Wednesday 13 February 2013

#VampireBlogHop - Feeding

Vampire Bites Blog Hop! Here's a tease from the current Blue Moon House prequel I'm working on. This is Nicholas still learning how to drink without killing.

He let his teasing fingers slip between the folds of her lips and she cried out, squeezing her legs around his wrist to keep him there.

He pulled free easily and pushed her hip back to the mattress, using his knee to hold her in place. “Come for me, Judith. Let me hear you.” His fingers spread her lips wider and slid into her stroking inside.

“Oh, yes, Nicholas. I will come for you.” She squealed slightly. “I feel I am bursting already.”

“No, you aren't there yet,” he told her, adding another finger and reopening the bite on her neck.

She screamed at the heat in her blood, her hips jumping, thrusting into his hand. He put a hand to her throat to hold her still. He couldn't stop feeding this time, but he didn't want to tear her throat apart.

“Yes, yes...oh.” Her last syllable was a sigh and it was followed by nothing. Her body went lax and Nicholas continued to drink.

“Stop!” Sophia shouted, opening the door.

Nicholas' lips sprang back from the madam's neck. Sophia reached over and put a hand to the wound, staunching the blood still oozing.

“What have I done?” Nicholas asked.