Monday, 6 May 2013

#TantalizingTuesday - Who loves the homely woman?

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He left the kitchen and was surprised when Emma followed him a few minutes later. “You don't see a problem with it?”
“With what?” he asked, setting down the piece of iron work he had picked up. It was shaped like a portly pig.
“Dandling both of us. My mouth and nose might be overlarge, but I've never been mistaken for a man before.”
Nicholas felt his jaw slacken. “And nor should you,” he argued. “You think because I loved your cousin I'm only interested in men.”
She nodded curtly.
“I am not, I assure you. I am a lover of man, mankind. I love the heart that beats within you Emma. I can see it is a good one. One that should not be shunned by so many so easily. I do not deserve even a tiny piece of it, but I would bring it joy if I may.”
She regarded him silently. “I will think on it,” she said, a flush rising in her cheeks.
“I will wait as patiently as I can,” Nick answered, not approaching her, but moving to examine her embroidery. He raised his head to ask her about it, but she was gone again.


  1. People should never assume. It can hurt others feelings. Great teaser

  2. I love this man. I don't understand why she doesn't believe him and connect with him.

  3. Such a great teaser, that tells us so much :-)

  4. In a world that prides beauty, is it any surprise that this woman, whom he clearly adores for all the right reasons, would have doubts? This lovely teaser is the prelude to a deep and abiding love story. You should take us with these lovers on their journey for I feel we will all be the better for the enlightening trip. This is what great novels are made of.......bravo!:) xo


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