Monday 6 May 2013

#TantalizingTuesday - Who loves the homely woman?

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He left the kitchen and was surprised when Emma followed him a few minutes later. “You don't see a problem with it?”
“With what?” he asked, setting down the piece of iron work he had picked up. It was shaped like a portly pig.
“Dandling both of us. My mouth and nose might be overlarge, but I've never been mistaken for a man before.”
Nicholas felt his jaw slacken. “And nor should you,” he argued. “You think because I loved your cousin I'm only interested in men.”
She nodded curtly.
“I am not, I assure you. I am a lover of man, mankind. I love the heart that beats within you Emma. I can see it is a good one. One that should not be shunned by so many so easily. I do not deserve even a tiny piece of it, but I would bring it joy if I may.”
She regarded him silently. “I will think on it,” she said, a flush rising in her cheeks.
“I will wait as patiently as I can,” Nick answered, not approaching her, but moving to examine her embroidery. He raised his head to ask her about it, but she was gone again.