Saturday 26 January 2013

Tallulah Rose -- #erotica @tallulaherotica

Hooray for interviews! Boo for losing them in my inbox!!! I told Tallulah I'd have her interview up on the 20th. What is it today? A WEEK late? <i>looks for her flogger and cane to give Tallulah</i> I have been a bad blogmistress. Better late than never! Especially when I get to introduce Tallulah. And yes, those are all different links to Tallulah, so you better click them all! My questions begin with her blog. You have several weekly features that may or may not be on every week. How long have you been Friday Five? What makes a WIP officially back burner?

You know, Angelica, I am completely new to the whole process of writing and blogging and social media.

Taking a look around, I saw that the best blogs were the ones with something going on and did my best to emulate them. Most of the features are new, Friday Five for example gives me an opportunity to share something or just add something completely random.

My aim is to publish my true life experiences as erotica before I start to write fictional stories so the WIP'S on the back burner are ideas that have come to me and I have got carried away with.

Wow, starting with real life. I think I might have one story if I did that. I'm horribly boring. Certainly weekly features are great way to make sure you are consistently updating your blog (as you know!). Your trio of features, Thursday Thrills, Weekend Words and Weekly Interview have just kicked off. Do you have a week or two in the bag? Are you posting them as they come?

I have a few weeks of interviews which seems to be the most popular and a couple of weekend words lined up but I need to get out there and flog this horse a little harder.

Fair enough. I see the first picture up for Thursday Thrills. I'll be adding my name because that pic screams Blue Moon House to me! What do authors need to do for Weekend Words? Do they pre-write the post about themselves and send it to you?

I was kind of hoping that for weekend words people would write something similar to a press release about themselves. Nothing formal, just a friendly this is who I am and what I do type of thing. Yes they write it.

Each of these features provide interaction with other authors, which I'm sure will aid in their success. How do you find those authors? What makes you connect with them?

You have to get out there and interact with people if you want them to interact back. There are so many people on Facebook and Twitter etc. that it is impossible to link up with all of them.

Some contributors have come randomly but the majority I have approached simply because they shared a few words with me some place at some time.

Like me! I'm so glad you responded to my request for interviews. What social media have you found most beneficial and why? (Please include your Facebook page and twitter if you have one. I'll link them!)

I think Triberr is probably my favourite right now and it is beneficial to me because I can see posts of interest to me as I approve them. The others all seem to be a bit crowded and it's hard to see the wood for the trees.

Just a Girl is self-published, something I've never had the guts to do. What made you take that plunge? How long did it take to get everything lined up? Will Sharing Clive be self-published as well?

To be perfectly honest I had massive self doubt that anyone would be interested in reading anything that I had written and therefore did not even try to look for a publisher.

It didn't take any time at all to write and publish Just A Girl because once it was suggested to me and I decided I would do it, I just got on with it. Certainly less than a week. It is a shorty though.

And yes, I will be going the same route with Sharing Clive.

Sounds like it has worked for you. Do you ever consider going through a publisher?

I think I shall continue to self publish my true stories, unless someone comes a long and shows a lot of interest. But I may look around for a publisher when I start to put my fiction out, though I have no idea where to look.

I think I might know one...What's next? Do you have a WIP that you expect will be published?

My aim is to publish a short story on the second of every month until my stories are told and my experiences shared. So yes, I have a list of memories that I am working through currently.

Wow! That's ambitious. I am happy getting 2-3 a year, but every month? We'll have to have you back in August or so and see how that's going!

Many thanks Angelica for taking the time and trouble to do this.

Thank you so much for coming and I am sorry again for misplacing your interview. giant tears as she bends over for her punishment

And in case you missed any of them, here are all those links again!