Saturday 18 May 2013

Love Books? Blog Books! - Dee Little

I've been lax in sharing my blog with other bloggers and writers. I'm going to try to rectify that. Let's start with Dee Little who I met recently through her comments on my blog. She reviews books and does a little writing as well.

Hi Angelica! Thank you so much for having me over today :)

You review a variety of books. Are there any genres you tend to avoid?

Not in general, no. Although I don't really get sci fi/fantasy as much. Nothing to do with the writers or anything, I just can never seem to get into a sci fi/fantasy novel. The blog started out with reviewing anything I was reading, but now, as you can probably tell, it's mostly erotica!

Hard SciFi can be, well, hard! Do you have a favorite genre? What about within that genre?

At the moment, I have a major addiction to Erotica! Pretty much anything in that genre I will read, although shifter novels have a place in my heart. :)

Into the hairy ones are you? ;) Do you often get free copies for review? Do you ever buy a book and review it?

Thanks to meeting some great authors, I get quite a few free books for reviews, which I am very happy to recieve! I do buy books to review too. A couple of weeks ago I received a book by Ava Delany from her publisher Breathless Press to review, which made me go out and buy the next 2 in the series!

I had noticed Ava a few times on your blog. I look forward to my name popping up again. (shameless self-plug) Where do your review copies come from? Do you have regulars? Irregulars? Certain publishers?

I do have regulars, and it all started on Babycentre (which is a parenting forum I use). A friend there is also friends with the fantastic Doris O'Connor (she used to be a member too!), so I got in touch with her. Through Doris I met the wonderful Raven McAllan, then through those 2 I have met a lot of really great authors, and they are all fantastically kind by giving me copies of their books to review. They have all been great with my blog, commenting on my writing, asking me for guest spots, giving me review copies etc. So I am really grateful to all of those people. Also, at the moment I have been receiving books from Breathless Press to review, so they are becoming a regular too.

I know both those authors. Doris participates in Tantalizing Tuesday and Flasher Fiction Friday. Raven had a story in the Serviced Anthology with me. What a small world! How do you promote your blog?

Well, I'm not on Facebook or Twitter yet (I know, I know), so I promote it on Babycentre, Goodreads, Google+, and basically put the link on the end of all my emails! I really rely on the authors I review for, too much. They share my reviews of their books etc on their Facebook/twitter pages etc, and that gives me lots of promo.

Nothing wrong with back-scratching! It's in their interest to drive viewers to your blog, too. I do recommend Facebook, though. So many great groups for sharing. How long have you been running your blog? Have noticed any spikes in readership? Any declines?

I started my blog back in August, so it's been going for 9 months now. There was a massive spike in readers a little while back, I think it was because of some of the authors I review for, with them sharing my posts on Facebook etc for me. There are declines sometimes, when I don't post anything that day, but it still gets around 50 hits when I haven't posted.

Created by Dee Little
That's great! I love your twenty questions. They are so wonderfully random! Did they take a while to build or was it a list you just had kicking around?

Ha ha. I just threw them together one day! A few people have told me they are pretty random questions!

You do some writing, short fiction. Have you submitted to any anthologies or magazines? Do you think you will?

I love doing my writing, and some of those I published on my blog were competition entries. I haven't submitted any to Magazines or anthologies yet, but hopefully one day soon! I'm hoping to get one of my novels published in the future too.

Thank you for stopping by Dee. If you're looking for your next erotic fix, consider checking out Dee's reviews.

Dee lives in Newcastle upon Tyne and is a proud Geordie! She has 6 loves in her life: her daughter, her son, her partner Chris, books, tattoos and food! She loves to write and is hoping one day to have a book published and currently has 3 WIPs, but for now publishing her writings on her blog and writing reviews will do. She loves chatting to everyone and encourages authors, readers and reviewers to give her a shout!