Monday, 13 May 2013

Who Reviews You?

I just went through my review request folder and was faced with how many blogs never replied to my review request. I'm trying to find reviewers for Blue Moon House: Kitten, and naturally started with those who had reviewed Blue Moon House. I'm waiting for replies from most of those, but I only contacted a half dozen or so while my publisher arranged with reviews with at least as many, probably more.

So I was wondering, who reviews your work? Are they bloggers? Are they friends and family? Did you have to give any incentive to get them to review? Any extortion or death threats involved?

I'm looking for advice on where to go. I have many lists of book review blogs, but based on my track record, I'm not getting far with them. Do you have a friend with a new blog that would like another book for review? Did you get a really good review from someone and recommend them? Please, let me know.

If you're a reader and not a writer, do you pay attention to reviews? What sites, blogs, lists do you use to choose what to read next?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

If you ARE a reviewer, please contact me either in the comments or by email (authorangelicadawson at and I'll make sure you get a copy!


  1. I've emailed you :)

    Are you on Goodreads? There is a blogger lift group there where you can advertise for reviewers, or you could upload this to your blog posts there too.


    1. Oh, and google+ your posts too!

    2. that new email isn't working either! If you want to email me it's

      I'd love to review your book :)

  2. There are companies that you can hire to organize reviews for you. I know some reviewers that work with these sites and then it's hard for them to fit in reviews from outside sources. I heard about recently. You can find bloggers/reviewers by sub-genre.
    I still pay some attention to Amazon, but mostly I read reviews at Goodreads. It might help to get her on a list at Goodreads. Lots of folks find their next book to read that way. I should post a review for Kitten. I'll do that.

  3. Hi Angelica,
    As a relatively new and unknown author, I've had much better success with small review blogs, particularly newer ones just getting started. The big blogs, even the mid-sized ones, simply don't have time to review every new author that comes their way. You find new book bloggers on facebook and G+, etc.

    To get on the bigger blogs, it helps to get acquainted with the bloggers before sending requests. Interact with them on social media, comment on their blogs, join Triberr and get into some of the same Tribes. Name recognition goes a LONG way. When a request comes in with a familiar name, the tendency is to say 'oh yeah, I know her from wherever'. It certainly doesn't guarantee a review, but it's human nature to select someone with a familiar name over a complete stranger.

    Remember many authors don't review at all. They don't want to hurt another author's feelings, or inspire an online vendetta. They also don't want to be accused of plagiarism or stealing ideas from another book.

    Above all, from the very beginning, develop a reputation for professionalism and courtesy. No one wants to deal with a "difficult" author on any level.

    Make sure you request any reviews also be posted at retailer sites (not just Amazon) and goodreads.

    I wish you luck finding reviewers!

    1. My blonde roots are showing! I just remembered I found your blog through Triberr, lol.

      Checking back over my comment (ugh,after posting, when I remembered Triberr :( ) I also realized my inner teacher showed herself! Please don't be offended by the lecture-y tone of the comment - it wasn't intended to sound that way at all.

      Let's hope another cup of coffee wakes me up enough that I don't embarrass myself further today :)

    2. Thanks for the comment Kenra. I didn't think it sounded like a lecture at all. Incidentally, I didn't gun for the giant blogs (although my publisher has gotten me in on a couple of those). I used lists that included new and established reviewers. That said, there were certainly more established than new. I need to go find those. Hints?

      Re: Triberr - Isn't that an awesome tool? I peek into so many blogs that way, both in my tribes and that tribemates tweet from other tribes!

      Re: Authors - I review what I read, or at least rate it on GoodReads. When I win a copy in a bloghop, I think that's fair. However, I am a very picky reader, so I would review as part of my blog. Not because I'm afraid of hurting people's feelings, just because I don't think I'd always give a fair representation. (It's hard to ignore your tastes.)

      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. I hope you'll consider sharing your reading lists in my more recent post.

  4. Hi Angelica, love your site! :) Reviewers and reviews are fickle and, from what I've read and seen, sadly, I believe most are bias. Unfortunately, Goodreads seems to be a free-for-all most of the time, and all the intelligent and informative reviews become lost in the undertow.

    Personally, I don't pay much attention to reviews. Every person out there has an opinion. Some will love your work others won't. I look at reviews like critiquing, if the reader/reviewer can't be fair, judging what needs to be judged then it's not a genuine review. You should learn from your reviews. Praise or put-downs don't cut it; I'm talking about a serious, articulate review. A review should explain where you possibly went wrong, but also congratulate you when you've done something right.

    I've had the same results as you; I have asked sites to review, and received little to no response. Like I said, bias. For myself, I ignore the reviews. I just write, and strive to publish the best novels I can.

    Just my thoughts! All the best.

    1. Thank you so much. I do try to be objective and not rely on reviews, but when you only have three (or worse, none!) you kinda want SOMETHING. I mean, I'm not looking for hundreds of glowing reviews, but five? Is that too much to aim for? I never thought so.

      I'm glad someone shares my experience and frustration. I'm happy to have found two new reviewers through this post and look forward to their reviews very soon!


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