Wednesday 5 December 2018

#MidWeekTease Ethereal Guardian

Welcome to another #MidWeekTease from Ethereal Guardian, the third Ghosts of Salem volume. We finished with Ember more than a little miffed at her witchy roomies.

The new semester meant Ember and Summer were able to put their English class, and the business student they both despised behind them. Even so, when ten rolled around, Ember shivered.
Duncan’s weight, pressing her to the bed. His breath hot on her mouth and neck. His hard length pressing into her thigh, moving up.
“Need a scarf?” Summer suggested, taking off the one she wore. “January chills suck.”
Ember took the brilliant red fabric and wound it around her neck. “Yeah, that’s better. Thanks.”
“Something else?”
Ember smirked. “How can you tell? Yeah, it’s English time.”
“Ah.” Her friend nodded, dark brown hair falling over her shoulders and onto her cheek. “Duncan.”
“He haunts me.” She rubbed her arms.
“No, Geoffrey haunts us. Duncan just leaves a bad smell.” She wrinkled her nose which made Ember chuckle.
“That wasn’t all he left.”
“Well, he isn’t going to be leaving anything else. I heard he’s transferring. Bet he thinks that’ll be the end of all the girl trouble.” Summer’s smug smile didn’t reassure Ember as much as Summer herself. “It won’t. He’s doomed to show his real face from now on.”
Ember nodded. “Yeah, right. That’s good. Is it?”
“Of course it is. He won’t be taking advantage of anyone anymore. He’ll still get dates. It’s not like we cursed him to be a slobbering animal. He’ll just have to win them over properly. I mean, if he starts being a good guy, not an act but really changed, then it won’t affect him at all.”
Ember tapped her pen on her notebook. “Yeah. I guess.” She wasn’t as sure as Summer. Was it justice or vengeance?

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