Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Getting to know @EdenConnor

Eden's needlepoint, framed
Eden Connor is the author of the Devilish DeMarco Men series. There are currently three books in the series, Sounds of Soft Pleasure, Wildly Inappropriate and the latest Incidental Contact. A fourth is in the works and I hope to have her drop by when it releases! She has other series, The Carmine Club and Give Me Shelter. You can find first chapters and series overviews on her blog. And like her on Facebook.

It happens that we have a shared interest outside erotica, needlepoint.

What I think really tells you about Eden Connor is her home, South Carolina. If you get the chance to ask her about it, do! She has many stories to tell, places to visit, and experiences to reminisce. Eden’s alma mater, Converse, is a ladies college that might have been a draw for Jocelyn of Kitten in my Blue Moon House prequels. Founded in 1889, its first class was a whopping six students. History is sprinkled throughout the state in plantations, memorials, and tours.
My WIP, nearly finished!

As Eden tells me, “If you’re in the Upstate in springtime, don’t miss the chance to jump off the interstate and see thousands of peach trees in bloom—probably the most romantic sight ever.” She has travelled, but never found a place she loved more.
I hope to visit myself one day. It should give me a closer connection with her Devlish De Marco men. I hope you enjoyed this peek into Eden’s mind and memoires. Really, don’t be afraid to ask her a question in the comments. She loves to share.

Here is a really short clip from the first chapter of Soft Sounds of Pleasure, book 1, giving you a sense of the love she has for her home.

The serenity of the setting caused him to leave the truck door slightly ajar rather than slamming it. The scent of fresh-mown grass hung in the warm April air, and the bright afternoon sun sparkled off the surface of the large fishing pond in the Walker's spacious backyard. A screen of cypress trees completely hid the house next door, and over two acres of neatly clipped grass separated the house from the quiet two-lane road running down the side of the property. Pete Walker's taste in land was every bit as good as his taste in women, Colton judged as he stepped off the driveway onto the steps leading around back.
The first thing he noticed was the wheelchair ramp built over the steps. That was new since the last time he'd towed a vehicle away from the Walker's. He realized he hadn't been to their back door since Pete's accident about three years back. The last car he'd towed from here had been their son Charlie's Jeep, and Lila had met him in the driveway that day. That had been almost two years back: the day after Charlie had pitched for the high school baseball team, winning the state championship, and then shocked the whole town by turning down his scholarship to the state university in favor of joining the Marines.