Tuesday 8 January 2013

#TantalizingTuesday - Sleeping Beauty

He didn't hesitate, not for a second. This woman would be his. He had walked through hell for her. His lips were forceful on hers, prying them open. When she inhaled, his breath filled her lungs. That was what was needed. The spell wasn't broken with the kiss, but with the vapor that filled his mouth as he bit the seed held between his teeth.
"Ah!" She shouted scurrying back toward the headboard.
"No," he told her, gripping her shoulders to prevent her escape. "I moved heaven and earth for you. You are giving me what I need. Now, would you like to do this here, in relative privacy? Or we can take you home where my father and yours will want to be sure we do this correctly.”
“Why did you free me just to lock me up again?” she asked, voice hard.
“Because. I need a son. You’re going to give it to me. You can be free again after that. However, I get you first.”
“You may have stolen from the witch and killed her pets, but you will not outwit my mother.”
“We shall see. In the meantime, princess, make a little room for your husband.”

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