Friday 24 May 2013

Saturday #Afterdark - Moment by Moment

Time for another AfterDark Saturday. More moments are on the blog. Continuing the wedding night!

Irene flinched slightly at Owen's rough touch on her sensitive skin. He continued to nibble on her nipple while his fingers teased gently, slowly opening her. The more he bit and suckled, the more her legs seemed to part of their own accord.
He moved up, kissing her neck and then ear to whisper to her. "You feel so soft, so silky." Owen pulled her earlobe between his lips, sending tingling down Irene's side.
"Mmm," she murmured, unable to answer properly. Goosepimples followed the tingling and she snuggled closer to his warm chest.
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"I want to feel more," he warned her, sliding one finger into her.
Her eyes flew open as his fingers teased inside her as well as out. His thumb circled, sending waves of pleasure through her while the finger inside stroked.
She had never been able to touch herself this well. She wouldn't have guessed it felt so good. Her mind spun, unable to focus as he fondled and sucked her breasts again, adding more ecstasy to the pile.
"O-owen," she murmured.
"Let it go, Irene. Cry if you need to."

And she did. She let the roar tear through her throat as it seemed the whole world was crashing in around her, a great wave washing her out to sea. And in the middle there came a sudden piercing pain.
She screamed again, louder as her body, still writhing in pleasure, gripped the rod that had rammed through her defense, tearing her open. It felt so good inside her, but the tear burned and ached, throbbing in counterpoint to the joy.
It receded quickly, the rod gone, but the pleasure still ebbing slowly away.
"What...What was that?"
"Did it hurt very much?" Owen asked, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye. Now she could feel more of the ache, the burn was fading almost as quickly as the pleasure.
"No. Not so much. That was you?" she asked, looking up at him.
"At the end, yes. God you feel good, Irene. I hope you heal quickly."
She smiled and stroked his face. "I do too." She felt a twitching against her thigh and reached for it, her hand gripping the shaft pressed into her.
"Mm, you don't have to-" He cut off as she stroked him. He was wet, slick, her hand sliding smoothly on the soft skin. Just like his chest, beneath his shirt, the skin was as soft and perfect as a child's. She almost hated using her rough hand on it.
"Is that all from me?" she asked in wonder.
"Most," he admitted. "I've never seen a woman like you, never known how beautiful you could be. More than I had imagined, dreamed."
She blushed and continued stroking. "But this means you weren't satisfied." She might be rather ignorant about sex, but she didn't know a few things.
"I wouldn't say that, but I wouldn't ask you to stop, either." He grinned and kissed her cheek and ear, his hand covering hers for a moment and guiding it.
"It's so big," she mused, watching as she stroked, how the head popped through the skin.
Owen didn't answer, groaning into her ear instead. She chuckled at the tickling it caused and stroked a little faster, encouraged by his response.
"Irene," he gasped. "Slow-" She couldn't respond fast enough and she was watching closely as white cream shot from the tip to spray across her white belly. It was warm and sticky. She played with it between her fingers before her vision was blocked by Owen, leaning over her and kissing her.
He took her fingers and lifted them to his lips, licking and then sucking them clean. His dark eyes were still full of passion although his entire body seemed more relaxed, sated.
Irene smiled, still a bit uncertain. "Better?" she asked.
"Better," he agreed, then he pulled her to lie with her cheek on his chest, just as she had the night he was freezing. "Best," he said, his hand steady on her hip, holding her close.
Irene hooked a leg over his thigh and had to agree. "Best."

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