Monday 13 May 2013

Who Reviews You?

I just went through my review request folder and was faced with how many blogs never replied to my review request. I'm trying to find reviewers for Blue Moon House: Kitten, and naturally started with those who had reviewed Blue Moon House. I'm waiting for replies from most of those, but I only contacted a half dozen or so while my publisher arranged with reviews with at least as many, probably more.

So I was wondering, who reviews your work? Are they bloggers? Are they friends and family? Did you have to give any incentive to get them to review? Any extortion or death threats involved?

I'm looking for advice on where to go. I have many lists of book review blogs, but based on my track record, I'm not getting far with them. Do you have a friend with a new blog that would like another book for review? Did you get a really good review from someone and recommend them? Please, let me know.

If you're a reader and not a writer, do you pay attention to reviews? What sites, blogs, lists do you use to choose what to read next?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

If you ARE a reviewer, please contact me either in the comments or by email (authorangelicadawson at and I'll make sure you get a copy!