Friday 31 May 2013

Saturday # AfterDark - Why was I afraid?

This will be the last from Irene and Owen's past. We'll be jumping forward after this. Read all the AfterDark Moments.

Irene propped up on her elbow. Owen's breathing next to her was deep and even. She ran her fingers through the curls on his chest as it rose and fell. His face was peaceful and as innocent as a babe's.
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How had she ever feared him? She was sure he was fearsome in battle, but he'd always been gentle with her. The one thing that still frightened her and made her thighs tighten together was equally unimpressive at the moment. His penis hung limply on his thigh, still long, but soft and wrinkled.
"Plotting your vengeance?" he asked, not opening his eyes.
Her gaze snapped to his face where he grinned smugly. "Planning to rob me of my manhood?" he asked, burying his nose in her hair and inhaling. "You're worth it."
"I think I won't be as hasty as that. I get the impression I might come to enjoy it."
He growled against her scalp. "I dearly hope so."

Just as he had an hour ago, he put her at ease, making her smile and laugh.
"Acutally, I was wondering why I ever feared you."
"To give me a lengthy hunt, of course. You wouldn't have accepted less."
She squirmed as his hand slid under her ribs, tickling her. She found her hand in his lap. He was unbelievably soft, reminding her again of babies.
"Would you rather have a son or daughter?" she asked.
"Just now, neither. He would steal your attention, for which I have fought."
She chuckled. "I imagine it will take many more nights and then months before that happens. He? A boy."
"I don't mind resenting the boy, but a girl...She would steal my heart as easily as you have."
Irene laughed. "You didn't guard it very well. You, however, are a consummate thief."
He chuckled too. "And with this prize, I end my career."
"Why did I fear you?" she asked again, feeling him grow and stiffen in her hand.
"Mercy, Irene. I'm not sure your hand will be enough a second time." He pulled her astride his hips. She could feel him trapped beneath her. "Unless you're too sore."
She stung from the first time, not unlike a scratch she might get from branches in the woods. Would this make it worse?
"You are in control this way," Owen explained, running his fingers over the backs of her hands, braced on his chest.
She shifted her weight, feeling how he moved against her. He snugged into her more easily than she expected.
"Then you just sit back." He encouraged her, holding her hips but not pushing them. Instead his fingers ran up her back and into her hair.
Sighing, she eased back. He was so big, but she opened for him. It felt right and she continued to sit back until her buttocks rested on his thighs.
She looked at him, eyes wide. It did add a small burn to the torn area but felt so good it was easy to ignore.
Owen opened his arms and pressed lightly on back, bending her forward. She followed his lead and he slipped slightly out of her, but kept her quivering.
"Let me hold you while you hold me." His arms wrapped around her, holding her ear to his chest. She listened to his heart beating, quick but steady.
His hand slowly slid down her back and the other joined it to rest on her hips. She inched back, bracing herself.
"You are beautiful," he said, pushing her hair out of their faces. He touched her cheek, her neck, her breast. "For a long time I thought I'd never see more than your face. I imagined, dreamed of what your arms, your legs might look like. They are finer, stronger than I knew. This," he ran his palms down her thighs, "having them wrapped around me was more than I dared dream a month ago. And now-"
"You don't have to dream anymore," she teased, leaning forward and moving her hips as she did. She watched his eyes roll and felt him twitch inside her. "This is real."
"I will dream of you forever, Irene. Any moment I'm not in your arms, my thoughts will bring me here."
She smirked. "I hope that isn't true. You'll be of little use if you can't get your mind out of our bedroom."
He chuckled with her. "I suppose. I might have to think of you only once every hour. I don't know if I can manage that."
She laughed harder and felt it squeeze her around him. It felt even better than simply holding him and she shifted her hips again, sliding over him.
"No hurry," he promised her. "I'm happy right here."
"I don't think I am," she admitted, moving her hips in longer thrusts. Each one made her long for the next and she pushed herself up to sink deeper, the itch seeming impossible to scratch.
Owen's hand slid between them and she lost focus as the itch flared into a flame, igniting her skin.
"O-Owen," she stuttered, her hips moving faster.
"Yes, Irene. Like that. Don't stop."
"I can't," she told him, thrusting faster, the fire building until her entire body seemed to pulse with it. Just when she thought shouldn't bear a moment more, she felt a twitch and throb inside her. She screamed out, arching her back and tossing her head. She held like that a moment, letting the pleasure wash over her before collapsing to Owen's chest.
His eyes were wide and glistening. "That...Irene..." he couldn't finish his thought, but peppered her face and neck with kisses.
"I...I think I made the right decision. I'm definitely going to want more of that."
Owen laughter rumbled through his chest into hers.

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