn's mouth fell open when Sophia released a length of leather that must have attached behind Philip's head. He really was on a leash. A crack broke the silence as Sophia struck him on the back of his legs with the leather.

Kitten doesn't have a collar. Will exerts himself in other ways. Want another 200 words? Hit the blog and read them all!