Friday 22 February 2013

Saturday's #AfterDark Moment - Girls

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"Holy shit," Mark cussed. "Who is that?"
Leo, sitting next to him, didn't see what the fuss was. "My sister? Dude, so out of your league," he warned his friend. "She's dating a guy on the NFL draft list. You don't have a chance." He focused on the TV again.
"Who said anything about dating. I just want to tap that."
Leo slugged his friend in the arm. "Dude! My sister."
"Yeah, and a hot piece of tail." He was practically drooling. "You know, if I lean back, I can almost look up her-"
He didn't get to finish as Leo tackled him. He used his knees to pin Mark where he was and then tried to block his view of the hallway.
"Ow! Get off, man," Mark hollered, struggling and trying to work himself free.
"Stop staring at my sister," Leo warned. "It's gross."
"She's not gross, she's fucking hot."
"Stop it!" he said again, his hand pushing into his friend's face.
"What is going on in here? I told Bea that I my brother was okay. Don't make me a liar." Connie stood watching them, hands on hips. Her shorts were high enough that a sliver of her ass hung out in the back. Leo wasn't looking at that, though. He was looking at the girl in a sequined halter behind Connie. Her black hair was short and spiky, making her look tough, but her curves and the twinkle in her eye said otherwise. Leo loved the combination. A girl who could kick his ass? Yes, please.
Mark took advantage of Leo's distraction to stare opening at the cleavage displayed by Connie's low cut top. He didn't even see the other girl.
"Yeah, we're cool," Mark told them. "Just having a disagreement." He pushed Leo off him.
Leo stood and stepped closer to Connie. Looking at his sister seemed to restart his brain. "Hey, where you guys headed?"
"Club. You coming?" She looked disparagingly at Leo's flannel shirt. Mark was doing better in his office-casual gear.
"Definitely. Gimme one minute." He raced up the stairs, wishing he could take the time to do something with his hair. He didn't count on Connie waiting more than a minute, however, so he just grabbed a new shirt and hit himself with body spray.
"Bea," he said, checking his reflection for zits. "Bea."
He ran down just in time to see Mark following the girls out the door. Leo followed, bumping into Bea outside the car.
"Oh, I'm sorry."
Her eyes were cool. "I would hope you are," she said, sliding into the front with Connie. Mark and Leo took the backseat.
"Dude! We're going out with your sister. How did that happen?"
Leo shrugged. He didn't know and he didn't care, as long as he got to spend more time with Bea.