Sunday, 27 January 2013

New Release #Bloghop

Well, it's been over several months since Blue Moon House released, and yet I'm on a New Release blog hop. Here's a link to all the blogs on the tour and their new releases! This hop is in honour of Tallulah Rose's release of Sharing Clive. I thought I'd point to my trailer for Blue Moon House once more and let you know that movement is being made on the first prequel! Blue Moon House: Kitten will tell us how Jocelyn found Blue Moon House and became one of their vampires. I've had excerpts from Kitten, Blue Moon House and even other prequels on Tantalizing Tuesday and other features. As my 'release' is Blue Moon House, here's an excerpt from that novel.

Warning: This is rather violent. Remember Julia has a safeword but hasn't used it.

Did you come in her?” Will asked, stepping nearer.
No, Master.”
Well, then she is obviously even more worthless than I thought.” He held his knife to Justin’s throat. He pulled to start a red line of blood and licked at it. It was barely an inch long and not deep. “Do you want to finish in her? I will finish in you,” he promised. “And this steel will not leave your skin.”
Justin’s breath came in panting gasps and Julia could see his balls tightening, his cock starting to drip. He really was a masochist. 
Yes, Master,” he hissed and lifted Julia’s legs again, leaning over her as her thrust deep inside her. She screamed as he rubbed against the burns. He screamed as Will entered him from behind.
Then fuck her,” Will commanded, pulling the knife and licking the wound as he rocked his hips against Justin’s.
Justin throbbed inside her, then began pumping wildly, holding her hips as though he might collapse. His face was scrunched in pain and pleasure, lines deep on his forehead, the corners of his eyes. He was beautiful, and he was hurting her so badly. Her pussy screamed in pain with each thrust, but she was still in awe of him and his face. The dark hair beneath his jaw, Will’s as he continued to lick the line he drew, detracted only slightly from the vision. When the knife finished it’s semi-circle, Will started to draw a line down Justin’s throat, toward his collar bone. The turn, the triangle of skin lifted, gave a slight gout of blood - it was so close to his artery — and Will lapped that up. Justin exploded inside Julia and her eyes were torn from him as she threw her head back in another vicious scream of pain.
Perhaps you aren’t completely useless. Justin, piss on her.” 
Julia’s eyes went wide. Justin didn’t hesitate, holding himself over her.
She wept in shame, in pain. “You make a fine chamberpot,” Will said. “I don’t know what Harrold sees in you. Worthless woman. Justin, take this trash and put it in the hall.”
Justin lifted her gently, whispering in her ear. “I’m sorry.” 
She choked out. “No, you aren’t.”